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February 10, 2009 

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Bill Colburn of Lake Harriet was awarded the coveted Pillsbury award for ILYA Sailor of the Year. "This year's recipient embodies who we are. Firstly he is a skilled sailor. Look at the results. Invites, Champs or local events - he is always at the top. Secondly he appreciates serving and promoting his fleet. He has served for many years as the fleet's ILYA rep. He has embraced his local club, Harriet, with a fervor unparalleled.
Lastly he is a true gentleman. Rarely do you see someone who is a competitor's sailor. By that I mean, if you are not winning the race, you want this gentleman to be the victor. He garners respect and appreciation for his quiet, deliberate manner. He has been dear to me as I have had the privilege to serve with him many years at the Board level and to watch his interaction encouraging my daughter on the race course.
This year the MC Championship was won, at last, by every MC sailor's best friend, Bill Colburn." -- words by  Candace Porter at the presentation.

 ILYA Yacht Club of the Year Award - Oshkosh Yacht Club
            "This year's recipient is familiar to us all. Each fleet has a memory or a history of sailing on this fine piece of water. The A's love her challenge; the C's thrill to her speed of wind on the runs, the I-20s call her home. The E's recall her festive, unparalleled hospitality, the M-16s thank her for a grand rejuvenation in 07, the MC's look at her with respect of a lake who requires skill. The Melges 17s have yet to experience her beauty.
The newest fleet to be beneficiary of her legend is the X fleet. Our children of the ILYA have new memories to store. Those of us sitting here have tales of the Pioneer. Our youth have the honor to note their participation in the inaugural year of the return of the Oshkosh Yacht Club. Thanks to our dear friends and benefactors, Bill and Beth Wyman, the ILYA has been blessed with the finest and grandest building imaginable. As we looked back at the Waters from the grand lady known as Winnebago, we marveled at a transformation of an institution. Oshkosh has a fine tradition of service to the ILYA. She is part of all of us. This new addition only magnifies our deep feelings for a wonderful venue. She has beauty unsurpassed but the spirit of the club will endure even her new beauty."
rufmemberof year
John Ruf cannot control his pleasure and surprise at receiving the John Hunt Trophy for Member of the Year. Robert Hunt, son of John Hunt, presents the award to Ruf. "This recipient has brought great joy to us in the past year. His quest began about 6 years ago with a personal statement. He gathered some of his closest friends and his family to announce his intentions. With the assistance of many in the industry, he put together a piece of equipment that would suit his needs and he began a training program that would achieve his goal. Travel and expense and expense ensued.
          Many of you will recall sitting at a fall board meeting awaiting the results of one single regatta of importance. The results were in the ILYA's favor. Cheers abounded as we realized the impact of the last race in a series. He would join another of our fine sailors on a voyage across the Pacific.
          Fundraising began and we watched one of our member clubs embrace his mission as if their own. The love, outpouring of generosity and sense of unity enriched us all. In September many of us awoke each morning to run to our computers to see the day's accomplishments. At the end of a week, the ILYA was the proud papa of a Bronze Medal winner. John Ruf has brought us joy, a sense of community, unbridled pride and display of love for the sport."

Phil Petersen of Okoboji was presented the Ed Malone Trophy for Race Committee Member of the Year. RC head Chip Mann noted Petersen's effort along with his entire Okoboji Race Committee team at this season's Championship regatta. Phil presented this organization with a detailed plan which will serve as a model for future years. The Okoboji volunteer spirit and donations in terms of RC involvement embody the spirit of the entire club as they step forward frequently to welcome the ILYA. As credit to his attention to detail, the ILYA Board suggested, in jest, his spreadsheets for last year's event could be utilized now for application at this year's venue. Congratulations to Phil and his crew for an effort that is deserving of much more than this trophy. The ILYA appreciates your generous donation of time and spirit.
Photos by Pat Dunsworth


The John Hunt Family was in attendance to mark their father's induction into the ILYA Hall of Fame. Kathy Abene and Robert Hunt accepted the award with fond memories of their father's participation in the ILYA. Robert brought along his father's Bilge Pullers tag number 79 to share his recollections.

Fritz Ruf spoke on behalf of the Arnold Meyer, Sr. family at his induction into the Hall of Fame. John Ruf and Sarah Spencer Ruf, great grandchildren of the inductee attended to accept this honor.

 ILYA welcomes Mark Prange at the helm
MORCThe ILYA Delegates welcomed new Director Dale Norton from Okoboji to its Board. The Board then elected Mark Prange from Okauchee as the new Commodore of the ILYA. Rick Trester was elected to the position of Vice Commodore. Peter Friend of Pewaukee will join the Board as the new Secretary-Treasurer of the organization. Thank you to retiring Board members Tom Hodgson and Suzanne Reese for years and years of service.

  • The youth initiative of 50% reduction in registration fee will apply for another year.
  • Scowlines will be offered to every club's membership as a marketing tool for the ILYA
  • Fleet meetings resulted in the recommendation of seven races for the C, E and and MC fleets at regattas
  • The C fleet has recommended a throwout after six races
  • Minnetonka has accepted the Melges 17 Champs for 2009
  • Geneva was named the host for the 2010 Champs
  • LaBelle will host the No Tears East; Harriet the No Tears West in 2009
  • All the fleets stepped up to assist with party promotion at Green Lake champs in 2009.
  • The fleets recognized the implications of a tough year in this economy. Efforts will be made to provide assistance with housing and barebones financing to encourage participation at our events. Camping, economical meals, regatta packages all were discussed.
lick below to view the ILYA Annual Report. This pictorial review of the year was compiled by Past Commodore Suzanne Reese. The report is available online, not in print. The cover shot is graciously provided by Pat Dunsworth. Other photos are by Stacie Carlson, Larry Kmiecik and Candace Porter. Thanks to Suzi Reese who prepared the report as her "swan song" for the ILYA.

Annual Report 2008
Dick Rose

Three boat length circle - Are you ready? 
Dick Rose from Seattle, US Sailing and the latest rules committee presented an interpretation of the new rules to race committee and sailors alike. He suggests practice with the new three boat length rule on land and water.
He has sent us a paper to explain the new rules. Click here to read his paper.
The 2009 edition of the MOCR is now history.  It is part of a new ISAF event known as the World  Cup.  Miami was the second of seven yearly events sponsored by ISAF,  sailed in the US, Australia and Europe, to declare the top Olympic Class contestants.  It remains the only ISAF Level One event held in the US.  Level One Events are ISAF's highest category of competitions.  Each event is run under a very strict set of instructions and protocals.  Even our radio transmissions are monitored. The World Cup events are compulsory regattas for the US Sailing Team, as they are for most other National teams.  This makes for awesome competition, as these events are the incubator for future Olympians.
As in the past a number of ILYA race officers participated.  Those included myself as PRO, John Hanson and Charlie MacNeider from Clear Lake, IA., Jock Irvine from White Bear Lake, Chip Mann from Cedar, WI., and Barb Gamache from Lake Macatawa, MI.  Jeff Butzer filled in for a few days as one of our intrepid group was recovering from an injury.  We were supported by the usual ROs from Milwaukee, Chicago, Florida and Texas.  Along with the race committees, an International jury and field of umpires imposes onwater penaltys on the fleets while they are racing. 
There are 6 circles racing at one time in Miami.  We had the difficult task of doing the 470 men and women, as well as the Finns on a trapazoid course.  At the 1996 Olympics in Savannah, we had a cast of over 75 to do just  the 470s.  Now we do them as well as another class with just 15. Of 29 races scheduled, we did 28 over the week.
As a nice tribute to this capable team, we have been selected to run the Medal Race each year since its inception.  Although the first year we did all 11 classes, which was too much for one circle,  the Medal Races are now conducted on 2 circles, and we shared the load with the capable team from Coral Reef YC, Coconut Grove.
Most of this team has been together for a  long time, and can play any position including PRO.  Their abilities and teamwork are well known and recognized by US Sailing.
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