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Volume 5, Issue 5

January 27, 2009

Melges Performance  Sailboats

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Happy birthday, Buddy
80 Years Young and still receiving kudos
Reprinted from Scuttlebutt - two comments to yesterday's article

* From Walt Spevak:

To any kid growing up racing on Midwest lakes in the 60s and 70s the "Wizard of Zenda" was literally a larger than life icon that all of us wanted to be like. For the chance to see him compete against Lake Okoboji, Iowa's Jerry Huse and Bob "Boober" Schneider, fellow C-scow champions, plus others from lakes Geneva, Pewaukee and Minnetonka was always a thrill. I remember him hopping on my C-scow one time to tinker with the jackstays, play with the rear traveler, pull on more vang and cunningham and voila...I was faster. Sweet. Happy Birthday Buddy on your 80th...I hope you have many happy returns of the day both on and off the water.


* From Tim Patterson:

It was great to see the article on Buddy Melges (in Scuttlebutt 3016).

Having grown up in the midwest, many friends who followed the America's Cup enough to know some of the skipper's names asked me who Buddy was when he was the helmsman on America 3. I said he was probably one of the great helmsmen of all time in many different venues. I watched the races and was tickled to see that when Buddy was at the helm upwind, the track was a series of very straight lines. I think it was one of the first races where GPS tracking was used to show how the boats were moving through the water. Some of the other boat's tracks were a series of squiggly lines that seemed to me to show too much activity at the helm.

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