Volume 8, Issue 6

 February 13, 2013

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4-5 Cedar, IN Icebreaker


1-2 Quad Lakes X - Nagawicka

8-10 GLSS Dinghyfest


7-11 Chicago Tall Ships and Chicago Match Cup

8-10 ILYA C champs; Regis 8/7

11-13 ILYA A champs; Regis. 8/10

15-17 ILYA E/MC champs; Regis. 8/14  Housing options 


14-15 C Blue Chip - Okauchee 

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New Directors and Officers Elected
The Winter Inland traditionally marks the change of guard for the Inland Lake Yachting Association. Peter Friend from Pewaukee took the helm as Commodore at Sunday's Board meeting. New directors elected were Beth Wyman (Oshkosh) and Todd Haines (Pewaukee). Beth has chaired the ILYA Champs several times including the renowned Centennial event, chaired the X Champs at Oshkosh and created the successful Xtreme regatta. She and husband Bill (past E fleet rep) rebuilt the American Legion Hall in Oshkosh and renamed it the Waters which now houses the Oshkosh Yacht Club. Todd has served on the ILYA Board Rules Committee as the A fleet rep for over 10 years. He is credited for building the A scow fleet to a cohesive group of over 30 A scows. He recently co-chaired the 2012 Annual Champs. Ed Cox (White Bear) is re-elected for a second term. Ed represents the youth perspective on the Board. He chaired the Optimist Dinghy Champs in 2011. Director David Porter (Lake Beulah) was elected secretary-treasurer. David has been a member of the Rules Committee for over 15 years. He is active on the X race course serving for many years as PRO of the GLSS and Xtreme events. He is most active in the current mast conversion in the C fleet.   

Board action

All fleets reviewed the use of the P flag in the starting sequence. The P flag is also known as the "dip start" rule and can be flown before RC uses an I flag which is "around the ends" if a boat is over the line before the start.  

A Fleet - Buddy Melges attended the meeting encouraging practice for all (isn't that Buddy?) and use of inactive boats to promote fleet growth. An A Invitational will return to the schedule this year. The P flag will not be utilized in the A fleet.  

E fleet - Use of P flag was not recommended by the fleet. The National E class has chosen to not amend the ISAF rule on advertising.

C Fleet - A new Best (Cedar, WI) Trophy for top girl performance was accepted by the Inland. New masts are available now from a new die.  Twelve new boats will be built in 2013. The use of the P flag was rejected. The rules have been changed to allow assistance after capsize. The fleet requests the RC addition of compass heading along with the red/green course change flag. The fleet asks that the SIs be altered to allow one member club and/or the ILYA burgee inclusion on sails in response to the new advertising rule in the RRS.  

I-20 - The P flag will be accepted for experimentation, but not in ILYA events. The fleet is looking for a site for future regatta events.

MC fleet - New fleets throughout the country have been added in the US. The national fleet conducted a survey. The fleet has asked permission to explore alternate locations for annual ILYA championships. They will implement a new format of invitationals to include a throwout at six completed races. Did not approve recommendation of P at start. The fleet accepted the donation of a White Bear trophy for the MC Champs.

Melges 17 - Ben Biwer intends to travel to youth events to promote the Melges 17. Ben will reach out to the Western Michigan group where Melges 17 fleets are more active. The PRO will not use the P flag at the Champs. 

X fleet - the fleet will continue to analyze the feasibility of reducing the boat's weight. Most boats are currently carrying weight. The measurer has a five-year database which will make for knowledgeable decision-making. The committee will proceed cautiously with any reduction in weight to protect one-design speed advantage. The measurement issue for 2013 will be centerboard wall thickness. Code P may be utilized at the discretion of the race committee. The fleet will contact early season X events to provide practice prior to the X Champs. X sails will now be permitted to carry one member club burgee and/or ILYA burgees. Scantlings have been changed to allow an additional 1 and one quarter inch of the jib luff wire to allow for a lanyarded pin and swedged fitting for direct connection to the hull. This should decrease the loss of shackles.   

Opti fleet - Committee was formed again. Code P will be allowed at RC discretion. Trophies will NOT be awarded at No Tears starting in 2013. Boats will be requested to carry coordinated sail and boat number.

420 fleet - P flag is recommended for use. Inland Champs will be at Delavan in JUNE which is a change in schedule. A Friday morning clinic will be hosted.  Sailing Schools will be encouraged to bring X students to Nationals to view racing in July. The ILYA will attempt to promote scow demonstrations at 420 nationals. 420 FaceBook page will be re-invigorated. An ILYA youth discount will be in effect to encourage participation from member and non-member lakes alike. 

2014 regatta sites are planned as follows: ILYA Champs at Oshkosh, all fleets Aug. 13-17; C Inv. at Cedar, Ind.; E Inv. at Geneva; A Inv. at White Bear.  I-20 Inv., Melges 17 Champs, and  MC Inv. and Champs are undetermined at this time. X Champs at Gull Lake; Opti Champs at Cedar, Wis.; 420 Champs at White Bear; 420 clinic at Nagawicka; No Tears east and west - open.

Of most note was the excitement over direction given to Promotion to encourage the less-confident sailor, the sailor from our numerous member lakes who is tentative about attending events and our need to reach out as an organization to our member clubs. New Promotion Committee chair Stuart Oltrogge reported on a new thrust to the committee since fleets seem to be addressing the youth to scows initiative. The promotion committee will regularly review candidates for US Sailing awards to continue to bring our name forward nationally.

The Foundation Committee announced at the awards presentation that over one million dollars has passed through the Foundation to our top level sailors in the last ten years. Account funds may be initiated for those who are Olympic bound or small, one-time grants can be requested from the Foundation's General Fund. Donations to the Foundation are accepted at any time to an individual or general account. We have two Olympic accounts at present: Anne Haeger's 470 campaign and Erik Bowers' Laser campaign.  See the column on left to donate using your MasterCard or Visa. Erik and Anne will be traveling to Europe next month to begin the spring circuit.

The ILYA is studying a proposal to allow Sailing Schools to join the association for the purpose of registering Club 420 and or Opti fleets. Club Delegates have been asked to forward responses to the ILYA by this summer. This may assist those clubs who want to participate in our youth events but do not utilize our fine scows in adult fleets, and improve communication within our member clubs and affiliated school.

   Pillsbury Award - Best Sailor of the ILYA Champs
   Vincent Porter Wins for E scow success         
vincentpils   This is Vincent Porter's second recognition for best sailor of the Inland Championships. As an X boater, Porter shared the award with his entire Porter family, a dynasty in Inland sailing. This time Vincent takes home the coveted Pillsbury Award for an outstanding E scow victory in a fleet where 8 of the top ten have previously won the event. The fleet is extremely talented but Vincent along with brother Clifford, Coye Harrett and Griffin Rolander topped the fleet.
ILYA Honors its Own With a New Award

 Spirit of the Inland Award 

craig parker
  Craig Parker of Cedar Lake, IN (right, above) was recognized for his longstanding support to the ILYA but special notice was given for his unending energy level during this past season's ILYA Championship. When Mendota determined our central hub would be at a state park, Parker immediately suggested he provide a cantina to feed all the hungry post-race sailors conveniently located next to the free beer. Brilliant? Much more. Parker entertained donations of all the food plus added his own donations to assist with running the cantina but also providing Mendota with added income generation. Congratulations to Parker and thanks for all his work for the Inland and his homelake regatta, the Cedar Icebreaker. Travel to Cedar, Indiana, in 2014 to enjoy his hospitality for the C Invitational. The award was presented by Commodore Rick Trester.
"I want to thank the entire Inland Board and for the award. I really feel that I don't deserve any awards. I was just looking to help out. More people who are not on the Board should contribute. Thank you for the award."
Photos are by Larry Kmiecik.
Member of the Year
todd year
  Todd Haines received a well deserved Member of the Year. It was with many volunteers from Mendota and the ILYA that the ILYA Champs were successfully returned to Mendota after a ten-year hiatus. But the idea man and then the driving force was Pewaukee's Todd Haines. Haines has provided the model of administering regattas as a partnership for future events.
 Club of the Year

   Mendota and Pewaukee Share Title for 2012 Season        

club of year   Mendota Yacht Club, represented by Commodore Darby Sugar, accepted the club of the year award for a prize-winning regatta - for all of us. The coordination with UW Hoofers, the Mendota YC and the Inland was a first. Mendota initially was hesitant to host the Big Inland due to a perceived small volunteer pool. The editor had the opportunity to sit at headquarters for both registration sessions. Well over 100 volunteers manned the event and grounds. This impressive club will be a welcome host in our future.
  Dave Decker "Dex", always playing the part, led Pewaukee Yacht Club to a second honor for PYC. This award follows the same presentation by US Sailing who honored the club for its Great Eight regattas in 2012. The ILYA Opti Inland alone required 120 volunteers. Add seven more events and home lake races and you can see the busy season and the caliber of club who wins both the ILYA and US Sailing designation. 
Race Committee Awards

Ed Malone Award

chip mann Chip Mann spends nearly every weekend of the summer serving you! MC Nationals, C Nationals, all Inland Championship racing, organizing the teams for ILYA events, reviewing the new rules for impact on our RC performance. The award is well-deserved and he will return for another year serving homelake and Inland sailors.


Bilge Pullers Cannon         

deguirecannon   Mark "Digger" DeGuire was awarded the Bilge Puller award for exceptional RC work. He is our most recently designated PRO and has quickly become a fan favorite. Look for him on the E course this year and all year long on Pewaukee water.
Also receiving recognition were assistant RC officers - Nancy Roble and Julie Haeger from Beulah; Beth Wyman from Oshkosh; Jack Eckert and Rick Trester from Cedar, Wis.; and David Gross from Minnetonka.
C Fleet Announces 2013 Events
Who will be the Road Warrior?         

April 20-21 Lotawana Spring Regatta--Missouri Yacht Club, MO

April 27-28 Spring(field) Regatta--Island Bay Yacht Club, IL

May 4-5 Ice Breaker--Cedar Lake Yacht Club, IN

May 11-12 Cedar Spring Regatta--Cedar Lake Yacht Club, WI

May 11-12 Mother's Day Regatta--Spring Lake Yacht Club, MI

May 18-19 LaBelle Tune Up--LaBelle Yacht Club, WI

June 8-9 MIR--Lake Beulah Yacht Club, WI

June 8-9 C Easterns--Chautauqua Yacht Club, NY

June 14-16 Nationals--Pewaukee Yacht Club, WI

July 18-21 ILYA Invite--Okauchee Lake Yacht Club, WI

August 1-4 WMYA Championships--White Lake Yacht Club, MI

August 2-4 WYA--LaBelle Yacht Club, WI

August 7-10 ILYA Championship--Okoboji Yacht Club, IA

September 7-8 Maxinkuckee Fall Regatta--Maxinkuckee Yacht Club

September 14-15 Blue Chip--Okauchee Lake Yacht Club, WI

September 14-15 Fenton Fall Regatta--Lake Fenton Sailing Club, MI

September 21-22 Beulah Challenge--Lake Beulah Yacht Club, WI

September 28-29 Lotawana Fall Regatta--Missouri Yacht Club, MO

September 28-29 Polar Bear--Lake Davenport Sailing Club, MI

October 5-6 C Worlds--Delavan Lake Yacht Club, WI  
Our Sailors on the Move
Optis to Olympics         
The Opti St. Valentine's Regatta saw three of our Inland sailors competing: from Gull Lake with a winter southern connection, Matthew Keller, placed fourth overall. Chapman Petersen of Lake Geneva placed 100th in the huge fleet and 15th in the white fleet. Total sailor number in the Gold fleet was 189.  Marleigh Belsley of Lake Geneva placed 20th in the Silver fleet - great improvement for Marleigh to move well within midfleet.
Ft. Lauderdale held an event with some of the Olympic Classes with a much reduced field in many of the events. Gordy Lamphere continues on an improved past placing fourth and again second American behind Caleb Paine. Erik Bowers moved up to fifth in the diminished Laser fleet. Anne Haeger did not compete.
Johnson Boat Works, Goodbye

 Demolition began Monday

It is with much sadness we announce the  loss of a landmark both physical and emotional. The shore of White Bear Lake will take on a new look at the cost of many memories. FaceBook shared many comments from sailors and citizens alike mentioning the value  of Johnson Boat Works in their lives. Goodbye to a building containing much of scow country's history. That saga will live on in our hearts.
Copy link below to your browser for a report from the local paper.    
Youth Teamracing Invitational Event -Apply now        
 Sheboygan - June 19-23

The US Sailing Match Racing Committee and Sail Sheboygan are organizing

the 2013 Rose Cup, a national youth match racing event, to be held June

19-23, 2013, in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. This is the fourth running of the

Cup. Ten skippers from around the U.S. will be invited. The event will be

sailed in Elliott 6's, the boat raced at the 2012 Summer Olympic Games,

with teams of three sailors who must be at least 16 and no older than 20

years old in 2013. Requests for Invitations, the Notice of Race and

additional information here:

Chicago Match Racing Prepares for Season

Chicago Match Cup and Tall Ships® Chicago 2013: August 7 - 11, 2013

cmrc This August, sailing takes over Navy Pier as modern matchracing meets maritime history. The Chicago Match Cup, a $100,000 sailing competition and the only U.S. stop on the Alpari World Match Racing Tour, will set sail alongside one of Chicago's most popular attractions, the majestic Tall Ships® Chicago 2013 Festival, Aug. 7 - 11, 2013. Twelve of the world's best teams will sail against each other in matc race sailing, a form of head-to-head combat similar to the America's Cup, just feet from the edge of Navy Pier. They will compete for their share of the $100,000 prize money purse and points earned toward the Tour's overall World Championship, worth $1.75 million in prize money - the richest in the sailing world. The event features yachts and many shore-side activities for the whole family to enjoy," said Tod Reynolds, director of Chicago Match Race Center, producer of the Chicago Match Cup. "We're excited to bring two maritime events to Chicago's iconic landmark," said Marilynn Gardner, president and CEO of Navy Pier Inc. "Tall Ships Chicago and the Chicago Match Cup will give our visitors from around the world the opportunity to experience and board historic ships and also see the world's top sailors at one great place - Navy Pier."

Chicago Match Cup and Tall Ships Festival highlights include:

Chicago Match Cup

Tuesday, Aug. 6: As the Chicago Match Cup teams practice in the morning, fans are invited for a free preview day and for the afternoon event: The inaugural Chicago Sports Commission Charity Sports Challenge, in which Chicago's own sports stars will test their sailing skills (with a little help from the pro sailors), for charity.

Wednesday - Sunday (Aug. 7 - 11): More than 100 action-packed races between the 12 teams to determine the road to the Finals on Sunday afternoon, special viewing areas to ensure front-row seats, live commentary; Jumbotron viewing, meet-and-greets with the professional sailors; family-friendly games, food and beverage stands, and more.

Sunday, Aug. 11, 2 p.m.: Chicago Match Cup Finals and Award Ceremony. Live broadcast to more than 140 countries.

Tall Ships Festival

Wednesday, Aug. 7, 2 - 4 p.m.: Tall Ships arrive with the crowd-favorite Parade of Ships.

Every day: Tall Ship on-board tours, Sail-Aways (additional cost); evening fireworks and more!

TICKET INFORMATION: General admission tickets are $5; with additional opportunities to

purchase Tall Ships cruises and on-boards, as well as Chicago Match Cup VIP viewing areas.


About Chicago Match Race Center: The Chicago Match Race Center (CMRC) was founded to promote and grow the sport of match race sailing in the United States. CMRC provides a fullservice facility, complete with TOM 28 and Elliott 6M class sailboats, umpire and support boats, as well as support staff for professional and amateur sailors to race and train. CMRC hosts several events ranging from regional championships to the Chicago Match Cup, the only U.S. stop on the Alpari World Match Racing Tour. For more information, photos, videos and results from events held at CMRC, please visit

Tall Ships® Chicago 2013 at Navy Pier: The breathtaking sight of numerous Tall Ships sailing on Chicago's Lake Michigan is a not-to-be-missed event. This armada is a festive and educational celebration and exploration of Chicago's rich maritime heritage! There is so much excitement and maritime entertainment on the lake and land at Navy don't want to miss it! For more information regarding Tall Ships 2013 and other Navy Pier events, please visit


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