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July 21, 2008

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A invite day 2 
ILYA Class A Open Invitational - White Bear Yacht Club   by Lee Alnes
                               Photo by Pat Dunsworth
Day 3 Report
Sunday morning dawned with a slight north - northwest breeze but by the time the sun was fully up, the lake went flat and the wind dropped to nothing. A postponement ensued while waiting for wind, but none was to be had. With four races already completed, Race 5 needed to be underway no later than noon, but the weather refused to cooperate. PRO Hodgson made the decision to abandon Race 5 when it became clear there was no way to get a race started before the deadline.

PRO and Past ILYA Commodore Hodgson presented a commemorative ILYA Regatta Burgee to WBYC Commodore John Ordway and WBYC Sailing Captain Hod Irvine. Hodgson noted that Ordway and Irvine are both great-grandsons of the winner of the first ILYA Class A Scow Championship ever held.

Trophies were awarded to the top three boats, with Jack Strothman of the Minnetonka Yacht Club taking the top prize. While Strothman is no stranger to the world of Scows, having sailed in various classes for many years, this is his first year campaigning an A Scow. He and his team put together an impressive first and three seconds on their way to victory. The experimental V38 boat skippered by Tom Burton crossed the finish line first in all four races, but was not scored in the event.

Minnetonka's Dave Willette took second place followed by Lee Alnes from White Bear in third place. Jason Brown and Ken Broen, both from White Bear, rounded out the top five finishers.

The Minnetonka - White Bear Challenge trophy was won by Minnetonka. The trophy was re-dedicated a few years ago, to be sailed for when White Bear and Minnetonka A scows compete.

Thanks to everyone who attended and special thanks to our regatta co-chairs, Janet Callahan and Patty Zak Newell, and their regatta organizing committee for a fine job, as well as to Tom Hodgson and his team for providing their always excellent on-water expertise.

Complete results are online.
Hans Meyer
Pewaukee Yacht Club Kicks Off The 2008 Melges 17 ILYA Championship   Story and photos by Andy Burdick
"It only took 90 years collectively for each of us to return to the podium as ILYA Champions," joked Hans Meyer, ILYA Sr X Champ in the 18, oh, 1900s. Susi Sternkopf is also a past champ sailing with brother Rick who won a title 43 years ago. You do the math, but these two were thrilled to proudly hold the Pewaukee Lake Melges 17 Trophy and the Lexus Pursuit of Perfection Trophy.  The 77 had an impressive 4-2-2 to win by one point over Vincent and Davis Porter. 
Vincent and Davis
Vincent and cousin Davis (shown here with PYC Commodore Carl Spencer) won the last two races. Vincent credited Davis with fine crew work. Both are past ILYA X Champs.
Mary Ann Ward
Floridian Mary Ann Ward with northern crew Peter Keck commented on the improved skill level of the Melges 17 sailors. Mary Ann is one of the earliest and strongest supporters of the fleet. If there is a regatta north or south, Mary Ann is there. She will serve as the new ILYA rep from this exciting fleet.


Dave Smith
Final report from Mark Prange
 Race 4:  Race was started after a short postponement.  Wind was SE at about 6-7 mph and was a 3+.  After two laps the course was moved to accommodate a wind shift to the ESE.  The race was won be Jamie Kimball, Dave Smith then Frank Davenport, Eric Oppen and Brian Sprinkman.
Race 5:  Race was started at about 11:30, the course was set at 3+.  The wind remained ESE about 7 mph.  Steve Schmidt won, followed by Dave Smith (who else?) then Ed Eckert, Jim Tews and Mark Prange.
Race 6:  After a lunch break, the wind went flat and competitors were advised to remain on shore.  The wind came in steady from the east and the race was started  at about 3:40.  The wind remained reasonably steady until the last lap when someone tuned off the wind altogether.  Steve Schmidt stayed furthest left during the last leg Paul Riley worked the middle to get second and Tom Eckert was middle left to get third.  Chris Pinahs was fourth followed by Bob Prange.   The secondary time limit expired after the 21st finisher. 
Race 7:  at 10:00 the wind was flat, but filled in from the West and the race was started after a recall.  The course was 3+.  The wind went very light the last time up and came primarily from the left.  Jim Tews won followed by Steve Schmidt.  Anne Porter was third followed by Matt Zea and Ed Eckert.  
Awards ceremony was done promptly at 1:30.

1 Dave Smith/Alana/Briana Smith                        32
2 Steve Schmidt/Danny Tighe/Jean Andreski        53
3 Ed Eckert/Matt Schmidt/Becca Steffensen         54
4  Jim Tews/Jenny Jaessing                                 57
5 Jamie/Rob Kimball/ Bridget Murphy                   62
6 Mark Prange/Bob Stelter/Jen Zea                      64
7 Chris Pinahs/Bruce Cameron/Barb Pinahs          75
8 Anne Porter Muller/Joe Skotarzak/Mike Greeson 77
9 Frank Davenport/Ron Jarecki                            78
10 Paul Reilly/Aaron Mann                                    86       
JULY 10TH Late fee in place  X Champs at Oshkosh 7/23-26
JULY 15TH  No Tears at Beulah 7/21
                   No Tears at Clear  7/30
                   Optimist Champs at Cedar 8/3-5
JULY 25TH E,MC,M,A Open,C,I-20 Champs at Okoboji 8/9-16
                   A One Design Champs at Mendota 8/21-24
Editor's Note from Candace Porter 
This weekend I had the privilege of doing registration for the Melges 17 and the C Invitational events. It gave me time to ponder the health of our fleets. This weekend was an example of what three of our most active fleets can do and what leadership can accomplish.
Congratulations to White Bear and primarily Fletcher Driscoll who has created a milieu where an entire club supports its A fleet. The gentle Fletcher generated the largest A Open fleet since the fleet's separate Invite from its sister fleet. His renovation of boats and offering them to many, many sailors on White Bear has guaranteed a large fleet. The Minnetonka-White Bear Challenge provides excitement for the Minnesota fleets.
Chris Andert and his ILYA and NCASA committees can revel in success. Twelve of 40 sailors were youth and took advantage of the youth pricing. What a healthy future for this fleet. It's as though one term of his leadership has solidified the health of a fleet. The committees are comprised of experienced sailors and youth sailors with fresh ideas.
The Melges 17 crowd wins the prize for the highest percentage of youth sailors. Nine of 19 were youth. Nearly 50% (Dex refused to allow me to round up to 50% at the welcome ceremony). Twelve of 38 sailors were female with four skipping these sleek boats. Nine teams were families: husband/wife; brother/sister or a touching nephew/aunt. We had the privilege of seeing Katie Pilley Lovell before going to Qingdao to see husband John Lovell. This fleet has the advantage of a higher proprietary interest than our other fleets which has served its growth well. Add to that those like Mary Ann Ward who has turned over boat after boat to grow the fleet and you can feel an excitement that is contagious.
Congratulations to all three fleets who all took a different tack but sailed to a fine finish.  

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