Volume 13, Issue 5  
February 19, 2018
2018 Regattas - send your confirmed dates
25- ILYA Board Meeting - White Bear, MN
6 Martinson Rules Discussion - Harken
7 - US Sailing Judges Course - Harken
5-6 Cedar, IN Icebreaker
18- Bilge Puller South Meeting
    - Bilge Puller North Meeting
19-20 E Spring Regatta - Lake Geneva Yacht Club 
9-10 Wawasee E - Wawasee, IN
23-24  WI MC Champs - Pine Lake 
25 - LBSS Opti  - Beulah
26-27 TRAP X - Pine Lake
June 29-Jul 1 - US Sailing JO's - Lake Forest
5-6 Quad Lakes - Beulah
9-10 GLSS X - Geneva
10-11 - Note change - GLSS Opti, two-day
14-15  ILYA MC Invitational - Nagawicka
13-15 ILYA E Invitational - Geneva 
16-17 XTreme X Regatta - Oshkosh
16-19 Area K Jr. Championships - Sheboygan
21-22 ILYA C Invitational - Beulah
21-22 WYA X - Cedar
23 - ILYA No Tears - Beulah
25-28 ILYA X Champs - Pewaukee
29-31 ILYA Opti  RWB and Green Champs - Pewaukee
3-5 WYA C - Okauchee
12-19 ILYA Championships - Minnetonka
   12-15 A/MC Scows -
   15 Bilge Pullers Dinner
   16-19 E/C Scows
21-22 MCSA National Junior Championship Cedar Lake Wisconsin
23-26 MC Nationals - Pewaukee Yacht Club 
8-9  Dorn MC - Beulah
22-23  Beulah C Challenge - Beulah
29-30 Polar Bear Regatta - Lake Davenport Sailing Club 
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ILYA Board Meeting - THIS SUNDAY - February 25th - White Bear  
Boatworks Commons - Johnson Boatworks Site
Boatworks Commons Sunday, February 25th at 9 AM for our Spring Meeting. All members are welcome to attend. The Community Room is worth the visit. 

Boatworks Commons 
4495 Lake Avenue S, 
White Bear Lake, MN 55110
We have a dinner planned at Rudy's Redeye Grill at the White Bear hotel for those who arrive the night prior. Please consider joining us. 

  As always, breakfast and lunch will be provided on Sunday for the meeting. If you plan to attend, please contact Dave Berg for accurate food planning. EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO ATTEND AND SPEAK AT THE BOARD MEETING. 

On the agenda:
  • 9:00 AM - ILYA Annual Delegates Meeting
  • Election of Mark Dunsworth to replace David Strothman who is resigning due to time constraints
  • Discussion of the Corinthian initiative
  • Discussion of Minnetonka/Upper Minnetonka ILYA Championships
  • Promotion and Foundation Committee new programs
Race Committee and Judges Courses - Sign up now!  
March 10 - Lake Beulah Yacht Club
This is for your youth sailor!!! 
March 10  David Dellenbaugh Seminar - Lake Beulah YC, East Troy, WI
David speaks informally on Starts in the morning 9-12 and Upwind Tactics in the afternoon 1-4. Choose to attend either session or the full day. Lake Beulah YC hosts the event on Saturday where One Design will be emphasized; Dellenbaugh repeats on Sunday at Milwaukee YC but the focus is on bigger boats. Choose either. Registration is now open and limited. Price is $75 for the day; $40 for each session; youth attend for $20 for one session; $40 for both.
David Dellenbaugh is the publisher, editor and author of Speed & Smarts, the racing newsletter. He was the tactician and starting helmsman on America3 during her successful defense of the America's Cup in 1992 and sailed as tactician in three other America's Cup campaigns from 1986 to 2007. David is also a Lightning world champion, two-time Congressional Cup winner, seven-time Thistle national champion, two-time winner of the Canada's Cup, three-time Prince of Wales U.S. match racing champion and past winner of the U.S. Team Racing Championship for the Hinman Trophy. 
Dellenbaugh wrote and narrated the Learn The Racing Rules online learning program. When he was director of marketing for North Sails, David helped write the North U. Fast, Smart and One-Design courses. He is currently a member of the US Sailing Racing Rules Committee (and was its chairman from 2005-2008). David was a coach for the 2012 US Olympic Sailing Team in England. In 2016 he was the team's tactical coach and served as rules adviser during the 2016 Olympics in Rio.
During the past 20 years, David has taught hundreds of seminars around the country about strategy, tactics, racing rules and boatspeed. He is currently teaching a series of strategy and tactics seminars that he created based on material that has appeared in his Speed & Smarts newsletter.


March 17-18
Lake Geneva YC, Fontana, WI 
John Strassman is an exceptional teacher. He understands RC work from the race officials side but more importantly from the sailors' side. He uses common sense when making decisions and is not afraid to admit when circumstances are just not right. He works at the highest level of our sport and has numerous examples to explain any situation of the course. So. . . 

Lake Geneva is offering a two-day Advanced course. If you have been certified as a local club race officer, you may take the course. Please give this serious consideration. 
Advanced two day course for RC work. 
Registration is through US Sailing (13 slots available) - look for event date - but local contact will be Terry Blanchard.  Instructors John Strassman and Hank Stuart
April 6-7  Harken headquarters - Pewaukee, WI I-94 corridor
Bruce Martinson is the ILYA Judges' Committee chair. He also is serves in this capacity at US Sailing. He is foremost approachable and calm in his demeanor. We are fortunate to have Bruce for a casual Friday night and a certification course on Saturday. 
If you served at an ILYA event as a protest committee member last year, serve at your home club or just want to hear about rules and how to adjudicate matters on the water, this is the course for you. Friday night is free; Saturday is a US Sailing certification course. 
Rules discussion, Friday night; Judges course, Saturday
Local contact - Dave Berg; Instructor Bruce Martinson
Registration through US Sailing (16 slots available) - look for April 6-7 date in the list of judges courses. 
April 28 - 29 Harken headquarters - Pewaukee, WI I-94 corridor
Basic Race Committee course
Local contact - Dave Berg; Instructor John Strassman
This is a fast-paced course which handles the basic administration of a race course, the rules that apply for running a regatta/race, tricks of the trade. Registration for the course through US Sailing - not open yet.
Buddy Melges Sailing Center Sailors Continue Winter Sailing Circuit  
Guest editor_ Charlie Allen_ decked out in red for Valentine_s Day Regatta
Valentine's Day Regatta
by Charlie Allen
This last weekend the Buddy Melges Racing Team attended the USODA Valentine's Day Regatta at the US Sailing Center in St.Petersburg, FL.  Representing the I.L.Y.A were Jacob Zils (Geneva/Minnetonka), Will Michels (North), Alex and Ashley Mueller (Beulah), Matthew Sexton, George and Caroline Holland, Grayden Mott (Geneva) and Charlie Allen (Pewaukee). We started the weekend off with a good practice on Friday in light air conditions and temperatures in the low 70s.  Racing began on Saturday with cooler temperatures and light to medium breeze.  

Sailors were divided into Gold (156 sailors) and Silver (63 sailors) fleets with Gold being the more advanced sailors.  There were three races on Saturday for the Gold fleet and there were two for the Silver fleet.  Both fleets were able to complete three races on Sunday in medium to heavy wind, large waves and temperatures in the high 60s.  Top race finishes were Will Michels with a second in race 6 of the Gold fleet and a first place for Graden Mott in race three of the Silver fleet. The regatta was very fun with good performances from the I.L.Y.A sailors. 
Gold Fleet 
20th Will Michels (North)
27th Charlie Allen (Pewaukee)
41st Jacob Zils (Geneva/Minnetonka)
70th Ashley Mueller (Beulah)
Silver Fleet
7th Grayden Mott (Geneva)
8th Caroline Holland (Geneva)
10th Alex Mueller (Beulah) 
14th Matthew Sexton (Geneva)
54th George Holland (Geneva) 

Corinthian Sailing  
Committee Plans Initiatives
The committee has centered on some initiatives for 2018 which will be further discussed at the Board meeting. Why do we need this? For many reasons, we are changing yet the ILYA respects its tradition of honoring the self-governing aspect of sailing. The committee has identified the need for addressing the topic of fair sailing in the youth AND adult fleets. It has heard from clubs, fleets and its own association members that an all-inclusive approach is the most desirable. 

While the committee finalizes its 2018 initiatives (with possibly continued activity in 2019), the basic constructs will be education of our sailors and members, standards of respect and on-water performance of Inland Lake sailing and the communication and assistance required of the governing body in relationship to each of our component members - Clubs, Fleets and sailors. 

Watch for more in a few short months as the committee refines its implementation plan.
"For girls, it's all about Friendships"  
Thanks to Jim Petersen for forwarding this British video for our review. There is so much we already know here but it is a good reminder of why it is we sail. 

The Sail Pink is not organized YET for the year. We await Sally Barkow's return off the oceans of the world to set a date. We will report in about a month. 
Bowers Ends Olympic Sailing Campaign  
By Erik Bowers
After much thought and analysis, I've decided to end my Tokyo 2020 Olympic Campaign. Neither the Lauderdale Regatta nor Sailing World Cup Miami brought out my desired racing results as anticipated. I've been weighing this decision for the last few months. In the past year, my racing performance has ceased to justify the costs and sacrifices necessary to continue. I haven't enjoyed the racing much during the last year either. When I take a realistic look at the international laser fleet, I don't believe I can close the gap on the top 10 competitors in the world in time.
I always enjoyed the preparation whether in the gym or on the water. This meant putting in the lifting reps and quality time on the rowing machine. I refined physical conditioning, nutrition, sailing technique, and boat tuning. I studied weather, wind, waves, and tides for years. I analyzed GPS race tracking data from past regattas. I learned how to describe sensations, observations, and intentions with my own coaches and with others whom I've coached. Bottom line, I learned how to break big goals down into smaller actionable pieces along with making instant decisions with minimal information.
Nonetheless, I'm extremely proud of what I accomplished along this 6-year journey. I was a National Champion, a member of the US Sailing Team, the 2016 US Olympic Sailing Team Alternate, and proudly represented my country at five World Championships. 
The privilege of pursuing a childhood dream took me all over the world. I raced in Canada, Mexico, Australia, Brazil, Ireland, Spain, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Croatia, Japan, and Oman, experiencing the unique atmosphere and sailing culture in each country. During my 2016 Campaign, I sailed 100 days in Rio de Janeiro on 10 separate trips. Sugarloaf Mountain and Christ the Redeemer were always awe-inspiring sights. The final preparations just two weeks before the Rio Olympics with the US Sailing Team were super thrilling!
I met, raced against, and was coached by some very talented people. I'll forever be grateful for the coaching and wisdom received from Mark Littlejohn, Maru Urban, and Chris Dold. I trained with 5-time Olympic medalist Robert Scheidt on his home water in Rio. Long Beach became a second home for me; the Snow, Sangmeister, and Atkins families were such gracious hosts. It will be impossible to replace the morning coffee and banter with a group of delightful senior advisors at Aroma di Roma. I've received much love and support along the way from my family, friends, and followers who stuck with me in both good and challenging times. I would not have made it very far without all of you.
I also want to thank the staff at US Sailing for facilitating travel, hotels, containers, coaches, coach boats, and a million and a half other things so that I could put my focus squarely on training and competing. Thank you!
As of now, I am excited and ready to begin looking for employment opportunities that match my skills, expertise, and college degree from The College of Charleston (B.S. Biology/Spanish Minor). Any help or thoughts provided would be greatly appreciated in my vocational pursuits. In closing, no matter what age you are or what stage of life you're in it's never too early or too late to reach for your dream.
GLSS Announces its 2018 Schedule  
Melges 14 and Advanced Opti classes are 
Though we are in the middle of the winter and the waters of Lake Geneva are frozen over, it is time to start planning for the warm summer days. We are looking forward to another great season full of sailing and fun at the Buddy Melges Sailing Center. As usual we will be offering camps for ages 4-17 and levels from Beginner to Intermediate sailor to  Advanced racer. 

KinderPram- For our youngest sailorsages 4-6, class meets on Monday evenings from 5-7pm and gives the kids a chance for their first experiences with sailing. 
Pram Camp - For beginners ages 7-11 who want to learn how to sail in prams.
420 Camp - For beginners ages 12-17 to learn to sail in 420's. 
Both Pram and 420 Camps meet on weekdays from 9am-3pm. 
Youth Reachers(ages 8-12) & Teen Reachers (ages 13+) are courses available for intermediate sailors who want to be on the water but not in a competitive racing environment.
For more experienced sailors, we offer five different options:
Opti Learn to Race - For sailors who know how to sail and are ready to begin racing (generally ages 8-11 years old).
Club 420 Racing Program - A new offering for young sailors (ages 12+) who want to learn to race 420's and learn to fly a spinnaker and develop introductory racing skills. This is an excellent course for graduating into our X Boat Racing Program.
For the racing enthusiasts we will offer:
Optimist Racing Team  (ages 8-14)
X Boat Racing Team (ages 9-16)
Melges 14 Racing Team (ages 13-17)
Sailing Education Association of Sheboygan
Do you know what to do if someone fell overboard from your boat? Do you have a plan to deal with heavy weather if you can't reach a safe harbor? Interested in selecting the right emergency communications equipment or storm sails, but you're not sure what to buy?
If you answered No, No, Yes respectively to all or some of these questions, a US Sailing Certified Safety at Sea Course is for you.
SEAS will be hosting be hosting an International Offshore Safety at Sea with Hands-on Training weekend February 24-25 at the Sheboygan Yacht Club/Sheboygan North High School pool moderated by Brian Adams, US Sailing Certified Instructor. Attendees have the option of taking the one-day or two-day course. The two-day includes hands-on training in a pool. Registration cost are: one-day $150; two-day $300. 
Safety at Sea Course facts:
* Moderated and taught by experienced, lifelong sailors who include some of the top names in sailing and safety.
* Designed for sailors of all types and levels - cruisers and racers, novices and experts.
* Appropriate for a wide range of boats - small, big, monohulls, multihulls (and powerboats, too) - that are sailed anywhere - near shore and offshore.
* Curriculum is certified by US Sailing, with special attention to conditions and challenges of the host organization's sailing area.
* More than 1,000 sailors attend safety courses around North America every year and many bring their families and crews.
* The certifications are good for five years from the date of issue.
Visit seasheboygan.org/events today to register!
SEAS is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that strives to educate the public about the benefits of sailing and boating, preservation of our maritime heritage and serves as a resource to help support the organizations, clubs, and individuals that fit the parameters of our mission. 
To promote safety and knowledge for a lifetime of boating enjoyment through education, innovative solutions, and accessibility for those with physical, cognitive, or financial needs. 
Boating for Everyone!


Website: www.seasheboygan.org
Facebook: www.facebook.com/SHEBOYGANSEAS1/
Twitter: twitter.com/SEASheboygan
Instagram: instragram.com/SEASheboygan