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Volume 5, Issue 8

February 14, 2010

Melges Performance  Sailboats

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Schedule of Events
13-14 Winter Inland - Lake Geneva
11 Melges Tuneup Clinic at Lake Eustis
13 US Sailing RC Course - Chicago
12-14 E/C/Melges 17  Midwinters - Lake Eustis, FL
16-17 Zenda U at Lake Eustis
18-20 MC Midwinters - Lake Eustis, FL
17-18 Lake Lotawana C
24 RC Course - Okoboji
24-25 Springfield C - Island Bay
1-2 48th Icebreaker C - Cedar Lake, IN
8 Mother's Day Laser - Lake Geneva
29 Memorial Day Laser -  Milwaukee
5-6 Lighthouse I-20 - Fond du Lac
23-26 MC Masters - Okoboji
25-27 I-20 ILYA Invitational - Cedar, IN
25 ILYA No Tears West - White Bear
29-30 TRAP X Senior -Pine
30- July 1 TRAP X Junior - Pine
8-11 ILYA E Invitational - Minnetonka
8-11 ILYA MC Invitational - Cedar Lake, WI
9-11 Melges 17/M-16 Champs -  Pewaukee
15-18 ILYA C Invitational - Lake Beulah
24 No Tears Alumni Race - Pine Lake - all welcome
26 ILYA No Tears East - 20th anniversary - Pine
28-31 ILYA X Champs - Pewaukee
31-1 D20 Laser Champs -
South Shore
5-8 Interlake - Clear Lake, IA
6-8 ILYA I-20 Champs - Neenah Nodaway
11-21 ILYA Championships - Lake Geneva
A Scows - Aug 15-17
E Scows - Aug 11-14
C Scows - Aug 18-21
MC Scows - Aug 11-14
12 Pram Power -North Lake
12-15 US Laser Champs - Milwaukee
13-14 X Blue Chip - Cedar, WI
20-22 ILYA Youth Champs (Laser and 420) - Calhoun
Winter Inland - we honor our own
Pillsbury Award - Kate Klement
Beulah's X skipper Kate Klement was awarded the prestigious Pillsbury Award which represents the Best of the Best. ILYA champs from all classes are eligible to receive this award. Selection is made by recommendation from the delegates of the ILYA. Klement won three races in the 65-boat Senior X boat fleet.
Green Lake Thanked for Wonderful ILYA Champs
Sue Weston of Green Lake accepted kudos for a job well done at a favorite venue. Commodore Prange noted the exceptional effort of the volunteers at Green Lake. Weston recognized the many years of service of Bill MacNeil.
Suzi Reese Named Ed Malone Recipient
In Reese's absence, a video was shown featuring an interview with Dick Barkow about the special experiences of 19 years of No Tears race committee work. With a few humorous moments that entertained the lunch crowd, Reese received a huge round of applause for her service.
Gull Lake is Big Winner - Dreissen Family Named Members of the Year; Gull Lake is Named Club of the Year
It was a grand day for Gull Lake, Minnesota! From a perfect sailing lake, to the dedicated Dreissen Family, to a herculean effort to prepare the site for the ILYA X Champs, it was Gull all the way as Commodore Prange presented both Member and Club of the Year to Jim Johnson, Gull Lake Commodore. Prange and then Johnson awed the crowd with an entertaining account of the building of a clubhouse to bring the X Champs to the north country.  A somewhat clandestine but well-executed plan brought the old cinder block house down in December -- to many members' surprise and a six-month frenetic building campaign to present the X sailors and parents with a most spectacular venue.
Commodore Jim Johnson accepted the trophies with an acceptance speech that was a promotional speech unsurpassed for the ILYA and its benefits. He was eloquent in describing his brief affilliation with our organization and its lasting impact on his impression of our fine organization. We look forward to our continuing friendship with this club, the 28-member Dreissen family who served us (only a 60% participation rate) and this and past fine commodores of Gull Lake.
Bilge Puller Hall of Fame inductees

Poignancy was the word of the day. The posthumous awarding of the Hall of Fame award to Snake and Snuff (Charles and Jack) Schneider of Nagawicka brought Snuff and emcee Tom Hodgson to a point of hesitation to recover their emotions. These beloved two have served the Inland for more cumulative hours than imaginable.


Shown here are Snake Schneider's wife Dorothy and Snuff receiving the award.
Dick Casper of Pine was awarded entry into the Bilge Puller Hall of Fame. Casper is wellknown for his E scow prowess but recently is known as the originator of the Hall of Fame which now features members.
Last new entrant to the 2010 class of Hall of Fame is Walter "Wally" Schmidt who was visibly moved by his inclusion. Wally has held virtually every position in every scow organization: WYA, ILYA, Bilge Pullers and his homelake of Okauchee. Included in his expertise are organizational, legal and sailing skills. He thanked all his children for their support in crewing positions. His exception was son Steve who has never shied from an attempt to beat him. Congratulations to all our Hall of Fame inductees.
In addition the Bilge Puller Cannon was awarded to Jeff Butzer in absentia.
UW-Madison Sailing Team Thanks Inland Clubs

UW sailors Leif Evensen and Christine Porter attended the Inland Lake Yachting Association's annual Winter Inland. Evensen and Porter began by receiving a $3000+ check from Delavan Lake Yacht Club. Delavan stands out as the latest of Inland clubs generously fundraising for the 2010 Collegiate Nationals in Madison. Delavan joins Beulah and Geneva at the $3000 level. Other clubs recognized for the total Inland contributions of $14,850 are Calhoun, Cedar, LaBelle, Pewaukee,Minnetonka, Oshkosh, Beaver, Pine, White Bear, Neenah. In addition South Shore and Milwaukee yacht clubs have joined the fundraising effort.


The Badgers have been the recipients of a total $32,800 which moves them near the MINIMUM $40,000 in cash donations required to run the event.

Thanks to the Badgers' major benefactor Terry Kohler, the team has reduced the actual money required. Kohler is the major contributor at $10,000 but also provided the donation of the 18 sets of sails for the event.


In a bold move, Event chairs Christine Porter and Carrie Bargren and fundraising chairs Leif Evensen and Kristina Schaldach have committed to the purchase of 12 new boats. The 12-boat existing fleet will travel to Geneva and Calhoun to support high school sailing efforts which will allow Midwest sailors to prepare for the collegiate scene.
Look for current Burgee Clubs (burgees flying on Park Street, website and program) Beulah, Delavan, Geneva, Calhoun, Labelle, Cedar, Oshkosh, Pine, White Bear, South Shore and Milwaukee to be joined by others as the regatta nears. The team is in its final fundraising push.
Delavan sailors Richard Beers, Larry Kmiecik, Ed Clair join Leif Evensen and Christine Porter.
Thanks to those Inland club sparkplugs who spearheaded efforts to fundraise for the collegiate nationals - a showcase of Midwest hospitality and generosity.
Winter Inland Delegates Elect Directors
rolexcollageFletcher Driscoll (White Bear) 2nd term
PJ Friend (Pewaukee) 2nd term
Chris Andert (Minnetonka) 1st term
Ed Cox (White Bear) 1st term
And now from the Board
Steve Schmidt joins the ILYA Officers as the new treasurer. Schmidt is from Okauchee, sails C boats and has experience on the Inland board for the past five years. He is Board liaison to the legal committee.
Youth can plan now for a great 2010 season without breaking the bank. The ILYA will provide a 50% registration fee for its Invitational and Championship events. and if you are a C boater --- go free to the ILYA events and ALL other events, thanks to added support from the Nationals C class.
Much of the attention of the two-day event was centered on the Youth Champs to be held in Calhoun in August. Clubs will be asked to commit to supporting the youth by supplying Lasers, awarding average points for missed races and providing 420s if the clubs own them.
The X fleet will provide education and assistance with drainage and flotation concerns in older boats. Look for safety initiatives in these areas at early season events. Official wording will be reported later but holes the size of 2.5 to 3.0 inches will be required in the transom of boats which are not new style rolled cockpits.
Optis will see some guidelines for participation in the Green and No Tears fleets.  Encouragement of beginner sailors is the goal for our entry level youth events.
Regatta sites:
X champs 2012  Delavan
X champs 2013 Oshkosh
Opti No Tears East 2011 Beaver
E Invitational 2011 Delavan
The "Big Inland" has three lakes with tentative approval for the future. Mendota, Okoboji and Oshkosh will be asked to confer with their boards for the years 2012-14. Minnetonka presented its schedule for 2011 with a pairing of MC and C together for the first portion, A's alone in the midsection and E's alone to conclude the event.
Race Committee chair Chip Mann shared the PRO assignments for 2010 along with a new approach of rotation of PROs from the "traditional" in 2011. Each fleet will have the choice of accepting language on the use of GPS or "Kattack-style" implements. (The X and Opti fleet will NOT be utilizing GPS, radio communication or compasses.)
Membership will see a new initiative in a move to assist with our fleet promotion, Foundation support and general fund health. Look for announcement of a silver. gold and platinum level opportunity. (Or as some at the Board table preferred: the aluminum, carbon fiber and Kevlar levels.)
Sailgroove will be a part of the ILYA family. Miami Olympic Classes regatta, national championships, Orange Bowl and the Big Inland. Our inaugural year was so well-received we cannot think of our 2010 event without them at our side. Look for other evidence of our partnership on our website as we ALL learn how to promote ourselves - clubs, regattas and fleets.
More from the fleet meetings in future editions of Scowlines.
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