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Volume 4, Issue 20

July 13, 2009 

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Opti Sailors Sail Internationally
Calhoun Team Race Regatta
420 North Americans
Minnetonka Hosts C and 17s
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Barkow Continues Streak, Takes E Invitational
E Invite 
1   V37    August Barkow   1       2       1       2       5       11  
2   V74    Will Graves       13      6       2       6       1       28  
3   I49    Vincent Porter    2       9       13      3       4       31  
4   M7     Jule Hannaford   19      4       6       1       7       37  
5   X751   Jim Gluek         10      7       3       9       10      39  
6   V9     Tom Sweitzer   12      1       5       10      14      42  
7   V11    Peter Friend     6       13      9       5       16      49  
8   M9     Tom Burton    4       40\DSQ  4       4       2       54  
9   M12    Jeff Solum      18      5       15      17      11      66  
10  V300   Bill Burns       11      11      18      8       22      70  
Watch for Lon Schoor's Digital Reaches in your mailbox tomorrow or check the National E website.
Photos by Pat Dunsworth with overhead assist by Hans Meyer.
Old boats are still fast - Mark Dunsworth winning Race 3 at Clear
The last race resulted in a change in the leaders. Local IA boy from Okoboji takes home the trophy. 
Top Ten
1 Steve Everest
2 Markham Chatterton
3 Kevin Neal
4 Mark Dunsworth
5 Dan Fink
6 Pat Flood
7 Rick Trester
8 Todd Tesar
9 Mark Tesar
10 Bill Colburn
For full results, check the ILYA website
Charlie MacNider and crew served as RC for the MC Invitational.
Opti Sailors Travel for US

 Geneva's Lamphere is Third in Europeans 
malcolm Lamphere
 Don't you just love to port tack the fleet?
Kudos to Malcolm Lamphere who sailed to an astonishing third place finish at the European championships in Slovenia. In Piran Slovenia, over 250 sailors from 41 countries and 5 continent gathered or the Optimist European Championships, one of the international regattas American sailors compete for in the US Team Trials. For more info on this event, click here.
Meanwhile in Flanders, Alex Vasiliou finished in 22nd.
Minnetonka's Ben Garber competed in the North American Championships in Boca Chica, Dominican Republic along with sailors from twenty-one other countries.
ILYA Deadlines Near
Register now for the ILYA OPTI Champs. July 15th is nearing and the fees increase after that time. Use online registration, fax to the ILYA office or mail today.
No Tears East July 15
Optimist Champs July 15
by Mike Woldum 
This summer, team racing is emerging on the sailing scene at Lake Calhoun. Unlike fleet racing, in which each boat competes against all others on the racecourse, team racing utilizes a three boat versus three boat format, so that teammates must work together to win a race.  In an effort to provide all sailors in the greater twin cities area with a chance to experience and get involved with team racing, a couple Calhoun sailors have been promoting Sunday and Monday night team racing at the Lake. The door has been opened for first time team racers, college sailors hoping to hone skills and stay sharp in preparation for the upcoming season, and old-veterans who miss team racing or never got a chance to try it to come to Lake Calhoun and have some fun. In only the first few evenings, anywhere between six and twelve boats, twelve to twenty-four people, have already been showing up.  There seem to be a lot of sailors in the area who enjoy or are at least interested in team racing.  Earlier in the summer, team racing was only held Monday nights. But when sailors who attended the first few weeks began declaring, "Monday is the new Friday," because they were so enjoying and looking forward to Monday night team racing, Sunday nights were added as well.
The excitement builds as the weekend of July 18-19 draws near, which will mark the first ever No-Coast Team Racing Championship, to be hosted by Lake Calhoun.  This is looking like the beginnings of what is hoped will become a team racing community that will use Lake Calhoun as its base as it continues to grow and thrive this summer and in summers to come.
All sailors are encouraged to show up at Calhoun on Sunday and Monday nights at 5:15 for team racing and may contact Hugh Harris ( or Joe Peris ( for more information.

 AUGUST 13-16 
Club 420 North Americans at Macatawa Bay is just around the corner. There will be a 2-day clinic coached by Amada Clark. Clark returns to the states from coaching the US Optimist representatives in Slovenia. The clinic will be on the 11 and 12 of Aug., 2 days prior to the NA's. All the info is available on the Club 420 web site.
Plan to visit one of our newest ILYA clubs. Geneva, Pewaukee, Beulah, White Bear, Minnetonka and other lakes have 420s. Contact those clubs for more information on coaching, boats and travel plans.
Melges 17 Champs and C Invite at Minnetonka
 Minnetonka Hosts Big Events
Thirteen Melges 17 boats are registered for the big event, July 24-26. This weekend the C's take to the water. July 17-19. Twenty-nine are preregistered.
The University of Wisconsin has been selected to host the 2010 Nationals. The May 25-June 3 event rotates throughout the country. It's been ten years since Wisconsin had the event. This is a coveted honor but, more importantly, it is an opportunity for our Midwest sailors to display our special love for the sport. While the sailing teams on the coasts have budgets supported by the schools' athletic departments, UW depends on individual donations and money to provide sailing to the successful Midwest team. Many of you in our scow country know sailors here or on the coast. Please join them to show the coasts what Midwest hospitality is all about.
What do they need? 
First - the team is required to supply new sails for the 18- matched 420s that will be used for the event. Each set of sails is $700. Please join your Badger supporters at your club and collectively commit to the purchase of a set of sails. Your name will be published on the regatta website and your club's name will be featured on event signage. If 7 of you donate $100 (or be creative), your club will have assisted the Badger team immensely.
Second - 18 inflatables and 4 pontoons are needed to provide RC, officials, coaches and team rotation capabilities. The event is before sailing school begins so PLEASE donate the use of your inflatable for the event. The pontoons will be anchored for the day and sailors will rotate from the stationary platforms. Ask your sailing school board now if the Badgers can borrow your boat. Chances are someone from your club will be taxiing the coaches or officials.
Third - if you are from the Madison area, please consider housing RC. The three sessions are for Women's, Team Racing and Co-ed Nationals. A new set of RC arrive for each sessions. The food will be handled at the regatta site but housing the RC locally will save several thousand dollars.
How are you, your club or the ILYA involved? 
Think we are not all a part of this?
  • Chip Mann will serve as PRO for two of the sessions.
  • The ILYA has donated the use of the Bilge Puller Trailer of RC supplies which will be monitored by ILYA officials who will attend the event.
  • Several of our adult scow sailors have volunteered to serve to allow our sailors to enjoy the sailing.
  • Dimension Polyant (John Gluek and Zack Clayton) have donated material to make bags for the participants - anyone know someone who will donate the sewing? 
  • Last time this was in the Midwest, Cedar's Weber family contributed heavily with time and donations. The 2010 committee met with the "old" guys to learn how it was done.
  •  Lastly, scows and our boat builders, Melges and Windward, have eastern connections.

Let's join together to allow our UW students host a memorable event for the nation. Nearly every club in the ILYA has a collegiate sailor. Support our youth in this endeavor. They will be your yacht club members in the near future.

Send donations (many of your yacht clubs have donation letters and posters) to Christine Porter, UW Nationals Chair, N9322 Beulah Park Road, East Troy, WI 53120 with checks made out to MUBA (Memorial Union Building Account) or contact your local UW sailor. Any goods or services would be appreciated also to fill the sailor's participant bags with the best of the Midwest. If you make something, donate it! The event will feature three segments of sailors so quantities of 100 or 400 are needed. Your name will hang high at the picturesque Hoofers site on marvelous Lake Mendota near the Memorial Union and along the Lakeshore Path. What a way to display your name.
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