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Volume 5, Issue 22

July 11, 2010

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Schedule of Events

8-11 ILYA MC Invitational - Cedar Lake, WI
9-11 Melges 17/M-16 Champs -  Pewaukee
15-18 ILYA C Invitational - Lake Beulah
24 No Tears Alumni Race - Pine Lake - all welcome
26 ILYA No Tears East - 20th anniversary - Pine
28-31 ILYA X Champs - Pewaukee
31-1 D20 Laser Champs -
South Shore
1-3 ILYA Opti Champs-Okauchee
5-8 Interlake - Clear Lake, IA
6-8 ILYA I-20 Champs - Neenah Nodaway
11-21 ILYA Championships - Lake Geneva
A Scows - Aug 15-17
E Scows - Aug 11-14
C Scows - Aug 18-21
MC Scows - Aug 11-14
12 Pram Power -North Lake
12-15 US Laser Champs - Milwaukee
13-14 X Blue Chip - Cedar, WI
15-17 RWB Chip- LaBelle
20-22 ILYA Youth Champs (Laser and 420) - Calhoun
Birthday Girl Got ICED! - US Sailing Match Racing
Roble team of Christine Porter, Darby Smith, Maggie Shea and Steph Roble
Women's Matching Regatta - Barkow leads
Eight teams were selected to compete and now four remain. Two are Inland sailors. Sally Barkow (Pine) leads going into the finals and Steph Roble (Beulah) is third with two local sailors as team members - Maggie Shea from Chicago and White Lake and Christine Porter from Beulah. The eight teams were selected from resume and announced in early summer. Sally Barkow and Jenny Tulloch are in 1-2; both are members of Olympic hopeful teams. The eight teams have been hampered by mild wiind but made it through a round robin on Friday followed by half a round robin on Saturday. Adjustments to the scoring had to made to define the final four. Roble moved from a three-way tie for fourth on Friday to a solid third on Saturday. Barkow has yet to lose a race.
Why the headline? Saturday was Barkow's birthday and icing refers to a custom familiar to the young males of the world. During the debrief Barkow and Tulloch were called to the front to explain an intermatch infraction. To settle the fray, a ritual which involved Smirnoff Ice was held in front of the  regatta crowd. Needless to say the Wisconsinite Barkow was not the least challenged.
M-16's and Melges 17 event - Pewaukee
Sean Fidler Leads Melges 17 championship
M16 fleet - Total 15 boats
Pl Sail # Skipper 1 2 3 T
1 LA150 JJ Applegate 1 3 1 5
2 V151 Paul Reinicke 2 1 3 6
3 V7 Sunny Driscoll 4 2 2 8
4 V76 Maggie Walsh 3 4 6 13
5 V46 Helene Meyers 6 5 5 16
6 LA22 Curt Morton 5 6 8 19
7 BH11 John Harkrader 11 8 4 23
8 V911 Robbie Johnson 10 7 7 24
9 MR32 Janet Davis 9 10 9 28
10 V42 Fred Weber 8 12 10 30
Melges 17 fleet  Total 20 boats
Pl Sail # Skipper 1 2 3 T
1 US208 Sean Fidler 4 2 4 10
2 US213 Lesa Gutenkunst 3 3 5 11
3 US51 Deb Gluek 6 1 8 15
4 US205 Mike Dow 8 4 3 15
5 US211 coye Harrett 9 5 2 16
6 US158 Jeff Lewis 7 11 1 19
7 US207 Jim Hilgard 1 13 6 20
8 US13 Davis Harrison 5 6 9 20
9 US203 Peter Lane 2 14 7 23
10 US145 Joe Kutchenreuter 10 10 10 30
E Invitational - Minnetonka
from Digital Reaches by Lon Schoor
Looking over Lake Minnetonka at about 8:30 AM, the wind situation looked a lot like the day before. However the forecast was for 7-12 mph SSW, but thats not how it happened. A thunderstorm loomed in the distance heading our way and after a few 30 minute postponements the PRO sent us in. The thunderstorm "dissipated" and we were back on the water about 1:00 PM for 3 races back-2-back-2-back. 

Our first race of the day started at 2:05 and the breeze was 10 mph and building and the course was a W2 at a heading of about 195. Brian Porter I-49 was first around followed by Chris Jewett M-3, David Strothman M-10,  Dan Guidinger W-1, Tom Burton M-9, Louis Hill W-47. These boats came off the leeward end of the line and stayed on the left side of the course. Downwind was best to just continue on starboard almost to the layline. At the next upwind, it was Porter, Jewett, Burton, Vincent Porter I-2, and Guidinger. They all held their places at the downwind finish. The wind increased during the race and it took only 38 minutes with about 1 mile legs. maybe a little longer.

The second race belonged to the 3 Porters at the first mark: Vincent, Brain, and Bri I-17. Bri slipped a little on the W2 course and finished 8 while Vincent and Brian were one two. Rob Evans finished 3rd and as  I recall he was probably about 13th at the first mark but had two good downwinds. This race took 40 minutes.

The third race was a W2 1/2 and lasted 61 minutes on a little longer course. This race had some bigger shifts and the velocity varied more although it was a good wind thoughout the race. Positions changed as the boats were mixing it up with each shift and new puff. Boats on the right during the first leg caught a nice shift on the second half of the leg to lead. Bri Porter I-17 looked like he'd be first around but Rob Evans M-1 stole his show. Following Bri was Hugh Sugar H-8.  Art Brereton TO-101 went from 10th to 7th to 5th to 3rd at the finish - good decision making on his part. Sugar held on to 2nd for most of the race and finished in 4th. Vincent Porter went from 8th to 4th to 2nd  - another strong race for him. Augie Barkow got hung up on the first windard mark dragging it just enough so I could get around - thanks Augie. After he got loose that put him in the 20s. He had a great come back and on the last 2 legs he moved up from 22 to 6th. 5th place was youth skipper Derek Packard M-87 who held his position throughout the race.
Rob Evans moves into the lead. Results here.
MC Invitational - Cedar
by Jeff Annis
Cedar Lake Yacht Club, WI
Day Two:
Two races were intended for today. With no wind evident, the call was made to go ahead and expedite the lunch at 11:00 am and get that out of the way in hopes of a filling breeze.   After a two hour delay of the 10:00 am warning signal, the wind appeared to fill in.  So, the PRO made the call for a 1:00pm warning.  The wind was swinging wildly, about 100 degrees over the period of time they were attempting to set the course, with wind reports from 2 mph to 18 mph, separated by only a few seconds. 
The race committee and the PRO made a valiant effort to set a course and starting line and get one going about 1:30pm. 
The first leg was tricky as the wind dropped to "sitting low" status right away.  Then it filled from the right  side with a 45 degree lift on starboard tack about three minutes into the start.  Then that fell off and the left came in strong for a moment or two.  Then the right side came back.  By the time things settled in, there were about 20 boats sitting dead still between the windward mark and the off-set mark, ten had made it around the offset and about ten were still frittering around on the previous  leg.
The PRO made the signal for "GO IN" with 3 blasts, and announced on the competitor channel that we were done for the day. 
Two races will be attempted tomorrow as some wind is anticipated.
The launch and recovery team did an excellent job of getting everybody out of the water and the crowd gathered to watch a soccer match on television, with beer and heavy snacks. Not a bad day around the Cedar Lake Yacht Club. 
Editor's note:  the PRO and race committee at this event are doing a good job of juggling the need to have races with the need to have GOOD races.  And, they are using the radio expertly.  Before a transmission to the fleet, the PRO announces  "MC competitors prepare for information" and then  he pauses and comes back on and delivers the necessary facts.  This is a good use of the radio and it helps keep the competitors in the loop.
Lake Beulah Float Boat Tour
Open Invitation
For years, the women's auxiliary of Lake Beulah has sponsored an annual Float Boat Tour -  a beautiful day to view four homes and a luncheon with vendors at the club. The homes vary from cottages to mansions. It's always a surprise. To attend this year's event, Wednesday, July 14th, contact Peggy Krueger for info or reservation at $40 for the day.
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