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 February 14, 2012 

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15-17   MC Midwinter Regatta Lake Eustis, FL 





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Happy Valentine's Day to the Sailors We Love

Bilge Pullers 
Melges Performance Sailboats/North Sails Zenda and the Bilge Pullers congratulate our newest inductees to the Bilge Puller Hall of Fame.

Boober Schneider - Okoboji - and Willian "Smiley" Freytag - Geneva (both C sailors) were honored by the fraternal organization, the ILYA Bilge Pullers. Shown here are Tom Freytag, Boober Schneider, Joan Freytag, Pillsbury award winner Willie Crary (White Bear) and Buddy Melges. Smiles was unable to attend due to medical complications but his wife and son graciously accepted the award. Buddy Melges gave the presenting comments for his friends. Melges kept the audience spellbound as he regaled us with stories of humor and skill. Both men have won the annual C championship multiple times with a total seven championships between them. Melges brought laughter to the audience, as always. What distinguished this year's events was the personal connection between Melges and the two honorees.


This Pat Dunsworth photo says it all! The admiration between these two octogenarians is proof of our strong heritage that lasts year and after year.


 Tom and Joan Freytag accepted the award for Smiles. "T" recalled his childhood memories traveling for the Melges team. A longtime employee of Melges, Smiles is credited with receiving the directive to "stay out on the road until the boats are all gone." Buddy told tales but the real sense of their friendship is displayed with his account of a thrice-daily ritual meeting at the yacht club to watch the sailors as they prepare to launch - a habit that persists to this day cementing the lifelong friendship. Smiles' grandchildren are currently sailing on Geneva in X's and Optis.

Lastly the Bilge Pullers awarded their organizations cannon for RC work to Sue  

420s - Our newest sanctioned fleet

 Margaret Holllister, Pine, had the toughest assignment of the weekend to keep us all in line and on task to complete the myriad organizational issues required to initiate a fleet in the ILYA. In addition, she opened up new opportunities for our youth and provided a framework for implementation in 2012. Fleet bylaws, ILYA bylaw changes, committee formation, schedule of events, future bids and schedules and the daunting task of boat purchases were all on her docket. Whew! She was a whirlwind but the new fleet is in capable hands with its new leadership. Welcome 420's.

    The new committee is composed of a core group of individuals who have been meeting since the October Board approval of the fleet. New youth, western reps and advisory industry individuals were assigned to create the energy that was evident all weekend. We can be proud of our articulate youth with a vision for the class. Margaret presented the philosophy of the fleet's role in the ILYA. The 420 is to serve as a bridge from our youth boats to our scows. The sole initiative is to provide our member clubs with a vehicle to maintain our older junior sailors with a means to keep sailing until scow age. The 420 class committee will expend its efforts in building fleets in the Inland to assist member clubs. The effort is to be grassroots rather than centered on high-end, individual efforts.

The 420 committee is Hollister leading a north/south contingent of parents, two industry reps and four youth. For the initial organizing committee, youth were selected from MN, SE WI and the Chicago area. In addition a college graduate was added for a view with more experience.

The HS spring and fall schedule provides a full complement of weekend activity. Events run in HS are for the most part rotation of boats with an A and B component. The ILYA events will be initially a mix of individual and rotational use until we build the fleet numbers in the south. This fleet brings the ILYA member clubs a new dimension as most 420s are club-owned. Discussion of our summer events did not include teams of A and B.

Okauchee will lead us off with a clinic Memorial Day which will feature a coaching and sailor segment. Many of our schools are in the position of wanting to develop a 420 program but with no one experienced in the boat use, rigging, and techniques. Okauchee will host an event to teach the local coaches about the boat in addition to the more traditional components of sailing the boat. In SE WI a sailor's clinic will be held June 9-10; a similar clinic in the north June 16-17. Then the one-day regatta circuit begins with inclusion of the 420 added onto existing events. The host lakes are Beulah, Nagawicka, Geneva, Cedar, Oshkosh and then the culmination of the ILYA activity with our Champs on Mendota. These events are weekday to minimize competition with homelake racing --- where we would hope eventual series will be scheduled as clubs/individuals purchase boats.

Both Pewaukee and Geneva have stepped forward to provide use of boats, storage of boats and both have established a means to welcome our sailors in terms of membership.

Our future lies in the hands of these talented young sailors who participated fully in the formation of an inclusive structure to promote continued sailing in the ILYA. Thanks to all for a hardworking, productive weekend.


  • Begin discussions this week, call a special meeting on your lake in the next two weeks. How is your club going to participate? Group purchases are being organized now. Along the I-94 corridor, it appears the boats will be sailed on Tue and Thu nights at Pewaukee and Geneva - along with the aforementioned one-day events. Your club does not have to deal with schedule changes this year - fundraise, beg, borrow but get your youth access to boats
  • Address throwouts, average points to allow your youth sailors to participate in our Youth Champs
  • Begin the paradigm shift of "graduating" from the X boat. Consider your sailors now as junior sailors and provide opportunties
  • Offer to transport boats we are borrowing if your lake is one of the hosts of one of the mini-regattas mentioned above. Pewaukee and Geneva have graciously offered the use of boats. This is a new venture where TOGETHER we are creating opportunities for our juniors. We need a collaborative effort to create this experience with shared boat usage. This takes club effort to orchestrate a change of this magnitude.


  • The promise of the longevity and health of a club for the immediate and longterm future
  • A vitality immediately as you maintain participation of this age group
  • Increased activity around your site; more visibility to our neighbors of our marvelous sport
  • Recognition of your club as your sailors develop skills and bring attention to your efforts 

Thanks to Margaret for keeping us on task.   

Google calendar online

The times they are a' changin. From this weekend's events, a Google calendar has been created to feature a fleet by fleet calendar which can be viewed in totality or by fleet. Please send your event to john@summersetmarine.com or candaceporter@wi.rr.com. Further info on access to the calendar will be posted here next issue. Email now for your event to be included.

We are looking for Iowa and Minnesota events, in particular.

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