Volume 12, Issue 4  
February 2, 2017
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2017 Regattas
More MC listings next edition - they are plentiful but many unconfirmed
3-5 Train Wreck MC - Lake Eustis, FL
18-19 Pacific Coast MC Champs - Mission Bay YC
5 - ILYA Board meeting, White Bear, MN
7 - Zenda U MC Clinic - Eustis Sailing Club, FL
9-11 MC Midwinters - Lake Eustis YC, FL
17-19 Sarasota E Midwinter - Sarasota Sailing Squadron
18-19 Mardi Gras MC - New Orleans YC
21-23 Black Tie C/E - It's Back - Rush Creek, Tx
28-30 Charleston E - Carolina YC
29-30 Springfield C - Island Bay, IL
6-7 Icebreaker C - Cedar, IN
13-14 Mother's Day C - Spring Lake, MI
13-14 Cedar MC/C Spring - Cedar, WI
20-21 LaBelle Tuneup C/X - LaBelle YC
20-21 Geneva Spring E - Lake Geneva YC
20-21 - Heritage Spring E - Lake Hopatcing YC
3-4 Eastern C - TBD
10-11 MIR C - Long Lake, IL
10-11 Wauwasee E - 
Wauwasee YC, IN
16 - AHJ X - Cedar Lake, WI
16 - TCYS - Minnetonka
16-18 C Nationals - Okoboji
17-18 Payton E - Mendota YC
23 - TCYS - White Bear
23-25 A Nationals - Minnetonka
24-25 WI MC Champs - Nagawicka
26 - LBSS Opti - Lake Beulah 
27-28 TRAP X - Pine Lake YC
30 - TCYS - St. Croix
6-7 Quad Lakes X - Nagawicka
10-11 GLSS X - Lake Geneva YC
12 - GLSS Opti - Lake Geneva YC
14 - TCYS - Calhoun
14-16 ILYA MC Invitational - Lake Beulah YC
14-16 ILYA E Invitational - Pewaukee YC
17-18 Xtreme X - Oshkosh YC
18-21 US Sailing Chubb Junior Champs - Area K Qual - Minnetonka 
20-23 MC Masters Nationals - Cedar, WI
21 TCYS - Calhoun Opti only
21-23 Michigan E Invitional -Crystal Lake YC, MI
22-23 ILYA C Invitational - LaBelle YC
22-23 WYA X - Pine Lake YC
24 ILYA No Tears Opti -Nagawicka
26-29 ILYA X Champs - Delavan YC
28 TCYS- Wayzata 420 only
30- ILYA Opti Champs - Delavan YC
1-2 ILYA Opti Champs - Delavan YC
3 Pram Power - North Lake
3-5 ECESA - Little Egg Harbor, NJ
2-5 Western MI Champs E/C/MC - Crystal Lake
4 TCYS - Wayzata
4-6 WYA C - Nagawicka YC
11-12 X Blue Chip - Cedar, WI
16-20 ILYA Championships - C/MC/A/E - Lake Geneva YC
8-10 Max C/MC Fall - Maxinkuckee YC
8-10 E Nationals - Carolina YC
9-10 Big Waters C - South Shore YC
16-17 C Blue Chip - Pistakee YC
16-17 Fenton Fall C - Lake Fenton YC
22-24 E Blue Chip - Pewaukee
23-24 NNN Beulah C Challenge - Lake Beulah YC
23-24 Lotawana C - Missouri YC
30 - Oct 1 - Polar Bear C/MC - Lake Davenport Sailing Club
7-8 C Worlds - Delavan YC
Pewaukee WINS for Best Yacht Club Bar!!  
Not sure what they win??
What a grand honor!?! But it sure was fun and started the year off with just the right flavor. Not sure we can even buy Wight's vodka here. The tagline on their website is Tack and Gybe Responsibly so they are in our wheelhouse in some manner of speaking. But, nonetheless, PYC has been named Wight Vodka's Club of the Year for its bar. Here's the official announcement (enjoy Pewaukee's location on the south coast of Pewaukee Bay, the English spelling of words - we are at home anywhere. Please note Melges has a new home):

"Wow...was this a different Wight Vodka Favourite Yachting Bar competition," commented Dan Hiza, founder of Wight Vodka. "We had some of the world's best yacht clubs and sailing bars in the mix this year, from the Royal Bermuda to the Bitter End, Royal Hong Kong to the Happy Island Bar in the Grenadines, but in the end, the Pewaukee Yacht Club in Pewaukee Wisconsin, USA, has come across the line in first place!"
So, some of you may be wondering where the Pewaukee Yacht Club is, aren't you?
Well, let the crew of Wight Vodka be the first, or the 70,001st to tell you that this is the venerable home of sailing, yacht racing and all things winches, as the Pewaukee Yacht Club is located in the heart of Wisconsin's lake country, and indeed, the home of Harken.
"The voting this year was absolutely full-on," said Dan. "With over 130,000 votes cast over the last month, Pewaukee narrowly edged out the Rochester Yacht Club in up-state New York, with the Windward Mark at the awesome Bitter End Yacht Club placing a 3rd place podium finish."
The top bars of the 2016 competition placed in the following order:
1. Pewaukee Yacht Club, USA
2. Rochester Yacht Club, USA
3. Windward Mark at Bitter End YC, BVI
4. Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club, Bermuda
5. Royal Bermuda Yacht Club, Bermuda
6. Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club, Hong Kong
7. Sloop Tavern, Ballard, USA
8. Gladstone's Long Beach, USA
9. Happy Island Bar, Union Island, St. Vincent & Grenadines
10. Roger's Beach Bar, Hog Island, Grenada
"As a Green Bay Packers fan, (and (sorry), a New England Patriots fan too), I do love Wisconsin's beautiful lakes, forests, cheese and Aaron Rodgers' quarter back rating" continued Dan, "but if you ever find yourself in Beach Bay on the southern coast of Pewaukee Bay in the heart of Wisconsin, let's meet up for a Wight Vodka cocktail at 2016's favourite yachting bar, the Pewaukee Yacht Club!"
Here's to the members and followers of Pewaukee YC! You're well deserved to be up there with the best of the best.  
* Editor: Pewaukee is a Mecca on the sailing map.  Both Harken and Melges have their global headquarters there - and I know they are very aware they were in the hunt and all got behind the club voting.

And from a famed (but unnnamed here) PYC member:
PYC is famous for "The Bar Walk" which is a required activity for whatever competitor is in last place after day two of three during the annual E Scow Blue Chip Championship regatta always held in September. This is the event where we bring in a mystery guest to compete - with the likes of Spithill, Connor, Cayard, Holmberg, Perry, Ullman, Jobson, Isler, Mckee, Gulari, Campbell, Coutts, etc. having competed in the past.
This form of punishment and public ridicule is a time-honored tradition that always has these champion competitors a bit more on edge in racing on day two. With the notoriety of international exposure of a global yachting media partner like Seahorse, I'm certain sphincters will be a little tighter on the start line! Last year, during the Blue Chip's 50th's we had Terry Neilsen of Finn and Laser sailing fame up there in boxers and a necktie. He ended up sporting that outfit for the rest of the evening in pure Finn style class.
And finally... something to look forward to this summer when some BIG Harken parties happen there... another unnamed Harken executive has promised a free rounds of drinks to everyone at the club party. On Peter Harken's tab!
Congratulations to the Pewaukee Yacht Club!
Raise a toast with some Wight Vodka: http://wightvodka.com

What does this mean for all of us who dutifully voted on multiple browsers and times of the day? Who knows? But it's always home at Pewaukee. 

And from a non-PYC member?
Is voter fraud an issue?
Is there a reason for a Wisconsin recount?
Better yet, let's all meet at the Pewaukee Yacht Club and judge for ourselves!
Happy Groundhog Day
Thanks to all of you who had fun with this contest.
Scowslants Going Digital  - and Google/Facebook is here  
Change - it's good for us
So few of you register for regattas by check any longer. Most of you sell social event tickets and softgoods on your websites now. It's time to bring our annual publication up to date and go digital. This magazine will still carry all the NOR's for our regattas, results, articles of interest but you will access it from your computer, iPad or phone now. 

If your club has a story to tell, remodeling, special celebration, new concept - let us know, complete with photos. Scowslants is always happy to promote your successes. Hard deadline for articles and NOR's for your regattas is April 1. Any early submissions are appreciated. 

Also, if you have info on your homelake regatta, let us add it to our Google calendar so everyone has easy access to your plans. Send your info to candaceporter@wi.rr.com.

Do you check the ILYA Facebook page? ILYA-Inland Lake Yachting Assocaition.  Have you "liked" us? Please add your club's information or events to make this a site we all enjoy. Regatta results are always welcome. 
Reserve for ILYA Champs - Abbey - Soon  
Rooms now Available at Preferred Rate 
The ILYA currently has 50 rooms on reserve Wed through Sat at the Abbey in Fontana. Last year, these rooms were taken rapidly while there was adequate time to reserve more at the reduced rate. Make your arrangements now to assure the rate. 

To reserve, call 800-709-1323, press #2. The group rate is listed under ILYA 2017 with a code of 1129JP. Rates are $159-$242.

Sailing World Miami -- Roble and Shea Declare "IN"  
Sailors to Watch 
The new quadrennium begins as we move toward the 2020 Olympics. Sailing World Miami has come to a close with some interesting results. The US has great work to do to be near the top but this is how it starts. An interesting interview in Scuttlebutt with Roble/Shea finds Steph Roble - Beulah describing her adventure as though she were in the Opti Green Fleet but she is "committed". The boat was fun and she is suspending her Epic Matchracing fund to concentrate wholly on 49er FX sailing. So the ILYA has one team in the hunt. 
Laser - Erik Bowers - Minnetonka had a tough event - not that the Laser class did not as a whole. Newcomer Malcolm Lamphere - Geneva, still in college at Yale, is testing the waters had several great races but then had one taken away with a UFD - "from the second row". But this is the game and early practice is needed. Malcolm and Erik were two of seven US sailors competing. Malcolm was 4th American and Erik 6th. 
Our team of Melges-Rowe is actively working in the 29er for a conversion soon to the 49er. They have a full spring and summer filled with seven events.
Here is the Roble/Shea Interview:
Am I witnessing an Olympic Campaign?
Stephanie Roble: We haven't officially announced anything yet.
Maggie Shea: We're all in.
Stephanie Roble: Yeah, we're all in.
You two have been pals for a long time and sailing at a very high level, but this is a new path. What led to this moment, this decision to go all in?
Maggie Shea: Steph finally agreed to do it [laughter].
Stephanie Roble: Like you said, we've been buddies forever, and it felt like the right time to do this. And I've been lucky enough to be on some really good professional sailing teams, and we've had some success in the match racing. And it felt like the right next thing to do. And to have someone by my side who's so competent and so physically strong in the boat has made the decision really easy.
Maggie, I know you have some history in the class.
Maggie Shea: Yep. I sailed the last three years with four different skippers, for various reasons, and I learned a lot of things from each of them and had a very different experience with each of them. So I was lucky to get a lot of experience in a variety of places and with different skippers of different sizes and abilities. Steph, meanwhile, was learning a lot from her different pro sailing teams, and I was sort of excited when she decided that it was time for her to switch gears and take on this project.
So how is it going?
Maggie Shea: We have so much to learn [laughter].
Stephanie Roble: Yeah, there's a lot to learn.
Maggie Shea: I'm excited to be with Steph and we can push each other as the fleet progresses, rapidly. I think we're going to see a really steep learning curve in the boat this quad. So game on. We're psyched.
Stephanie Roble: For me, it's pretty funny. I feel like I'm just hopping back into Optimist Green Fleet [laughter]. However, the learning process will be a lot easier with Maggie by my side as she really pushes me around in the boat, in a good way. Right now I feel like I'm holding her back at some points [laughter], but-
Maggie Shea: Totally not.
Stephanie Roble: No, it's really fun. And I think we have the right attitude together that we can be better every day.
A lot of teams come together thinking they're a good match, but they don't really know until they've had their challenges. Given your history, I suspect you are feeling pretty good about this team.
Stephanie Roble: We know we're the perfect match [laughter].
Maggie Shea: We know. We're good at getting along, we're good at arguing. We used to have a rule sometimes, like the 90/10 rule. Sometimes you're the 90% and I'm the 10. And you have to be okay being the 90 or the 10 that day. Putting more in and taking up the slack. I think that we've been better at balancing that over the last few years.
Stephanie Roble: For sure.
Maggie Shea: But we talk a lot about these things. Communication. We argue all the time and that's fine [laughter].
Like sisters?
Maggie Shea: Yeah. Yeah.
Stephanie Roble: Yeah, pretty much.
Maggie Shea: We have a good attitude right now.
ILYA Dues and Donations  
Save Us Time - Time to Renew
It will soon be club and sailor dues renewal time. Renewals for individuals will be sent digitally first so consider getting ahead of the crowd. Click here to renew or join the ILYA. Scowlines is a free publication but if you enjoy it, please consider purchasing an associate membership for $35. If you support us as race committee or regatta management, your renewal is invited. 

Regular dues are $70, youth $40 and associate $35. Crews do NOT need to join but are always welcome to support our association. Do yourself a favor, streamline your regatta registration and register for membership now.

Donations are accepted here.   
Rules and Tactics Course - UW- Milwaukee - Dave Dellenbaugh, March 5th  
Sponsored by North U
The Rules & Tactics Seminar teaches all the rules (not just the new ones) and their underlying principles. You'll know your rights and obligations in every situation and understand how to resolve the conflicts and transitions between the rules as positions change. We'll go all the way around the course, covering the rules in the way you use them - not by the numbers, but through situations on each leg of the course. You will learn to recognize situations and understand which rules apply. 

But that is not all. The rules shape and control tactics. The Rules Seminar teaches how to position your boat to tactical advantage so you control the game and avoid positions that leave you vulnerable to attack. You'll also learn the critical difference between right-of-way and control. 

Top Instructors

Of course, the seminar is only as good as the teachers. Our Rules instructors include Understanding the Racing Rules author , Learn the Racing Rules DVD creator , International Champions like , , , , and North U. Director .

Included with the Seminar

With the seminar you will receive the Rules & Tactics Seminar Workbook written specifically for this course by Dave Perry and Bill Gladstone. The Rules Seminar includes a variety of interactive exercises, quizzes, and rules scenarios as well as rules and tactics analysis of racing video.

Bring the team. Bring your crew and get everybody on the same page!

Seminars will be offered at 45 locations throughout North America.  In most locations the course is offered as a full day seminar.  In a few locations we'll offer an abbreviated evening course.  All seminars include the complete Rules & Tactics Workbook. 
Pricing - Full Day Seminars
US Sailing Members - $95
Skippers - $125
Additional Crew - $
2017 Scow Calendar - Now Google Calendars available for many of our fleets  
Get Your Regatta Listed
Our first listing of the 2017 events is included here in Scowlines. Added this week is Google calendars on the ILYA website. So pick your fleet and look at the bottom right of the calendar. There is a + Google calendar which allows you to add it to your devices. From there you can overlay your choice of calendar to see what your summer weekend will look like. --- a bit daunting if you are a C sailor and an X father. 

As more regatta details are developed by host clubs, local directions, social packages, mooring requirements can be added to the Google calendar entries so contact Scowlines to have your info added. You will be given rights to edit your event. ---- The ultimate goal is ONE STOP SHOPPING! 

There is no intent to omit anyone. Submit your event for inclusion. As you develop your NOR, the ILYA is happy to link to it so there is a consolidated site for all our events. 
Race Management - One Day at Lake Beulah  
Milwaukee's John Strassman to Teach
April 1 is the date. 

Who should attend? Anyone from our local clubs who works homelake races. Learn all aspects - equipment, signal boat, rules that apply to RC, course management.

Become a US Sailing Certified Race Officer!
Race Officers are in charge of racing on the water. Their duties include ensuring the safety of competitors and members of the race committee, choosing courses to give competitors the best possible races, starting the fleet, adjusting the course in response to changing conditions, and finishing and scoring the race.
Learn more: http://www.ussailing.org/race-officials/race-officers/


Course particulars:
Register here ---- Look for the date April 1
$60 course fee paid to US Sailing
Course materials included
Lunch at Lake Beulah
Housing available on first come, first serve basis. 
Sailing School Directorships/Instructor Positions Available  
It may be a small, quiet area in the winter but this beautiful region grows to 350,000 in the summer months. It is a marvelous facility which is so welcoming. The potential is great for massive growth in their community and racing program! This is a gem of a position with large, active adult scow fleets with a few extras - Ynglings - thrown in. Okoboji hosts one of the larger MC fleets in the Inland. Midwestern hospitality abounds. 

Okoboji is looking for a Director of its program with the potential of a fulltime position as the most-talented and hard-working Club Manager Brad Farrar contemplates retirement. The editor's opinion is he cannot be replaced but time marches on for many fine people. He deserves a fine retirement after 33 years of service. BUT . . . here is an opportunity to enjoy a well-established and well-endowed program/club. Okoboji is a treasure. Their children are excited young sailors who are ready to explode on the scene. For more details, contact Tom Rierson via email or 712-336-2277.

Here is a name from the past for most of us. We all remember the C Blue Chips from year's gone by. Now the C Blue Chip will return this year to its founding waters. The Community Sailing School @ Pistakee is a newly-formed 501(c)(3) with loads of excitement in the Fox River Lakes area. Located in Johnsburg, IL, it is close to the western suburbs of Chicago AND boasts a high school sailing program. They have a unique program where parents can use paddle/windsurf boards while children attend sailing school. The program has O'pen Bics, 420s, Optis and Butterflies. 

The program is ready to move into hardcore racing now and is in need of a racing instructor and director. Pay is most competitive, the locale near many of our current schools and sailors in the western Chicagoland area. This is an opportunity to build a program which could be six months immediately with a strong effort to develop high school sailing. Contact Dale Multerer via email or 847-525-6518. Check out this link.

And think of Pistakee if you are Long Lake, Wonder Lake, Powers, Twin Lakes and Crystal Lake --- many of our strong sailing schools now have formed a "consortium" to get high school sailing going. Or sent your young Opti sailors to Pistakee to help re-build the X fleet in future years on these lakes. 

Director position:
CSS@Pistakee Director 

* Must be Over 18 years of age

  • Enjoy working with children

Excellent Teamwork and communication skills 

  • Positive Attitude with which to provide a fun and safe learning environment both on land and water
* As Director managing staff of 8 will be responsible for: 
* Safety and Emergency procedures for staff and students 
* Manage"When I Work" app, setup, managed schedule and check in for payroll 
* Oversee both Classroom and On the Water lesson plans for day camp, kinder sail, and adult lessons, incorporating US Sailing S.T.E.M into lesson plans 
* Managed Online registration, website, social media, schedule regattas for sailing school students 
* Independently handle first day registrations, student and parent orientation for new students, respond to parent's phone calls, questions and concerns as received throughout the summer. 
* Promotion and Events: Monday Night Sailing School Races, promotional material, coordinated Parade of our Sailboat fleet for Gatsby Gala Fundraiser each year.