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  July 20, 2014   

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21 - No Tears East - Beulah

23-26 ILYA X Champs - Gull Lake, MN

27-29 ILYA Opti Champs - Cedar, WI

31 - 3 WMYA


1-3 WYA C - Delavan

7 Pram Power - North Lake

8-9 X Blue Chip - Cedar, WI

8-10 ILYA MC Champs - Pewaukee

13-17 ILYA Championships - A, E, C, I-20 - Oshkosh at the Waters



6-7 George Dorn MC Beulah

20-21 Beulah C Challenge

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ILYA  C Invite at Cedar, IN -  July 18-20  

But this was the best darn Regatta!!!
How can that be? Rarely do sailors receive such hospitality from a host club. It began when we arrived to see a new wide porch which added seating for dining and general viewing of the lakefront, a newly finished bar, a new front entrance, new chairs, new lighting on the porch to match the favorite green drink, red drink and blue drink!! Then add breakfast every morning - no, not rolls and fruit! Try scrambled eggs with biscuits and gravy, Mexican casserole, bagels with salmon cream cheese and French Toast casserole with pecans. Prime rib for dinner, salmon/shrimp and chicken another night. "It's the only regatta where I GAINED weight!" To a person, the ten trophy winners acknowledged the welcoming folks who were so proud to host an ILYA event. And did you know? The CLYC Board requires ILYA membership of its Board members? Their connection with our organization is something to behold. Thanks to our Indiana friends for providing us with such a stellar event. 
After working hard on the water, the Race Committee (minus the most upright or uptight female member) indulged in some post-race activity. Dave Baldus of the pin boat noted the strong leadership of PRO Larry Krause in developing "team building" amongst the team. Rick Trester, an esteemed past commodore of the ILYA,  noted the RC MUST CONNECT with its fleet. All the time the wise and parental Mark DeGuire had "fixed" the shotski with the female bartender to serve non-alcoholic liquid after assessing the condition of his teammates. --- So fun by all. It truly was a great time. 

1   B-317   John Porter [Open]/   2   5     7  
Pat Welscher  
2   LL-0   Danny Madden/   7   1     8  
Rachel Beers  
3   A- 14   Paul Reilly [Master]/   1   10     11  
Matt Pistay  
4   T- 17   Joe Schaub [Master]/   3   11     14  
Liz Bernstein  
5   B- 18   Brian Brickler/   9   6     15T  
Ben Porter  
6   B- 15   Mark Misch [Open]/   6   9     15T  
Brad Roble  
7   E- 55   Scott Tarmann [Open]/   8   8     16  
John Schmidt
Greg Tarmann  
8   E- 8   Alex Kay [Junior]/   14   3     17T  
Katie Bruder  
9   OO- 23   Kyle Stack [Junior]/   13   4     17T  
Brittan Keck
David Sullivan  
10   B- 22   Glenn McMurray [Master]/   16   2     18  
Andrea Lee
Katarina Harshbarger  
11   LL- 18   Billy Madden [Open]/   5   14     19T  
Mike Madden
Rachel Beers  
12   B-303   Frank Davenport [Master]/   12   7     19T  
Ron Jarecki  
13   LF- 88   Tom Keenan [Master]/   4   16     20  
Tina Keenan  
14   CL- 2   Scott Campbell [Master]     10   12     22  
15   V- 42   Matt Parker/   11   17     28T  
Alex DeGuirre  
16   LD- 9   David Staub [Master]/   15   13     28T  
Dale McDonald  
17   B- 23   Andrew Bohl [Open]/   18   15     33  
Annie Haeger  
18   00- 88   Barbie Keck [Open]/   17   19     36  
Susan Slivka
Reese Keck  
19   LS- 6   Bob Green [Master]/   19   18     37  
Cristian Radu  
No Tears - Lake Beulah -- Monday, July 21  
The strongest aspect of the No Tears is the coaching from our fine instructors. Radios help us communicate with the Race Committee and between instructors to assure the most enjoyable experience for our youngest sailors. 

This is a first regatta for many - parents and sailors alike. Expect a safety check of your boat. This is  to begin to teach you the intracicies of the boat. 

There are two courses based on age, not skill level. If you placed in the top five of the event last season or have been sailing in the Red, White and Blue fleet at other events - this is NOT FOR YOU! This is an opportunity for our newest sailors to experience a regatta of their own. 
ILYA Melges 17 Championships - Geneva  
 Sunday Finally Brings Wind
1   RJ Porter/ Lake geneva/      1   3     4T  
Vincent Porter  
2   Harry Melges IV/ Lake Geneva/      2   2     4T  
Harry Melges III  
3   Kyle Navin/ LGYC/      6   4     10T  
Dave Navin  
4   Deb Gluek/ Pewaukee/      4   6     10T  
Jim Gluek  
5   Will Barrett/ Lake Geneva/      11   1     12T  
Bill Barrett  
6   Hans Joseph Melges/ LGYC/      3   9     12T  
Hans Melges  
7   Jacob Stout/ Lake Geneva Yacht Club/      9   5     14  
Hunter Sharpe  
8   Andy Colombe/ Pewaukee/      5   10     15  
Jordan Fritz  
9   John Schumacher/ Indianapolis Sailing Club/      8   8     16  
Margo Schumacher  
10   Colin Rowe/ Lake Geneva YC/      10   7     17  
Finn Rowe  
11   Nathan Freytag/ Lake Geneva YC/      7   13     20  
Daniel Pearce  
12   Chris Colombe/ Pewaukee/      12   11     23  
Jordan Kaerek  
13   Dale Katzfey   ISC     13   12     25  
14   Sailor / Thomas Whowell/ LGYC/      15   14     29T  
Tom Whowell  
15   Theo Rolfs/ PYC/      14   15     29T  
Molly Ziegler  

Opti Inland  
Drop your boat on the way to Gull?

1. See NOR posting if you are coming to Cedar from Gull Lake and need to register on Monday morning.

2. Meal packages will be available for $30 at registration for sailors and family members.  Included will be lunches on Monday and Tuesday and a dinner party following the sailing on Monday.

3. Ramps on and off Hwy 144 will be closed!  Please check your maps and use Hwy K or Hwy 33.  The bridge across 144 is open.

Oshkosh ILYA Championships Registration  
Include email and cell number
As you are registering, please include email and cell phone number for you and your crew if you want updates regarding racing status, party events and other scheduling items. Regatta Network (our registration and scoring program) allows us to include your crew names in the results and also send out SMS (text) and email messages. To hasten the registration process, include this added info to your registration page. 
We want you in Oshkosh.  We have heard that housing may be an obstacle.  It is true that many of the hotels are booked but we now have a line on several houses that are for rent.  Talk to us if housing is an obstacle and we can steer you in the right direction 

Twitter and Facebook

Follow @ILYAChamps2014 on Twitter for all of your news updates and live feed straight from Lake Winnebago when the races are in full swing.

on the ILYA Champs facebook page.  

Pram Power  
North Lake's 25th Annual Pram Power Regatta-Thurs, AUG 7

Don't miss out, August 7th is less than 3 weeks away!  A day dedicated to making sure kids have the opportunity to put together the sailing skills they have been learning all summer.  It is geared to beginner sailors and those who do not sail many regattas.  The fleet is split up between 2 groups based on their age as of JANUARY 1, 2014, Juniors (age 8 and under) and Seniors (age 9 and over).  Because the fleets sail at different times, there is an opportunity to have Jrs and Srs share boats.  Plenty of coaches and boats from North Lake and other represented sailing schools come and work together to assist kids when and where needed.

So what does the non sailing group do while one group is sailing?  CRAFTS.  This year is sure to be packed with great crafts.  We will have Shrinky Dinks, Rock Painting, Tie Dye shirts (so don't forget a 100% cotton shirt white or light colored or you can bring a pillow case), photo frame, and a CD Fish to hang in the garden or house.  These same activities are included in the non-sailor craft package which is great if your sailor has siblings that aren't sailing. How fun does that sound!  As in the past few years a raffle table will be set up.  There are some really awesome items to help gear your sailor and a lot of other exciting items for kids.

What can we say about lunch!  Homemade Tacos, fruit and cookies.  We really encourage pre-buying the lunch so we can plan appropriately. Remember the non-sailor craft package includes their lunch.

Late fee registration begins after August 4, so register today!  New this year is ONLINE registration and payment.    Please give the online option a try!

Terese Bailey is the registration coordinator and can be contacted at and 262-751-5000

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