Volume 11, Issue 9 February 1, 2016  
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13- US Sailing Judges Seminar - Pewaukee Harken
12 - US Sailing Judges Seminar - Wayzata YC
13 - ILYA Board of Directors Meeting - Minneapolis
23-24 No Frills C - Missouri YC
30 - 5/1 Springfield C
7-8 Icebreaker C - Cedar IN
Mother's Day C - Spring Lake, MI
14-15 Cedar Spring C/MC - Cedar, WI
21-22 LaBelle Tuneup
21-22 Geneva Spring E 
4-5 MIR C Delavan
10-12 C Nationals - Monona
16-17 Zenda U - Oconomowoc
18-19 WI MC Champs - Oconomowoc
21-22 TRAP X - PIne
27 LBSS Opti - Lake Beulah
29-30 Quad X - Pine

11-12 GLSS X
13 - GLSS Opti
15 - TRAC Opti - Cedar
18-19 Xtreme X - Oshkosh
14-17 MC Invite - Harriet
21-24 C Invite - Nagawicka
23-24 WYA X - Beulah
27-30 ILYA X Champs - Okoboji
31- 8/2 Opti Champs - Clear
4 Pram Power - North Lake
5-7 WYA C Pewaukee 
10-13 WMYA - Spring Lake, M
12-13 X Blue Chip - Cedar, WI
17-21 ILYA Champs - Geneva

10-11 Maxinkuckee Fall
     Big Waters C- South Shore
     George Dorn MC - Beulah
17-18 C Blue Chip - Okauchee
22-25 E Blue Chip - Pewaukee
24-25 Lotawana C
           Beulah C Challenge

1-2 Polar Bear - Davenport, IA
8-9 C Worlds - Delavan


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Porter Takes Train Wreck Title on First Day  
Lake Eustis MC Train Wreck
                           by John Porter
For anybody who is looking for some sailing time during the winter, the Triple Crown Series at Lake Eustis Sailing Club is not to be missed. LESC always provides great hospitality, beautiful water, a fun atmosphere, and epic sunsets. If you haven't attended the Southeast Regional, Train Wreck, or Midwinters festival, add this to your annual bucket list.
Two years ago, the Train Wreck was cursed with very little wind, causing a single race event spent entirely on the low side. The wise organizers at LESC bumped the event to three days with afternoon sailing on Friday. As 42 boats trickled in from near and far, they were met with a cold, rainy day of setup on Thursday. Camaraderie was high as we were all anticipating a gorgeous Friday. Friday arrived to great wind, sun, and a group of sailors itching to hit the water. PRO Bob Arms got us out on the water promptly at 1 for a day that was originally intended to be 3 races.
In race 1, we saw a big left shift right before the start, pushing the fleet over and causing a postponement while the line was dragged back about 10 degrees. With about a minute and a half to go, a big right hand shift rolled into the starting area. Most of the fleet was caught on the left side of the course during a 35 degree wind from the right. Mark Grinder, Dave
Johnson, John Porter, Chris Kubicek, Monte Stamper, Ted Keller, Zack Clayton, and Matt Fisher all hedged to the right with Dave Johnson leading at the first mark. On the run, Mark Grinder nailed the gybe into a changing breeze to jump himself into the lead. The second beat saw a big left shift and a build in pressure which suited Mark Grinder as he extended his lead. On the final run toward the finish, a puff from behind compressed Dave Johnson and John Porter into a photo finish with Mark winning, John second, and Dave third. Monte Stamper and Chris Kubicek had their best finishes of the regatta posting 8th and 5th respectively.
Race 2 saw Rob Seidelmann break to the right after the start leading a big pack of boats through a long, patient, left shift. Patience paid off as the wind shifted hard right at the top propelling Rob to an untouchable lead. The run saw a big right hand shift propelling John Porter, Scott Tillema, and Zack Clayton out of the 20s and into the top 10. The second beat was quite square with a big right at the top giving John Porter, Dave Helmick, and Zack Clayton a planning reach into the windward mark. The race finished with Rob Seidelmann in a big lead, followed by John Porter, Matt Fisher, Zack Clayton, and Al Haeger. Dr. Chris Brooks had his best finish of the event, posting a 6th.
Race 3 showed a building breeze and a big pressure line on the left of the course. Most of the fleet started on the second half of the line grinding all the way to the left layline. Those who were patient and dug into the shift benefited the most. The race was tight with hard competition in the top 10. Rob Seidelmann again schooled the fleet followed by Dave Helmick, Matt Fisher, Scott Tillema, and John Porter. Bob Cole Jr. showed his best performance of the weekend with a 7th place finish.
After looking at a dismal forecast for the duration of the weekend, PRO Bob Arms elected for a 4th race on Friday afternoon in a building breeze. The final race showed a big split in the wind. This was clearly a race where you had to commit all the way to a layline and hope your edge prevailed. John Porter and Jeremy Pape lead the charge to the left with JP Bordes giving chase. Rob Seidelmann, Matt Fisher, and Zack Clayton lead the charge right. The left prevailed as the breeze continued to build into truly windy conditions. The remainder of the race was spent grinding for position and enjoying big breeze and big waves. In the end, John Porter won the race followed by Jeremy Pape, Mark Schneider, JP Bordes, and Craig Eaton. Mark, JP, and Craig really showed awesome speed and technique to the pack behind them.
Unfortunately, the dismal forecast was correct and no further racing was attempted during the weekend. Fortunately, the group at these events is seconto none and everyone had a blast waiting for wind. Monte Stamper smoked some amazing brisket for Saturday dinner and MARGARITAS! were flowing generously. In the end, John Porter won the Train Wreck followed by Rob Seidelmann, Matt Fisher, Dave Helmick, and Zack Clayton. Matt Fisher was Master Champion. Dave Helmick was the top Grand Master. John Houck was top Mega Master. Certainly not least, our top Old Salt was Ronald Reeves. Dave Moring showed a marked improvement over last year's Train Wreck with a 15th place finish this year earning him the Most Improved award.
Thank you to LESC and all of your volunteers for an awesome event. We can't wait to come back for another weekend of your terrific facility, lake, and hospitality.

2016 MC Train Wreck
01/29/2016 - 01/31/2016
Hosted by
  Last Name First Name Div Club/St Sail # R1 R2 R3 R4 Total
1 Porter John U50 LBYC/WI 2538 2 2 5 1 10
2 Seidelmann Robert U50 None/ - 2078 13 1 1 6 21
3 Fisher Matt M HSC/OH- 2437 6 3 3 14 26
4 Helmick David GM LESC/FL 2543 11 4 2 11 28
5 Clayton Zack U50 LESC/FL 2585 4 9 9 13 35
6 McDonald Andy U50 ISC/IN- 2001 12 10 6 8 36
7 Tillema Scott U50 MYC/MO- 222 10 7 4 16 37
8 Pape Jeremy M LLSC/GA 2568 17 12 10 2 41
9 Keller Ted U50 TLYC/Mi 2653 7 8 12 18 45
10 Johnson Dave U50 LESC/FL 2100 3 22 8 17 50
11 Cole, Jr. Robert GM LESC/FL 1977 16 14 7 15 52
12 Bordes Jean-Pierre U50 LESC/FL 1699 25 16 11 4 56
13 Schneider Mark M None/ - 2166 31 13 13 3 60
14 Haeger Allan GM LBYC/WI 2015 24 5 25 7 61
15 Moring David U50 LESC/FL 2188 15 11 16 19 61
16 Grinder Mark GM CYC/NY- 2596 1 17 28 23 69
17 Eaton Craig U50 LESC/FL 2331 27 19 18 5 69
18 Stamper Monte M LESC/FL 2076 8 25 30 10 73
19 Andert Chris U50 LESC/FL 2299 14 18 22 21 75
20 Kubicek Chris M LBYC/WI 2484 5 23 23 29 80
21 Sayler Lee GM LESC/FL 2201 19 20 19 24 82
22 Wynkoop Robert M PYC/CT- 1751 26 24 14 22 86
23 Hendershot William GM VDM/QC- 1712 18 26 15 30 89
24 Briggs Keven M LESC/FL 2393 36 15 32 12 95
25 Brooks Chris M LESC/FL 2557 9 6 DNF DNS 99
26 Martin Thomas GM CYC/NC- 1721 39 35 29 9 112
27 Houck John MM LESC/FL 2097 23 36 20 35 114
28 Moore Christopher M PYC/CT- 2074 21 32 36 25 114
29 Vink Joshua U50 LESC/FL 1708 28 21 34 31 114
30 Moehl, Sr. Geoffrey GM LESC/FL 2412 34 31 26 26 117
31 Few Jonathan U50 LNYC/NC 1767 29 29 OCS 20 120
32 Cole Robert GM LESC/FL 1372 22 38 24 DNF 126
33 Wasserman Burke M PYC/CT- 1016 30 27 35 34 126
34 Kuhl Jr John MM KYC/NY- 2639 OCS 40 17 28 127
35 Rotier Steve GM LBYC/WI 2522 37 28 31 32 128
36 Jenkins Spencer M KSC/SC- 2335 38 34 21 36 129
37 Boho Steve M LGYC/WI 2614 DSQ 33 33 27 135
38 Fancher Donald MM LESC/FL 2440 35 30 37 33 135
39 Ecklund Philip MM LESC/FL 2384 20 37 DNF DNS 141
40 Reeves Ronald OS LESC/FL 1949 32 41 27 DNF 142
41 Niedospial Bryant M SSS/FL- 1764 33 39 DNF DNS 156
Come See Mary B  
Frozen Assets Festival at Edgewater - Februsry 5-7 
The Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club of Madison is bringing the famous Mary B ice yacht back to Madison. On Friday, February 5th through Sunday, February 7th, the public will be able to see the huge vintage ice yacht at Clean Lakes Alliance's annual Frozen Assets Festival. Hosted by the Edgewater, the festival will run from 10 am to 3 pm daily.
The Mary B ice yacht was built in Madison by builders Frank Tetzlaff and Carl Bernard and raced on area lakes since 1947. The Mary B has the most wins in its fleet of class A stern steerers, the largest ice yachts in the world. She is referred to as the Queen of the Ice. An all-wood boat over 40 feet long, 40 feet tall, and weighing over a ton, she is built of the best wood available and is beautiful to see standing still or moving along at high speeds.
The Four Lakes Iceboat Club plans to show AND race the Mary B. The club has incorporated the ice yacht as a nonprofit organization and will be seeking donations to help with annual regattas and showing the Mary B at winter events.
If you wish to donate, please contact the club at iceboat.org, or visit the Clean Lakes Alliance website at cleanlakesalliance.com. The club will also accept donations at the Frozen Assets Festival at the Edgewater in February.

And a note from another classic iceboater: 
The Mary B was the biggest on Lake Monona primarily raced there due to the number of ice shantys on Mendota, but it was not the biggest of the Stern Steerers.....The Deuce last owned by Bill Perrigo (to my knowledge) and the Deb, to our knowledge owned by Roger DeRousha in Marinette, but know it was since sold.  Fun to think of them. Fun to see interest in ice yachting. ---- Clyde Buckstaff
The life of a Women's Matchracer . . .   
Sally Barkow
Sally is about to catch a flight to Utah / park city to ski with Carl & Augie this weekend! --- Ok, this is vacation!! BUT THEN. . . 
US Sailing board of director meeting in San Diego...
then to Miami do teach a clinic... 
Then to Bermuda to train on the M 32 before setting on the way to Perth for the opening WMRT event..... 
Just started a fundraiser selling ' Magenta Project' coffee!!  ----- 

Women are working hard to equalize the opportunities throughout the sailing world. Support Sally Barkow with Steph Roble on board in their quest for competition in the World Matchracing Tour. 
US Sailing Judges Course --- It's for you!!   
Pewaukee in Two Weeks
One of the ILYA and US Sailing's goals is to have at least one qualified US Sailing Club Judge at each inland club.  While this is a tall order, we need to start by training willing candidates.  This course offers a hands on approach through class room, roleplaying, and study of actual hearings.  It is well worth the fee and the lunch the PYC will serve will make it all worth the trip and your time.
Who should attend this course? 
You! This is not a course to make you a rules guru. You do not need full understanding of the intricacies of the Racing Rules of Sailing. This is about learning the process of protests. Many folks of all levels of sailing proficiency took the course last year. They all came away with an appreciation for running a protest meeting. Remember, protest committees are usually comprised of three individuals. You all bring differing knowledge and understanding to the hearing. Now is the time to start to feel comfortable volunteering as a judge in that hearing. Bruce Martinson is expert but brings teaching down to all levels. He makes it seem straightforward. There were nothing but kudos from last years' courses east and west. 
The link to registration is below. You have to have your cursor on the left side of the screen to scroll down to the different seminars.  If anyone has a problem finding it have them give me a call.  
612 723 7030
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