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July 20, 2009 

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Krechs win going away - C Invitational at Minnetonka
Pics from C Invitational at Minnetonka
photos by Pat Dunsworth
 The Start
battle of the Ws 
 A great Dunsworth shot
Results here when finally posted. Results are same as Friday. Check the Minnetonka YC site throughout the day to see if results are updated.
The following from C World by Chris Andert
 Tim & Bre Krech sailing with Anne Sherman are your 2009 C-Scow Invitational Champions. The Krechs pulled the ultimate double-header. They not only won the regatta convincingly, but they were also the regatta Chairmen. Somehow they were able to balance all the logistics that go with running a first class regatta, and then get out on the water with a clear enough head to dominate the race course. Wow - congrats and thank you.
Thirty-five C-Scows sailed six great races over Friday and Saturday. A lot of boats (Krechs included) raced with three every race. Friday the wind was a solid 15-20 mph with some gusts over. Saturday the breeze came down but was still in the teens. PRO David Gross and his able staff ran great races in a breeze that was a little shifty considering the velocity. Sunday the good wind karma ran out as the sailors never left the shore. Most weren't too upset after a lot of good racing, and an even more fun party on Saturday night
Top Ten
1. M20 Tim Krech - 9 points
2. V137 Jim Gluek - 17
3. M17 Jason Ostbye - 19
4. I14 Michael Lynch - 30
5. E1 Mark Prange - 32
6. P31 Stu Gerhold - 38
7. LP10 Jeff Solum - 39
8. BL3 Patrick Lynch - 42
9. M25 Chris Andert - 46
10. P9 Dale Norton - 47 
cedarwilogo67 X boats
Kate Klement and Teresa Westin of Beulah
took home the trophy. No races today so the standings remain the same. 
The X boats are on their way to Gull!
Beulah at WYA
Just the happiest Beulah crowd!!
WYA X Saturday results 
1 B-111 Kate Klement Teresa Westin 11
2 V-62 Nicholas J. Clemence Margaret & Madeline Clemence 14
3 OO-5 Connor Trepton Trevor Trepton 18
4 B-16 Charlie Kutchenreuter Alex Keck 19
5 E-3 Natalie Kay Maddie Wonifel 21
6 V-34 Jordan Kaerek Matt Malone 22
7 B-21 George Kiernan Patrick Schmidt 26
8 B-6 Cullen Barr John Barr 28
9 B-1 Mary Claire Kiernan Sarah Kubicek 39
10 B-66 Michael Barr Gregory Westin 40
 Still time to plan to come. Registration begins Wednesday. 
Many sailors arrive on Monday. Dads to the golf courses, Kids to the water to practice. Come on up!
There is so much excitement for this week's events. New crew parents are loading up the cars. It's the place to be. Don't be late.
For last minute info: 
Vince Driessen
Reliance Development Company
527 Marquette Avenue, Suite 1000
Minneapolis, MN 55402
Phone: (612) 313-0105
Facsimile: (612) 338-8971
Green Lake Needs Support boats
 Are you going to be spectating at Green Lake?
You can support the fleet and the Race Committee
May we enlist you as a support boat for the regatta? These would be boats that would commit to reporting to the PRO each race and identifying themselves as willing to report emergencies and help to the extent they are capable. Some may be able to right a tipped scow, others may be able merely to take on an overboard sailor, and others may be able to stand by in case action is needed.

We would recommend that these boats carry a VHF radio tuned to the Race Committee Channel, and if they would like to fly an official flag, we have such for them.

We need to get commitments in all fleets, A, E, C, MC, and I-20. Can we count on you? If so, let Jim Smith know in the ILYA office.

The latest way to watch regattas is follow Sailgroove. This young company produces a new dimension to the event. Sailgroove was first seen by the editor at Collegiate Nationals in 2008 and she knew it was something the ILYA had to have. Promotion money will be invested for the trip to Green Lake for key player Chris Love to interview our sailors, video the event and, in general, add a level of excitement and promotion unparalleled for the Inland. The company is a group of young adults who bring a fresh, high-tech presence to events. You can watch the event from home or you will find yourself traveling to the computer each evening to see your competitors live.
For a preview of what's to come, visit here. The Opti Nationals are being telecast this week but view past events to see interviews with our local sailors. Fall collegiate nationals the past two years are posted. Or watch other national events. You will enjoy the show that will come to the Inlands in August.

 Opti Nationals.
 What a picturesque view! Aren't our youth fortunate? Ben Garber of Minnetonka was caught sailing during the Opti Nationals and made his way onto the event website. The Optimist Nationals is a three-event regatta: Team Racing Nationals, Girls Nationals and the actual event for the title of National champ. Ben Garber, Malcolm Lamphere of Geneva and Augie Dale of Pewaukee will be competing at Cabrillo Beach, California this week. There may be others. Watch the USODA website for more info.
With names like Eric Oppen, Annie Leamporra, Eddie Cox, Mark Dunsworth, how could the event not be fun? Try six teams of youth --- from X boat age to past college -- teamracing in tight quarters of Calhoun, and the event is off to a great start.
In the end the UW team took home top honors but you couldn't tell it from the names, which added to the fun. Here are the official results and see what you think.
1) Edgewood CC 5-0
2) Team Wang Chung 4-1
3) Denannification 3-2
4) Team Nannification 2-3
5) Calhoun Bombers 1-4
6) Nugtohs on Ztilb 0-5
Now a little more clarification. The light winds did not allow a full complement of racing. The intended schedule was two round robins followed by a final four sail-off. The crowd began a second round robin but were stymied by the wind. Here is who really sailed:
1) Edgewood CC 5-0 - UW sailors Rob Pickens/Anna Bargren; Matt Kirley/Molly Forbes; Christine Porter/Jackie Brown
2) Team Wang Chung 4-1 Mark Dunsworth; Charlie Igo; Matt Vanderpool
3) Denannification 3-2 Eric Oppen/Anna Leamporra; Mike Hanson/Kay Siemers; Mclain Potts
4) Team Nannification 2-3 Derek Packard/Nataline Sinn; Joe Peris/Brooke Kirkham; Hugh Harris/John Hartfield
5) Calhoun Bombers 1-4 John Weissert/Jasper Lazer; Conner Corgard/Nicki Simpson; Nate Swift
6) Nugtohs on Ztilb 0-5 Brendon Boylan/Brigid Merrigan; Matt
Barron/Allison Forbes; Ben Berg/ Hayley Lillehei
Eddie Cox of White Bear was reportedly sighted also just where we don't know.Looks like a great start to an annual successful event.
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