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Minnetonka Receives US Sailing One Design Regatta Award
E Nationals hosts Pat and Chrissy Hughes Honored
Monday spinnakers Congratulations to Minnetonka with its much touted success this year hosting the NCESA Nationals. With 60 of the 92 competing boats housed locally, the effort expended by regatta chairs, Pat and Chrissy Hughes, was unparalleled. With sponsorship support, exceptional organization and then competing in the event itself, the Hughes' were singled out with the prestigious presentation.

Minnetonka hosted this record-breaking event, but that is not new for this club. In 1992, Minnetonka hosted the second-largest event with a then-record 83. Twenty-three fleets were represented this year. Of note for the fleet's success was the presence of 15 skippers under the age of 30. Chairperson Chrissy Hughes was presented with a service award for her contributions as a woman racer and contributor to the class especially her effort in the "spectacular 2006 E Nationals Regatta."

Pat & Chrissy were contacted by Skip Dieball, Chairman of the US Sailing One Design Class Council who oversees the One Design Awards for US Sailing.Their nomination reflected hard work with the 2006 E Scow Nationals, which was clearly worthy of such recognition.

Dieball wrote: "Pat & Chrissy, you embody the spirit of the One-Design Regatta Trophy and it is my pleasure to inform you that you have won this prestigious trophy! Please accept my heart-felt congratulations for not only winning this trophy, but a HUGE thank you for your years of service to the sport."


Oshkosh announces reserved rooms for 2007 Champs
Give your input
Oshkosh is ready! With months of preparations already completed, Oshkosh will look to you for the final details. Attend your fleet meeting at the Winter Inland Saturday, February 10th, and give Oshkosh your thoughts to ensure a phenomenal regatta. If there are special requests from your fleet, now is the time to express it. The social atmosphere in Oshkosh can not be duplicated for history and tradition. Fortunately for some of us, our children will not re-live our INfamous history at the Pioneer but the Legion and its spectacular site and Oshkosh hospitality for near a century remains. Make your reservations now.


Perry to address Winter Inland; Barkow on list of speakers
DAve Perry US SAILING and Mount Gay Rum, the Official Rum of US SAILING, are kicking off the third year of the popular US SAILING Mount Gay Rum Speaker Series later this month. The 2007 season will consist of 16 events held at sailing organizations nationwide from January through April, bringing the country’s top sailing experts into the hometowns of many sailors. Speakers confirmed for this year’s season include renowned sailing commentator Gary Jobson, America’s Cup Principal Race Officer Peter Reggio, racing rules expert Dave Perry, and past Yngling World Champions and Olympic hopefuls Sally Barkow, Carrie Howe, and Debbie Capozzi, to name a few. In addition to title sponsor Mount Gay Rum, the program is also sponsored by Landfall Navigation, Sailing World magazine, and Sunsail. Dave Perry will present to the Winter Inland on Friday, February 9.


Wayzata is first club to purchase the Kattack system
Steve Palm of Kattack, Inc., announced Wayzata YC purchased the yacht club package to become the first club to provide post race review with a boat-by-boat comparison. The system was purchased for use with Wayzata's larger boats.

With the Kattack system, the entire race can be replayed with the use of individual GPS units "live" during racing. The boat's course of sail is then downloaded cumulatively with all the competing boats. The result is an exciting rerun of the race on screen. Sailors can compare their speed, tactics, improvement throughout the race and overall performance compared to the competitors.

This system has been a part of the A One Design Nationals for the past several years, and was used at the ILYA A One Design Championship at Geneva in 2006.


Family Sailing is Important
Women credit families as single most important factor
WOMEN'S BOATING SURVEY A recent online survey of over 400 women by Boat U.S. shows that parents play an important role in teaching their daughters recreational boating skills. But when girls grow up, many women believe there aren't enough boating educational opportunities, especially those that are tailored for women. The newly released results of the Boat U.S. "Boating Learning and Education Survey for Women" showed that nearly half of all women respondents (47%) said it was a parent who they first remember teaching them boating skills, and 47% also said they had first gone boating before age 10. "What the survey essentially tells us is that families play an important part in introducing boating to young girls, but as adults they want to learn more in relaxed settings, perhaps away from a well-meaning spouse," said Elaine Dickinson, Executive Editor of DIY Boat Owner magazine (a Boat U.S. publication for do-it-yourself boaters) and the leader of the Boat U.S. Women in Boating initiative. Over two-thirds (67%) of women said they had taken some type of formal classroom boating training and 73% had some hands-on instruction, but there was clear support for more all-women courses (59%). Forty-two percent said that there aren't enough opportunities for girls and women to learn how to operate a boat, and when asked what kind of learning opportunities are needed, 80% said more hands-on events for women.


Sportsmanship Protest Settled
For the fall months, much press has been given on blogs, Scuttlebutt and among Laser circles. The following link provides a review of the case in question regarding a sportsmanship issue. Rule 69 infringement carries a heavy penalty. A breach of good manners on the water may lead to expulsion. This is a reminder to all of us how we cherish this sport and its Corinthian spirit .

Many sailors have expressed a variety of opinions on the incident and the ruling, as reported in the threads at Scuttlebutt, located on line at http://sailingscuttlebutt.com.


Winter Inland Agenda on Website
Suzi Reese has struggled this year to fit our many topics into a tight schedule. There is something for everyone. She has kept the traditional fleet meetings for Saturday morning, but this year she has developed tracks by interest area.

Youth sailing interests? X and Opti meetings are in the afternoon. Gill apparel discussion for the extended sailing season. Perry will speak on sportsmanship. High school sailing returns again as a topic.

Club board member? Lake political issues, the role the ILYA can play for your club, race committee Q and A, delegates meeting are on your radar for Saturday.

Children? Skiing at a reduced rate in the Olympia backyard and pool. Wives? A special session on fashion with a discount from the gift shop, Oconomowoc boutiques nearby.

Call for reservations now for a weekend with your sailing friends.


Current Lake Legislative and Legal Issues
Winter Inland afternoon session
Thanks to Roger Walsh of Cedar, the Winter Inland will feature Attorney William P. O'Connor, of Wheeler, Van Sickle & Anderson, S.C., a Madison, Wisconsin Law Firm. Attorney O'Connor is also the Legal and Legislative Counselor to the Wisconsin Association of Lakes. This session will be of interest to all of us who face challenges with lakefront usage, pier regulations and other DNR legislative issues.

The format will be a presentation with open discussion following to allow you to share your lake's actions in protecting our natural resource - Wisconsin lakes. Rob Hudson from Beulah will be in attendance to discuss that lakes fight against a deep well. Cedar will be in attendance to share information on its longlived conservancy group.

This session is of interest to more than sailors. Bring your neighbors, invite them for the luncheon and entire afternoon. Dave Perry will lead off the post luncheon sessions.


Miami Olympic Classes Regatta News
Barkow to compete
Registration has exploded for US Sailing’s 2007 Rolex Miami OCR. A record number of elite sailors from around the world – 850 athletes from 48 countries as of press time – have registered, resulting in the largest turnout in the 18-year history of the regatta. Seventy-one percent of the athletes who have registered will travel from abroad, proving the event’s significance as one of the world's top competitions for sailors training for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Racing will be held January 22-27 on the waters of Biscayne Bay. For the first time at the event, America's Cup Hall of Fame inductee, author and sailing broadcaster Gary Jobson (Annapolis, Md.) will provide a front row seat for spectators around the world with exclusive daily video reports. Jobson's production will culminate with a wrap-up special on the last day of the regatta.


Just a sailing tidbit
All primary school students in Singapore could soon try their hands at sailing. "This plan is aimed at having all primary school kids, during their six years in school, spend at least four days doing sailing. In addition to that, within the curriculum itself, we will have the kids learn a little about oceanography, weather, tides, currents and winds," says Low Teo Ping, president of Singapore Sailing. Some 10 schools are already part of the programme, which will be funded through sponsorship. The various sailing clubs is Singapore will help run the programme. -- http://tinyurl.com/22k3h4


USODA offers discount membership to clubs
usoda Chuck Maschal, USODA Class Administrator, will be mailing a special offer to our junior organizations. The Optimist class is offering a discount dues if clubs collect the money locally. Mail-in dues are $45 per member, online discount is $39 but this special discount is $33 Please consider this announcement as you send out dues renewals for your local club dues.

To join the ILYA, visit the membership link on the ILYA web site.


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