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 February 12, 2012 

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15-17   MC Midwinter Regatta Lake Eustis, FL 





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WINTER INLAND- the ILYA at its best!

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Melges Performance Sailboats/North Sails Zenda and the Bilge Pullers threw quite a bash! The enthusiasm for our special brand of sailing was evident from arrival of the first entrant to the last minute on Saturday night when the youth gathered around our most energetic speaker, Dave Perry. Dave walked in the door to old friends who immediately gathered around to discuss matchracing, America's Cup and the Olympics. The real energy in the event was our youth sailors who sat, figuratively, at Perry's knee soaking in his love for the sport.
Perry and kids

Friday night featured 50 junior directors and approximately 15 youth who began shaping the clay of the 420 fleet. While the adults moved to the X and Opti committee meetings, the youth had a session with Dave Perry alone. They left the room with a sense of empowerment to create experiences for the new youth initiaive, an inspired eagerness to improve their sailing skills and a new understanding of the rules of racing.

Perry presented a rules session on Saturday afternoon and then proceeded to the keynote speech on Saturday night. With a retrospective of the America's Cup, a short how-to on matchracing, he acknowledged his privilege to work with the women still in contention for the Olympic American matchracing slot. He paused to encourage the new campaign of Stephanie Roble and Maggie Shea, both from ILYA clubs. He explained the need for fundraising for the next four months as our two women teams now train hard for the Weymouth qualifer. The fellow women matchracers of the world are planning to view the contest as our women lead the way. Go to the button on the left to donate.  Don't forget your women. Perry now moves on in the process coaching only Barkow in the winner-take-all, one-regatta qualifier to determine the US representative.

Perry followed the ILYA Awards presentation. The John Hunt Member of the year recipient was Margaret Osmundson of Clear Lake, Club of the Year went to Minnetonka, the Ed Malone RC member of the year was jointly given to Mark Tesar and Charlie MacNider, and the Pillsbury Sailor of the Year winner was X Boat Champ Will Crary.  The Bilge Pullers Cannon award recognized Sue Weston for exceptional RC work. Photos to follow in a later issue of Scowlines
Mark Tesar (and Charlie MacNider not present)
Ed Malone Race Officers of the Year

Margaret Osmundson

John Hunt ILYA Member of the Year








Below - Chris Andert, Tony Jewett, Rick Kotovic representing Minnetonka - Club of the Year

member of the year

Edmund Pillsbury Cup--ILYA Champion of the Year
 Will Crary - W-3 sailing No Xcuses 
Regatta info
August 13-14, 2012 Beulah was awarded the ILYA singlehanded youth Champs. This event will be dated between the two Mendota Big Inland weekends to allow youth sailors to participate in three consecutive events.
June 9-10  and 16-17, 2012 420 clinics are planned for both northern and southern regions. Tentative bids were rec'd and a dues/ fee structure will be finalized.

2014 Big Inland was awarded to Oshkosh. 2014 X Inland was awarded to Gull Lake. The fleets competing at the '14 and '15 Big Inlands will be determined at a later date.

Mendota planning notes- Split two weekend event; Craig Parker, Cedar, IN will handle concessions. Beer will be permitted on the Gov. Nelson campgrounds. Daily awards will be held at Gov. Nelson. Capitol Brewing will be a sponsor. Other sponsors are being sought with many levels of participation available. Wristband system will identify access to refreshments. Pyle Center will be utilized for the formal social event each session. Dr. Tom Hodgson's band may be the entertainment. Corporate sponsorship will be coordinated by the ILYA. Boats will be moored or dry sailed. Taxi service will be provided as mooring is recommended. Burrows site (Club 420s) will be dry sailed.The complete notice of Race wil be on line soon.
Join here. Fleet reports

Sunday's Board Meeting


The ILYA fleet reps brought forth the report from the Saturday fleet meetings.  

A fleet - There is some action on new boat purchases in the next two years. Fleet is healthy at 30, and a number of good used boats are available.


E fleet - Deck is changing with more enclosure to cockpit to discourage swamping tendency. E scantlings were passed with overwhelming agreement by national members. New building is brisk this year. There was discussion again about balance of membership in the ILYA/NCESA. NCESA has mandated a sticker system indicating membership each year. The E fleet will be patrolled for NCESA membership compliance at all events. NCESA will take ownership of this policy. Means will be available onsite for membership renewal for those who have forgotten to join. E boaters, join here. Bowsprit measuring will occur at the Inland at Mendota. ILYA E fleet committee will develop site requirements for measurement.

C fleet - Champion of Champions US sailing event will be held on Pewaukee this fall. The C boat will be nationally recognized as our country's national champs from a myriad of designs will "meet the C". The C fleet will donate boats with extra care guaranteed to the loaning owners. North Sails will arrange for a full complement of new sails for the event which will be offered at a discounted price first to the owners.

C Blue Chip - Pistakee will host the event in 2012 but discussions are open for future site ownership. This is not a national nor ILYA event; Pistakee has indicated their desire to comply with the class' wishes.
Target race time is changed to 60 minutes +/- 10 minutes for all races. Limits will be 90 minutes for all races. Last start time has been removed.

I-20 fleet - The fleet boasts two builders now with some hope growth in the fleet will ensue. There is discussion now on shape of the rudders within their current scantlings. Change to guidelines - preferred course is W-L.

M-16s Jan Gill will prepare a final tribute to the ILYA longstanding M-16 fleet. The fleet is healthy on the east coast. 

MC fleet - Promotion was the item of discussion for the fleet. The fleet will consider attaching Zenda U to one of the spring regattas. Fleet preference is not to sail 3 B/B races but may sail 4 races in a day if there is a reasonable break. Seven race championship is preferred with one throwout.

X fleet - The fleet enjoyed a great summer regatta on Clear Lake. Fleet meeting in July - practice race was topic of concern. Seventy-five sailors typically start race but tradition has been to  not complete race due to established superstitions. With respect to the race committee effort, sailing schools are encouraged to discuss the completion of the race up to the finishing leg.  Coaching guidelines were discussed preliminarily; committee members will meet to finalize the guidelines for 2012 Delavan for a first trial at controlling the traffic on the race course.

The X fleet RC guidelines were not changed. No boats were built last year but 8 are slated for purchase this year. Random weighing of up to 20 boats will be performed at the X Champs. Weighing has not occurred in a number of years. Coordination with Melges and the measurer will be essential for access to additional weights or re-sealing the weights.

Boom section - The die for the current X Boat boom no longer exists. The Board approved an additional boom which is built using the MC boom die. It is diferent in shape as the old section as based on the shape of the old wooden booms, but should have no perfomance advantagfes or disadvantages. Outhall will be allowed to run internally.
Whisker pole launch system was demonstrated to Winter Inland participants. Whisker pole changes will be experimental this year with five boats selected to be scored for the 2012 season. The committee will monitor and select participants in the experimental project.

Opti fleet - Fleet would like to consider aligning age rules with USODA as more and more of our sailors also attend USODA eentsOur ILYA clubs are hosting major USODA events. Chair Carl Spencer will lead a discussion at the summer fleet meeting when more sailors are present to discuss the issue. We currently allow our ILYA sailors another year of eligibility due to our date of age determination which coresponds with our X Boat age rule.

Green Fleet - rules will be better defined for Green Fleet eligibility. This will be in effect for the 2012 season. Preliminary thoughts are a defined number of regatta wins and then automatically disqualified from continued green participation.

420 fleet - Committee formed, bylaws were approved by Board. The fleet committee size will be 11 to allow broad geographical and age distribution. Youth sailors were invaluable with input - a series of SE Wis. regattas has been identified for increased participation throughout the summer. The 420 fleet is ecstatic with participation at Mendota; events at Burrows and the Big Inland site at Governer Nelson headquarters will be coordinated. Sailor of the day awards will be presented rather than race trophies due to the number of races scheduled (15!). Purpose of the 420 is to be a transition boat from our youth to adult scow classes. The club 420 will introduce spinnaker and trap to teach skills not now present in our youth boats.

Guidelines for RC were submitted. 420 fleet preferred course will be trapezoids.
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