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 December 6, 2011 




Winter Inland - second weekend in Feb. - DAVE PERRY, Olympic hopefuls, new 420 committee and issues.

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Delavan Christmas Time - Deadline December 8th
 Twas the morning of Christmas throughout the ILYA,
     when lucky X boaters texted each other, "What?" you say
Great gear under the tree with your boat name embossed?
   From Delavan? the X Inland? It's never to be lost!
A vest, sweatpants, shirt - the coolest sailing gear,
   It's the best gift ever, can't wait for the sailing year. 
How did my parents do it? They're the best all the time,
   but they outdid it this Christmas - glad, they are mine.
Hey Fergie, Hey Kutsch, Hey Chapman, Hey Cox,
   Hey Bitney, Hey Simon, Hey Kierstad - what you got?
We sailors know a thing or two, look what we wear
   It's an Inland pride thing, join us, if you dare.
We look rad with our gear and the boat looks real fast,
  Order now from the website - don't be the last. 

Is your X boater (or former X boater) proud of his or her boat name and number? Delavan Lake Yacht Club invites you to look at the Customized Holiday X Regatta Gear to order in time for December holiday delivery. But December 8th is the cutoff to order Coaster Sets to get to you by Dec. 20th.


Your personalized regatta gear is ready to order! The holiday season is a great time to give your skipper and crew gifts getting them ready for the regatta. Remember, if you want Coaster Sets for holidays, customized Hats, Fleece, Squall Jackets, Vests and Duffels must be ordered by Thursday December 8, by close of business.


Go directly to our almost ready for prime time shopping page; click below:



More details:


●     Specialty Gear - All will have your choice of Sailboat numbers and one line underneath the design on Clothing and Duffels. The additional line will be on the back of the hat for boat name or sailor name.

●     Leather Coasters with 2012 X Boat regatta outline comes in a set of 6 with a holder.

●     The traditional T Shirt (design is still under wraps) will be ready at regatta registration on Wednesday July 25.


All gear must be ordered by December 8 by close of business so that all shipments arrive by afternoon of Wed Dec 20th.  

420 Summer Program

Sailing School Directors - Report of the meeting 

Fifteen southern movers and shakers met on Sunday to kick start the development of a 420 program for the 2012 season. Quickly on the heels of the sanctioning of the club 420, sailing schools are meeting collectively to develop a schedule of events, create learning and racing opportunities and to join to purchase boats. 


The group has preliminary suggestions which will be investigated in the next month with a January meeting set to finalize a proposal for Winter Inland presentation.  Here is an overview:

Pewaukee has generously offered to run Tue and Thurs evening classes with racing to anyone in the area. (Did you know nearly 45% of their students are NOT PYC members? -- that means they are running most successful fall and spring HS programs and opening their arms to all of us. It puts them on the map as a fast-growing sailing center). They currently have 10 boats and will welcome all of us as our youth sailors join together this summer for a continuation of their fall and spring offerings. 

A schedule has been tentatively set - the committee asked for lakes to consider hosting 420 events in combination with X and Opti established events to ease the first year organizational needs, to bring exposure to our lakes and to promote the 420. Local clubs are now looking at schedules to determine if the schedule can be finalized by the Winter Inland. This allows parents a guarantee of opportunities for the 2012 season - with events which are local. The tentative request list:

May 12+13                          Pewaukee is holding a 420 event

Memorial Day                    Okauchee Clinic

June 25                               Beulah (Opti regatta)

June 26-27                          Pine (Trap)

July 10-11                           Geneva (GLSS)

July 23                                Cedar (No tears)

Aug 9                                 North Lake (Pram Power)

Aug 17-19                           Mendota (Youth Champ/ILYA)

Lastly, purchase of new and used boats was discussed. The committee has homework in this area but there was discussion of purchasing some new for our established clubs to pass down some good used boats. More as we learn about the availability of boats and fleet pricing. Purchase price complete with trailer for traveling will be published as available.  

Any questions, Ed Eckert edeckert136@gmail.com

Here's to Delavan for another lasting idea!
Delavan Lake Yacht Club invites all Inland Lakes Yachting Association Member Clubs with X Fleets in 2012 to participate in the creation of the ILYA X Inland Regatta Quilt.  Each Club is invited to make a quilt Square and supply it to Laurie Schroeder in Delavan for quilt completion.

Each Club Square will represent the Club's X Fleet and/or the contributing Club.

On the back of the quilt will be cloth strips to memorialize the club raffle winners in successive years.

Square SIze: Begin with a 14'x14" block, leaving a 1" seam allowance on all four sides. Therefore, each Square should be designed within a 12"x12" area.

Material: Moderately dense woven are best such as cottons. Avoid knits, burlap, Appliqued, Embroidered, or Quilted will be appropriate.

ILYA Quilt - "The Deed of Trust"

 The completed X Inland Regatta Quilt will be on display at the Delavan Lake Yacht Club until July 28, 2012. Raffle tickets will be sold to determine the home of the quilt for remaining weeks prior to the 2013 ILYA regatta (currently scheduled for Oshkosh). Two weeks before the next X Inland Regatta the quilt will be delivered to the Regatta Host Club, where it will be available for showing and to raffle it off for the remaining year to the next winning club. Two weeks prior to the 2014 ILYA X regatta, and each successive annual regatta, the quilt will be delivered from the current winning club to the next ILYA X Inland Host Club for a repeat of the annual cycle. Proceeds of the raffle go to defray the cost of the host regatta. 


The raffle drawing will be at the final social event of the X Inland Regatta prior to the trophy presentation. The winning ticket owner's ILYA Club affiliation will determine which ILYA Club will have the honor of displaying the quilt. If the winning ticket owner is not affiliated with an ILYA club, the owner must select an ILYA Club with an X Fleet to display the quilt for the following year. The actual quilt transfer will occur at the final trophy presentation of that year's X Inland Regatta.

In the event that the quilt is retired from active service (such as retirement of the X Fleet, or retirement of the regatta event) as defined by the ILYA Board of Directors, it will be auctioned off to the highest bidder, and proceeds will be used to fund youth sailing activities. In the event of the dissolution or merging of the ILYA prior to the next year's X Inland Regatta, and no succeeding X Fleet activity, the quilt will be returned to the Delavan Lake Yacht Club.




Please send your Quilt Contact person for your club's contribution to

saildlyc@gmail.com or call Richard Beers, 262-725-1424. 


The deadline for each club's submission of finalized quilt square is April 1, 2012.


Richard Beers
262-394-2428 cell

Police find sailing gear

Hey all

The Wauwatosa police department found a blue sailing bag with all sorts of sailing gear, new life jacket etc, and had my cell phone in it so they called looking for the proper owner. If you are missing such or know of someone please call me. Please pass this on to others who sailed with us ( Milwaukee YC) this past summer. I think they found the bag in June.

Wishing you all a blessed holiday season.



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