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July 20, 2008

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A invite day 2 
ILYA Class A Open Invitational - White Bear Yacht Club   by Lee Alnes
                               Photo by Pat Dunsworth
Race 3 got underway at 10 am Saturday with breezes in the 5 - 8 knot range out of the Southeast.  A long Windward 2 course was set from the Yacht Club bay to the south end of the lake through the slot between the Island and the Peninsula (opposite direction as yesterday).  David Willette got off to an early lead and held on to take the gun, but not before the wind directions changed a few times prompting PRO Tom Hodgson and his able team to make a couple course changes.  The second shift was major enough to move the leeward mark over to the the boat works bay for the downwind finish.

Willette finished well ahead while Jack Strothman, Lee Alnes, Blair Jenness and Hod Irvine drag raced into the finish line for an exciting downwind photo finish.  Strothman captured second place followed by Alnes and Jenness.

As severe weather was predicted, the Race Committee wasted no time getting Race 4 underway in the East / Southeast breeze that had built to 8 - 12 knots.  A Windward 3+ course was set.  A clean start saw the fleet split almost evenly to each side of the lake, with the left side paying off slightly better by the windward mark.  The first few boats sailed quite closely, even giving the experimental V38 boat some fits now and then.  Jack Strothman's "Animal House" Team did a masterful job, leading most the way and holding off a last minute rush for the finish line to win by half a boat length.  Lee Alnes was second, followed by Jason Brown.

Everyone was safely off the water well before the afternoon storms and rain squalls rolled in, leaving time for a much needed nap (recovery from the Driscoll Party!) and preparing to dine at the famous buffet dinner in the WBYC dining room.

Complete results from Day 1and Day 2 are online.
Melges 17 rocks
Pewaukee Yacht Club Kicks Off The 2008 Melges 17 ILYA Championship   Story and photos by Andy Burdick
The Melges 17 has been one of the hottest scow classes the last few years.  The fleet heated up this weekend at Pewaukee for this years Inland Championship.  Nineteen boats sailed out to the first start this morning with a 10mph breeze.  The fleet was out early preparing their basic maneuvers - good tacks, good jibes, spinnaker sets and takedowns.  Most times a regatta is won or lost on the basics - boathandling.  Some boats were out as early as 8:15am.  An eager fleet for sure!  The people racing these boats are indeed in love with them. Fast, responsive and tactical upwind and downwind.
The first race found Clifford Porter and Carl Roth sailing USA-0 leading up the first beat but a crafty local - Hans Meyer got by them at the top mark and then led much of the race.  Then it became a 4 boat battle for the first win.  Bill Wiggins traveled from South Carolina to compete  (gas prices are no excuse to no attend an Inland Championship)!  He was winning at the last mark but it was tight with Mary Anne Ward, Deb Ziegler and Hans Meyer all lined up.  Ward with crew Peter Keck did a nice job of sailing low and inside Wiggins controlling them and keeping the Wiggins team from jibing. Ward jibed early and it paid off.  Mary Anne Ward won the first race with Bill Wiggins and his wife Angie close in second. Deb Ziegler and then Hans Meyer rounded out the top 4. 
Bill Dale is the PRO and he fired up another race right away.  The wind was a little lighter but still, a nice summer wind to race in so the fleet fired up and got race 2 under way.  The fleet spread out quickly.  Rob Conley sailing his brand new Melges 17 USA-505 hit the left side of the course while Mary Anne Ward and a few others went right.  It was the wind in the middle that jumped Clifford Porter and Bill Wiggins up to the front again.  A few wind shifts and a few tacks in the breeze put them in the lead at the top pin.  As the race progressed things jumbled around a bit. Vincent Porter racing with cousin Davis Porter put their Melges 17 into Full Throttle and was leading at the next mark. They went on to win race number 2 but again it was close with Bill Wiggins and Hans Meyer. 
The PYC hosted the fleet for lunch then it was race number 3 for the day. After a brief on shore postponement the PRO told the fleet to get on the water.  The breeze freshened and the fleet had a nice run down the lake to the starting line. Just prior to the start sequence the breeze fizzled out and the race committee decided they had seen enough - abandonment was called - a quick, firm decision but a good one.  The breeze never filled in again. 
So, after 2 races in this years Inland Championship Bill Wiggins and his wife Angie (pictured above) are winning.  It is very, very close though. Tomorrow calls for 10-20 out of the SW - a great direction for Pewaukee.  So, can Ward, Meyer, Porter or any others catch Wiggins?  We will find out tomorrow as the racing begins at 930am.  Two races get underway then.  The official championship presentation will take place after the racing tomorrow and someone will be crowned the 2008 Melges 17 Inland Champion!
Melges 17 start
Day one report from Mark Prange
 Competitors were launched on Thursday evening and Friday and moored in front of members housed around the lake.  On Thursday night, Augie Barkow held a "Regatta Strategies" seminar at 7:00.  Those attending learned a lot with half the time spent answering questions.  At the competitors briefing on Friday, Wally Schmidt reminded the group of his eagle eye, and exhorted the group to not pressure the starting line or suffer the consequences.  Despite the threat of storms, flash floods and nasty weather, conditions were excellent (although the air was light and shifty), with some sun and comfortable temperatures.  
Race 1:  PRO Walter Schmidt and his team got the fleet racing after a short delay.   The course was 3+ and the wind was light from the West.   The race was shortened at the second upwind mark and as it happens, allowed the race to complete (with 4 minutes to spare of the 90 minute back to back time limit).  Midway through the race, the wind died completely and came in again more from the South West.  The race was won by Mark Prange, followed closely by Dave Smith.  Frank Davenport was third, Jamie Kimball fourth and Bob Henschel was fifth drawing the biggest cheer from the spectator fleet.  
Race 2:  The wind was unsettled, and after an attempt at a second start before lunch, competitors were sent in for lunch.  The course was 3.  At 2:15, the wind remained light and unsettled, and after a few tries, the race was underway at about 2:30.  The direction was West, later shifting to the SW during the race.  In this race, Dave Smith won followed by Jamie Kimball, Steve Schmidt, Frank Davenport and Ed Eckert.  
Race 3:  The wind became more settled into the SW direction and the race was started under a black flag after a few restarts.  The course was 3.  Those who went left on the first upwind had the best results, and in this race no course changes or shortening was necessary.  By the end of the race the wind had picked up from the 6-7 at the start to perhaps 9-10 mph.  The race was won by Mark Prange, second by Jim Tews who moved up one place on the last downwind, Ed Eckert, Anne Porter and Dave Smith.
Competitors gathered at the Yacht Club for the "Pizza Bash" and awards for the day.  "The Other Guys and Gals" bested Team Okauchee for the day, so a random drawing produced awards for Frank Davenport, Chris Andert and Eric Oppen.
1 Dave Smith/Alana/Briana Smith                        18
2 Ed Eckert/Matt Schmidt/Becca Steffensen         49
3 Jamie/Rob Kimball/ Bridget Murphy                   50
4 Steve Schmidt/Danny Tighe/Jean Andreski        51
5 Chris Pinahs/Bruce Cameron/Barb Pinahs           55
6 Mark Prange/Bob Stelter/Jen Zea                      56
7 Jim Tews/Jenny Jaessing                                  56
8 Frank Davenport/Ron Jarecki                            62
9 Anne Porter Muller/Joe Skotarzak/Dawn Greeson 74
10 Brian Sprinkman/ John McGowen/Charlie Sprinkman 76
JULY 10TH Late fee in place  X Champs at Oshkosh 7/23-26
JULY 15TH  No Tears at Beulah 7/21
                   No Tears at Clear  7/30
                   Optimist Champs at Cedar 8/3-5
JULY 25TH E,MC,M,A Open,C,I-20 Champs at Okoboji 8/9-16
                   A One Design Champs at Mendota 8/21-24

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