Volume 13, Issue 2A  
January 27, 2018
2018 Regattas - send your confirmed dates
25- ILYA Board Meeting - White Bear, MN
10 - Dellenbaugh Speed and Smarts Seminar - Beulah ; AM/ PM or all day session
17-18 - Adv. RC Course - Geneva
6 Martinson Rules Discussion - Harken
7 - US Sailing Judges Course - Harken
5-6 Cedar, IN Icebreaker
- Bilge Puller South Meeting
- Bilge Puller North Meeting
22-24- JOs - Okoboji IA
23-24  WI MC Champs - Pine Lake 
25 - LBSS Opti  - Beulah
26-27 TRAP X - Pine Lake
June 29-Jul 1 - US Sailing JO's - Lake Forest
5-6 Quad Lakes - Beulah
9-10 GLSS X - Geneva
10-11 - Note change - GLSS Opti, two-day
14-15  ILYA MC Invitational - Nagawicka
13-15 ILYA E Invitational - Geneva 
16-17 XTreme X Regatta - Oshkosh
16-19 Area K Jr. Championships - Sheboygan
21-22 ILYA C Invitational - Beulah
21-22 WYA X - Cedar
23 - ILYA No Tears - Beulah
25-28 ILYA X Champs - Pewaukee
29-31 ILYA Opti  RWB and Green Champs - Pewaukee
3-5 WYA C - Okauchee
12-19 ILYA Championships - Minnetonka
   12-15 A/MC Scows -
   15 Bilge Pullers Dinner
   16-19 E/C Scows
21-22 MCSA National Junior Championship Cedar Lake Wisconsin 
8-9  Dorn MC - Beulah
22-23  Beulah C Challenge - Beulah
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Congrats to Malcolm Lamphere as Laser #2  
Overall 27th
 What a great day for the ILYA!!! Next up were races to determine who would qualify in the Laser for tomorrow's medal racing. Unfortunately, the US leader, Charlie Buckingham, dropped to 12th leaving us unrepresented tomorrow. The day proved most successful for Geneva's Malcolm Lamphere who finished up as 2nd American. Lamphere has been training, no doubt, but still is attending Yale so has yet to devote fulltime to sailing. He finished 27th overall ahead of Chris Barnard in 31st. For Lamphere this is about building an invitation for next year's events. 
Also representing the ILYA was Minnetonka's Erik Bowers who finished 48th and 5th American.