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July 11, 2009 

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Augie Barkow and Tom Sweitzer Take First Two Races
Augie and Schweitzer 
No official results but photographic report from Pat Dunsworth shows the beauty of Pewaukee racing during the first day of the ILYA E Invitational. Storms, rain and then no wind delayed the day's start. It's a traditional Pewaukee party with members at the grill tonight for the social event. 
by Mike Reiswick 
Greetings from Corny Iowa!

Storms rolled through over night and a particular lightning strike gave most people a nice 2 AM wake up call around the lake.  The first day started out with pleasant, overcast skies and a slight drizzle.

The first race was delayed an hour to allow a storm cell moving south of the lake to clear the area.  The storm produced a nice 13-15 mph breeze though as it exited and lulled numerous skippers into taking on crew.  The first beat saw the majority of the fleet make a move towards the left side of the course which paid off.  The upwind mark was a slightly different situation though and the leading boats took advantage of more consistent breezes from the starboard layline.

The first downwind saw the breeze from the passing storm begin to moderate somewhat.  The fleet was somewhat mixed coming downwind, however the majority of boats seemed to favor the starboard jibe.  The second beat once again saw most boats maneuvering up the middle left, however the starboard layline seemed to payoff even more near the windward mark.

At this point, the breeze had moderated significantly and most people with crew on were beginning to audibly groan.  The final downwind saw the wind beginning to shift towards the left side of the course.  The leaders, and the majority of the fleet for that matter, headed for the middle right side of the course as the wind began to clock even further to the left on the final beat.  Kevin Neal, who was a part of the top five leader group for the entire race bucked the trend and sailed back across the middle of the course just in time to catch the huge lefty that shook up the entire leader group. 

In an interview after the race with Mr. Neal, he commented on the difficult decision to split with the leader group, however he noted that "the further right [he] went, the worse it looked".  In the end, Mr. Neal finished in second, beating out Dan Fink and numerous others that had stretched out a comfortable lead.  Mr. Neal stated that "[he] asked himself what Zack Clayton would do, and [he] did it".  The writer would like to state that the statements and beliefs of Mr. Neal are not necessarily those of himself or the MCSA/ILYA.

The writer unfortunately doesn't have access to the official results of the first race at this point and will report them in tomorrows update. 

More news to follow tomorrow. 
No official results posted on website. 

Oshkosh Xtreme Next on X Circuit

 Monday/Tuesday, July 13/14th 
The Geneva RC team returns to Oshkosh. It's fun always at Winnebago. Come enjoy Oshkosh hospitality.
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