January 26 2007 Volume 2 Issue 3
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Friday - Winter Inland - Oconomowoc

All are welcome
ilyaburgee The Mount Gay speaker series is open to all ages, members and non-members. Youth sailors are most welcome to attend. Perry is entertaining and a teacher in real-life. He will relate to sailors from all skill and age levels. The Mount Gay party is private to those who attend the event so the decision of attendance for the youth is personal. If a number of youth attend, we will make arrangements for pizza and room in our area for the youth participants.

The reservations are low at Olympia. Please make reservations today to receive the reserved rate. Jim Smith at scowslants@aol.com awaits your reservation for the event. The registration fee is $30 which includes the Saturday lunch and two days of sessions.

Friday's events begin at 4:00 with an open promotion committee meeting. The agenda is determined by those in attendance but fleet promotion, regattas, publications, fundraising are on the agenda. Please bring ideas and your voice.
Friday's events

  • Promotion Committee meeting 4:00 -5:30
  • Youth meetings - where next? 5:30-6:45
  • Dave Perry Mount Gay presentation 7:00-9:00
  • Mount Gay party - all welcome



Board of Directors Meeting
Open participation encouraged at meeting's start
ILYA Board meetings are open to all members. This meeting will mark a trial of open participation by the gallery. If you have a constructive comment for the fleet, attend your fleet meeting on Saturday morning. The fleet committees and reps are open to discussion items. The Sunday Board meeting will open with an audience participation time reserved for your positive comments to assist the organization. While the Board may determine to discuss the item later in the agenda, we welcome your attendance and opening comments. If you are planning to attend the entire meeting, please notify Executive Secretary Smith so he can plan lunch numbers.


Youth Sessions
Moved from traditional Friday evening slot
Due to the opportunity provided by US Sailing's Mount Gay speaker series, the youth sessions will be split. The opening session will be held Friday 5:30-6:45. Then proceed immediately to Dave Perry's speech.
All of you ask for a common path from our junior boats to adult participation, but the enthusiasm for a single boat has not built enthusiasm nor growth in our member clubs. The discussion will begin Friday evening. We will continue Saturday morning at 8:00 am. The X and Opti fleet meetings will follow Dave Perry's sportsmanship session. High school sailing, a frequent topic over the years, will be available to those interested in the hows as the culmination of youth topics for this year's Winter Inland.

As always, a draft youth calendar will be available. Remember to bring your NORs for this year's events. Have a handout or special parents' informational sheet? This is the place to share your successes or ask for assistance with your problems. Our many, varied programs can lend you the experience base to assist with your current concerns.
Youth topics schedule
  • Friday night - What's next 5:30-6:45
  • Dave Perry - 7:00 -9:00
  • Continuation of what's next Saturday 8:00 - 9:00
  • Youth networking Saturday 9-11:00
  • Lunch with presentation of awards
  • Dave Perry on Sportsmanship and Sailing Schools - 2:00
  • X and Opti Fleet Meetings - 3:00
  • High School Sailing -4:00
  • Proper attire for the race course - 4:00



Sessions for sailors
Quantum Quantum Sails will be our sailing strategy speaker this year. We have cleared the agenda to allow all of you to hear Dave Perry, but immediately following his presentation, Quantum will give you "all the answers." Go faster, be smarter, win the race.


  • Tell us what we can do. Promotion session -Friday 4:00
  • Give us direction regarding our youth - Friday 5:30
  • Dave Perry - Friday 7:00
  • Finally the RUM - Friday 9:00
  • Fleet meetings E,C,I-20, Open A - Saturday 9:00
  • Fleet meetings MC, M-16, C cont., A One Design - Saturday 10:30
  • Lunch 12:00 with ILYA awards
  • Dave Perry - 2:00
  • Quantum 3:00
  • Cocktails following the final sessions



ILYA Race Committee in Miami
While the north finally has a white cover, many of our members are busy in Miami serving our country's elite sailors. Terry Bischoff submitted a list of names which may not be complete but it shows the dedication to the sport from the northern race committee teams. The Miami Olympic Classes Regatta started January 21st but there were preliminary regattas and there are post event regattas. At least two fleets scheduled their NA Championships around the Miami OCR.

At the OCR, Terry Bischoff is the PRO of the Mens & Womens 470 and Finn circle, for the 5th straight year. His team consists of ILYA members, John Hanson, Clear Lake; Jock Irvine, White Bear; and Vicki Bohl, Pewaukee.

This team will be doing the Yngling North American Championship a week later, with Sally Barkow competing. The same team will do the 2008 Yngling World Championship in Miami. This regatta will also be the Olympic Trial for the Ynglings, featuring Sally's second quest.

Jeff Butzer leaves Terry's team to be 1st year PRO of the 49er event. His team will also do the 49er North American Championship a week later. Terry's team did this event last year, but he recommended that another circle be added with Jeff running it. Rumor has it that Jeff may have some ILYA folks helping.

Last week's 470 North Americans was also conducted by Terry's team. There were 28 men's entries and 20 women's. Teams from all over the world participated as the competition heats up for Olympic berths. Charlie MacNider, former ILYA Director from Clear Lake, IA, was part of the 470 NA team.


Sailors Competing in the Miami OCR
Barkow Tied for First; Ruf and Gluek in Top Ten
sally  logo Sally Barkow in the Yngling sits in a tie for first after 9 races. John Ruf and Jim Gluek are top ten in the 2.4 meter. Anne Haeger and Erik Bowers have made the gold fleets in the radial and full rig lasers; Lindsay Allen and Josh Garber now have a chance to top the silver fleets. Racing continues through the 27th with the new formatted medal race counting double and serving as a tie breaker.

Several sailors are posting daily on websites. Visit the Barkow Team 7 and Anna Tunnicliffe's website to get a feel for the daily challenges.



Wisconsin Association of Lakes
WI asso of lakes Many of you face challenges with lake management and local municipalities. Attend the lake views session at the Winter Inland but also check the Wisconsin Association of Lakes to view a workshop in your area. Pewaukee will host a workshop February 24th. The registration fee is $30 The event will be held at the Waukesha County Technical College-Pewaukee Campus.

Look for the Wisconsin Association of Lakes link on the ilya website if you need information in the future.


Our sympathies
Tom Brosseau, of Windward Mark Arts, died suddenly in January while on vacation in Hawaii. Many of you enjoyed his workmanship through all our years of hosting the Winter Inland. Tom's fine jewelry, wonderful individual enthusiasm at events and love of this sport will be missed. Our condolences to wife, Julie.

We are also saddened to hear of the passing of Harry Hein from Cedar Lake, Wisconsin. Harry was a true gentleman and supporter of the ILYA. Harry served on the ILYA Board of Directors for many years and volunteered with some of our most notable Race Officers.


Rules question
During this week's Olympic Classes Regatta, a common problem occurred in the Laser Class. Those pesky port boats rounding marks with a line of starboard boats. How does it affect you when you are below the first port? Andrew Campbell relates the problem with comments from others.

Rules seem boring. Next edition is "in the works". The two- boat circle may soon become the three-boat circle. Have an opinion, contact US Sailing who will refer your comments to Dick Rose who serves as an American contributor to the next rules edition.


USODA offers discount membership to clubs
usoda Chuck Maschal, USODA Class Administrator, will be mailing a special offer to our junior organizations. The Optimist class is offering a discount dues if clubs collect the money locally. Mail-in dues are $45 per member, online discount is $39 but this special discount is $33 Please consider this announcement as you send out dues renewals for your local club dues.

If your lake or fleet did not receive notification of this special dues offer contact the USODA Administrator

To join the ILYA, visit the membership link on the ILYA web site.


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