Volume 13, Issue 6  
February 26, 2018
2018 Regattas - send your confirmed dates
6 Martinson Rules Discussion - Harken
7 - US Sailing Judges Course - Harken
5-6 Cedar, IN Icebreaker
12-13 Mother's Day C Regatta - 
Spring Lake, Mi
18- Bilge Puller South Meeting
    - Bilge Puller North Meeting
19-20 E Spring Regatta - Lake Geneva Yacht Club 
LaBelle Tuneup C/MC/X
9-10 Wawasee E - Wawasee, IN
15 - AJH X regatta - Cedar
23-24  WI MC Champs - Pine Lake 
25 - LBSS Opti  - Beulah
26-27 TRAP X - Pine Lake
June 29-Jul 1 - US Sailing JO's - Lake Forest
5-6 Quad Lakes - Beulah
9-10 GLSS X - Geneva
10-11 - Note change - GLSS Opti, two-day
14-15  ILYA MC Invitational - Nagawicka
13-15 ILYA E Invitational - Geneva 
16-17 XTreme X Regatta - Oshkosh
16-19 Area K Jr. Championships - Sheboygan
21-22 ILYA C Invitational - Beulah
21-22 WYA X - Cedar
23 - ILYA No Tears - Beulah
25-28 ILYA X Champs - Pewaukee
29-31 ILYA Opti  RWB and Green Champs - Pewaukee
2 - Pram Power- North Lake
3-5 WYA C - Okauchee
10-11 X Blue Chip - Cedar, WI
12-19 ILYA Championships - Minnetonka
   12-15 A/MC Scows -
   15 Bilge Pullers Dinner
   16-19 E/C Scows
21-22 MCSA National Junior Championship Cedar Lake Wisconsin
23-26 MC Nationals - Pewaukee Yacht Club 
8-9  Dorn MC - Beulah
15-16 - C Blue Chip - Okauchee
30th Annual North Lake Fall Classic MC 
22-23  Beulah C Challenge - Beulah
28-29 Lasers Masters Great Lakes Championships - Delavan
29-30 Polar Bear Regatta - Lake Davenport Sailing Club 
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Wow! Laser Midwinters East - Lake Geneva Sailor Excel  
Malcolm Lamphere is here to stay with the BIG BOYS. He finished 5th amongst Olympic contenders and competitors from several nations. The latest regatta displayed great depth in the field. Ahead of Malcolm were US Laser sailors 1 and 2 on the US Team - Charlie Buckingham and Chris Barnard.The winner was a sailor from College of Charleston who trained for Rio. Andrew Lewis in fourth has attended the 2012 and 2016 games. 
 Malcolm is shown here unseen in the top two photos - but he's there - and with father, Chuck and mom, Sarah, in Clearwater over the weekend.
Meanwhile on the Laser Radial larger, younger fleet, Chapman Petersen (photo below) finished an amazing third. He finished behind Paige Railey, 2x Olympian and Charlotte Rose, a Rolex contender this year for her win in the Youth Laser Radial Worlds. 

The conditions were "light and lumpy" which makes for tough, patient sailing. Results here
ILYA  DELEGATES Meeting -  - February 25th - White Bear  
A quorum from representative lakes was established.

Commodore David Porter addressed the group. Thanks go to the clubs who hosted regattas. He reminded delegates to consider bidding for future regattas. He announced the new initiatives of the association: Corinthian sailing and a proposed Sailing Director. Race committee and judges courses are scheduled for the spring. ILYA will be adopting a new scoring program, Regatta Toolbox. It is available for free to homelake clubs. No comments from the Delegates floor. 

Chair of nominations, Steve Schmidt, announced, with subsequent approval:

For Director:
Martin Barr, Beulah
Peter Keck, Nagawicka
Ed Eckert, Cedar, WI
Mark Tesar, Clear Lake
Mark Dunsworth - will replace David Strothman's remaining term. 

The Board approved the second year of the current officers:
Commodore - David Porter
Vice Commodore - Beth Wyman
Treasurer - Lee Alnes

ILYA Board of Meeting  
Commodore's Report
Commodore Porter reported committees have been working since last meeting: Corinthian, Regatta Exploratory Committee, Foundation. Extensive reports are written for review. Porter extended  special thanks to David Perrigo for his work on sponsorship. He has been added to this Executive Committee since sponsorship is so important at this time. Porter thanked the EC who now meets monthly and Dave Berg who handles our day to day. Bruce Martinson was applauded for his structuring and improvement to our Judges Committee who handles protests. US Sailing awarded recognition to three entities this year: Delavan for regatta of the year, Wayzata's Matt Thompson (son-in-law of Mark Prange) for community sail program and Candace Porter, US Sailing Crew Award. Steph Roble was nominated for the Rolex Yachtswoman of the Year. Lastly, we have three active teams campaigning for the Olympics: Steph Roble/Maggie Shea, Harry Melges IV/Fiinn Rowe and Malcolm Lamphere.  
2018 ILYA Championships - Minnetonka/Upper Minnetonka Report
Pat Hughes reported Kelly Brackin is the regatta chair. Communication between ILYA and MYC/UMYC has been exceptional. Sponsorship is proceeding; this is first year of handling sponsorship without outside consulting. This is new territory and progressing well. 

Upper Minnetonka is set for the MC portion and very excited. 

Social packages - $120 but this includes bar drinks. Bars will be open bars and included in the overall pricing. Junior underage sailors will have alternate pricing not including liquor. Age identification method will be established. 

Chris Jewett will serve as RC liaison from the Minnetonka side, monitor the scheduling of racing as it proceeds and assist with equipment and needs of RC. 

Parties - MCs and A's will have two parties. Monday night each fleet will socialize at their sailing site; Tuesday night is a party for both A's and MC's at the Island.Trophies for first session are Wed at each sailing site. Wed is Bilge Pullers. Thursday night is Island Party. Friday night is a casual party so there is the opportunity to sail hard on Friday. Huge party on the Island for Saturday night. Trophies for E's and C's will be upon completion which may mean S or Sun  for the C's. The E's will have Sunday trophies. 
Lunches will be from the Cottagewood store for both Upper Minnetonka and Minnetonka. 

The heavy turnover day on Wednesday will necessitate some creative launching solutions which Minnetonka has addressed. Moorings will be arranged to allow those both on C's and E's to be near each other. 
Overall, Minnetonka is prepared to run a great event. They are open to any changes as they might arise. Financials are shaping up. 
Commodore Gryzbak from Upper Minnetonka is also excited about the split arrangement and ready to welcome MC sailors to the club. 
David Perrigo thanked Pat Hughes for all his work on sponsorship. Pat has patiently and diligently worked to create an event which will maximize sponsorship for the event. Beth Wyman commended the regatta leaders at Minnetonka for their communication. --- The event is on its way. Look for boat registration as of April 1.
Pewaukee Yacht Club
AJ Schweda presented a bid for the ILYA Championships in 2021 which would be a consortium of Pewaukee, Nagawicka and Okauchee. The essence of the Inland Championships has always focused on friends and people. 
2021 PYC will be celebrating its 125th anniversary year. This would be part of the history of Pewaukee - Harken, E development, A fleet enthusiasm, charter member of ILYA, many past ILYA Commodores from Pewaukee. This would add to their celebration. 
Details - largest scows fleets are within an hour of PYC. Also PYC is so friendly with a small lake feel. It will be a change from the large lake sailing.  Due to split locations and a smaller feel, it is hoped that many more sailors will attend; perhaps new sailors will come to a smaller venue. Nagawicka and Okauchee are also committeed to their involvement. E's and A's -  PYC, MC's on Nag, C's on Okauchee. Lunches at local sailing site. Bar, lunch and merchandising would remain with host sites. Target social pricing is $75. Parties would be at Pewaukee where 600 can be housed with tenting. Parking and housing will be plentiful. PYC is ready to aggressively pursue sponsorship; much success has been generated in the past for large PYC events. 
X Champs
Pewaukee will feature a sit-down Melges talk prior to event.  Schedule  is same as always. The Friday night party will have multiple age activities for younger and older sailors. 
2017 looks favorable but the positive year is due to lower regatta expenses due to less travel, trophy expenses for 2017 were paid in 2016,costs associated with the transition in the position of Executive Director were not present in 2017. The Foundation funds are high but our Olympic hopefuls are spending heavily in this second year of the quadrennium. Increased attendance at regattas and decreased expenses have resulted in a profitable year. The ILYA continues to pay for 50% of youth scow sailors. 
Youth Development Committee Chair - 
Ed Eckert is new chair. Initial thoughts: 
1 - promote MC Junior Nationals on Cedar Lake, WI right after X Blue Chip. This will be a yearend instructor event and let them enjoy the end of the season together in MCs. 
2 - launch sailors into college sailing. HS programs are successful for some of our sailors. MISSA does a great job with full high school teams. There need to be non-high school affiliated or open 420 events for those not capable to form a full four-person team. The financial structure of MISSA for those forming teams may be prohibitive. The committee will try to establish open regattas. 
3 - ILYA Instructors seminar at Okauchee June 7-8 to focus on ILYA class boats. These instructors are our successes; they have continued to sail and remain active in scow sailing. Ed Eckert will teach the clinic to allow instructors opportunity to define success; talk about how to keep participation. This group will share ideas that work well on local lakes, share parental challenges.
Ideas given to committee from Board - there is a need for instruction in a scow as our youth graduate in adults. The ability to talk to sailing directors has evaporated since we stop holding youth night at Winter Inland. Try to get parents of our high school sailors involved.
Fleet Council Report
Ryan Grosch is new MC Fleet rep. 
The NoRs from all fleet will be reviewed and completed by April 1.
Fleet growth ideas: youTube videos are available in other classes; perhaps fleet reps should begin developing footage. Before regattas, consider hosting clinics for adult sailors; club level opportunities should be encouraged like Geneva's Wednesday night youth initiative where adult sailors allow youth or inexperienced sailors to skip the boats. 
Corinthian Sailing Committee  
A facilitated meeting was held with a large group. Prior to that meeting, interviews were held with varying interest groups related to youth and adult sailing. Beliefs were established at the facilitated meeting. A subsequent meeting resulted in the prioritization of needs to be addressed. The three items now are ready for Board approval and assistance:
1 - Incentives - recognition for sailors who are willing to acknowledge, understand and display sportsmanship in performance 
2 - Rules - education in the area of rules will be at the sailing school and adult level. Rules seem to have diminished in the time spend in sailing school curricula. Bruce Martinson will be holding a rules seminar and teach us which rules apply at differing points of sail
3 - Online rules quizzes will show a competency in rules. That would be used to offer the incentive. Multiple attempts to pass quiz would be allowed.
4 - Communication - how do we spread this initiative throughout the Inland? 
The Board added the need for emphasis with adults and youth sailing. We need to build the culture that protesting is acceptable.  Suggestion that we honor our sport with our own great sportsmen. Start with the premise that we honor the sport. Use competitors briefing to emphasize who we are and how we sail. The ILYA Board approved the expense of $5000 to be used by the Corinthian committee to establish a plan to emphasize honoring our sport.   
Sponsorship committee and other items  
David Perrigo recognized UK Sails as a sponsor of our invitationals. The ILYA Championships have procurred Wixson Jewelers - Title Sponsor
UBS Platinum sponsor, Sam Rogers, Culligan, Zinn and Ekholm Family.
Marketing for Upper Minnetonka will be handled separately. On-the- water sponsorship is still open. TVs will be added to the X and Opti Champs to provide visual display throughout the event: sponsor advertising, weather, racing content, results. 
The ILYA needs to improve our articulation of the benefit to the sponsor. The committee will improve our communication to the sailor so the sailor will understand the benefit of sponsorship. We utilize sponsorship money to subsidize social packages. We are increasing the value to the sailor firstly. 
Bylaws were changed to indicate, "The club allotment for hosting an ILYA Championships listed in the bylaws and regatta manual will be altered to read "a number will be mutually agreed upon." ($10,000 is the estimated allotment for the host.) 
Regatta Exploratory Committee
Commodore Porter established a new committee to explore a return to some of our favorite lakes where we do not have physical ownership of property by a yacht club, in particular Green Lake and Mendota. The committee submitted the need for a longer range plan as we approach regattas. The new committee would study the placement of regattas in the future. The needs of all stakeholders or missions will be considered. A new committee was added to the Bylaws which will serve to lead us in the future with regatta selection considering all stakeholders. The committee will be formed by the Commodore.
2019 regatttas
No Tears will go to Cedar; Opti Champs will go to White Bear
Regatta changes
Regatta Toolbox - Look for a new scoring, dues renewals and membership renewal process from Regatta Toolbox. Scoring will be automatically sent out using Facebook messenger. The advantage is the efficiency in scoring, the ability to customize programming and the ease of membership renewal. There will no longer be a need to re-enter a membership number; one email will work for multiple boat registrations. The ILYA will be able to score fleets both with and without throwouts from the same program - a welcome relief on the last day of the event with trophies and protests pending.  
With this change there will be some increased rates to some based on the total charged cost. The ILYA treasurer noted the ILYA did not increase the rates when we moved to online registration five years ago. Lee Alnes recommends raising the current rates minimally to cover the added expense of our advance to online membership.The Board approved the move. 
Foundation Recommends Institution of ILYA Sailing Director to visit Member Clubs in 2018
So much activity has occurred since the fall Board of Directors meeting from varying committees, the ILYA Foundation has challenged its committees to develop a strategy to further each committee's goals by re-invigorating the Sailing Director position. This is an opportunity to hire someone to carry the ILYA banner in the areas of youth sailing, Corinthian spirit (sportsmanship), instructor training and youth to adult scow sailing transition. Reports from each committee are due back to the Foundation by March 15 for a review and next steps. The Foundation's initiative will be education, education, education. 
Race Committee and Judges Courses - Sign up now!  
March 10 - Lake Beulah Yacht Club
This is for your youth sailor!!! 
March 10  David Dellenbaugh Seminar - Lake Beulah YC, East Troy, WI
David speaks informally on Starts in the morning 9-12 and Upwind Tactics in the afternoon 1-4. Choose to attend either session or the full day. Lake Beulah YC hosts the event on Saturday where One Design will be emphasized; Dellenbaugh repeats on Sunday at Milwaukee YC but the focus is on bigger boats. Choose either. Registration is now open and limited. Price is $75 for the day; $40 for each session; youth attend for $20 for one session; $40 for both.
David Dellenbaugh is the publisher, editor and author of Speed & Smarts, the racing newsletter. He was the tactician and starting helmsman on America3 during her successful defense of the America's Cup in 1992 and sailed as tactician in three other America's Cup campaigns from 1986 to 2007. David is also a Lightning world champion, two-time Congressional Cup winner, seven-time Thistle national champion, two-time winner of the Canada's Cup, three-time Prince of Wales U.S. match racing champion and past winner of the U.S. Team Racing Championship for the Hinman Trophy. 
Dellenbaugh wrote and narrated the Learn The Racing Rules online learning program. When he was director of marketing for North Sails, David helped write the North U. Fast, Smart and One-Design courses. He is currently a member of the US Sailing Racing Rules Committee (and was its chairman from 2005-2008). David was a coach for the 2012 US Olympic Sailing Team in England. In 2016 he was the team's tactical coach and served as rules adviser during the 2016 Olympics in Rio.
During the past 20 years, David has taught hundreds of seminars around the country about strategy, tactics, racing rules and boatspeed. He is currently teaching a series of strategy and tactics seminars that he created based on material that has appeared in his Speed & Smarts newsletter.


March 17-18
Lake Geneva YC, Fontana, WI 
John Strassman is an exceptional teacher. He understands RC work from the race officials side but more importantly from the sailors' side. He uses common sense when making decisions and is not afraid to admit when circumstances are just not right. He works at the highest level of our sport and has numerous examples to explain any situation of the course. So. . . 

Lake Geneva is offering a two-day Advanced course. If you have been certified as a local club race officer, you may take the course. Please give this serious consideration. 
Advanced two day course for RC work. 
Registration is through US Sailing (13 slots available) - look for event date - but local contact will be Terry Blanchard.  Instructors John Strassman and Hank Stuart
April 6-7  Harken headquarters - Pewaukee, WI I-94 corridor
Bruce Martinson is the ILYA Judges' Committee chair. He also is serves in this capacity at US Sailing. He is foremost approachable and calm in his demeanor. We are fortunate to have Bruce for a casual Friday night and a certification course on Saturday. 
If you served at an ILYA event as a protest committee member last year, serve at your home club or just want to hear about rules and how to adjudicate matters on the water, this is the course for you. Friday night is free; Saturday is a US Sailing certification course. 
Rules discussion, Friday night; Judges course, Saturday
Local contact - Dave Berg; Instructor Bruce Martinson
Registration through US Sailing (16 slots available) - look for April 6-7 date in the list of judges courses. 
April 28      Harken headquarters - Pewaukee, WI I-94 corridor
Basic Race Committee course BUT with on - land practical skill learning
This is a fast-paced course which handles the basic administration of a race course, the rules that apply for running a regatta/race, tricks of the trade. This will NOT be a certification course this year. Many of you have been asking for the  "how to's" so come and learn the flags but also how to use a hand-bearing compass, radio etiquette, timed-based sailing chart, GPS. The participants will be practicing out in the Harken parking lot so come prepared to be outside in all but sleet and hail. Says Strassman, "I promise everyone will know how to work a GPS if they come".
If you are planning to come, consider borrowing or purchasing a Garmin 76 series, make a wind wand and borrow a handbearing compass. The ILYA will gather as many as possible to use if you just want to come and try all this. 
Registration will be up and running by next week's edition. Members will be $40; non-members $50. You will be able to renew your membership and sign up simultaneously. An Associate membership is all you need at $35. 
The GPS should look similar to this. There may be a letter after 76 but the basics are the same.
US Sailing Youth Sailing Championships  
About the U.S. Youth Sailing Championships
About the U.S. Youth Sailing Championships
The U.S. Youth Sailing Championships is the pinnacle event for youth sailing in the United States. Annually, this US Sailing National Championship welcomes the top competitive U.S. youth sailors under 20, both young women and men, in multiple classes to race over four days.
As with all US Sailing Junior and Youth National Championships, competitors will receive world-class event management and support. The 2018 U.S. Youth Championships will be run by a team of experienced judges, coaches and race officers who will provide high quality racing for America's top youth talent. Since the first edition of the Youth Champs in 1973, the regatta has served as a transformative step for young sailors who aspire to reach the highest levels of sailing. U.S. Youth Championship participants fill the rosters of successful college sailing programs and routinely achieve All-American status. The Youth Champs is also part of the pathway for ambitious athletes who hope to earn a place on the US Sailing Team, and ultimately at the Olympic Games.
The 2018 U.S. Youth Sailing Championships is sponsored by Gill North America and Hobie Sunglasses.
US Sailing Contact: Jake Fish, US Sailing Communications Manager, jakefish@ussailing.org
Host, Location, Dates
Carolina Yacht Club
Wrightsville Beach, NC
June 23-27, 2018
Important Information about the 2018 U.S. Youth Sailing Championship
Championship Events
  • Doublehanded Dinghy - I 420
  • Skiff - 29er
  • Multihull - Nacra 15
  • Singlehanded Dinghy - Laser Radial
  • Singlehanded Dinghy - Laser
  • Windsurfer - Techno 293 Plus