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Volume 3, Issue 55

December 29, 2008

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Winter Inland 2/6-8
ILYA Regatta Dates
Melges 20 Boat of the Year
US Sailing Names Clear Lake
Garber/Lamphere Named
New MC at Melges
Green Lake Housing
WYA Date
ILYA Office
Summerset Marine
Melges Performance
North One Design
MVP Skills
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     The 2009 Winter Inland will be held February 6-8 at Olympia Resort and Spa, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin.
     Activities begin on Friday afternoon at 4:00 with an open meeting of the Promotion Committee. Everyone is invited, especially fleet committee members. This is followed by meetings of the junior fleets. A cocktail reception follows.
     Saturdy features adult fleet meetings, delegates meeting, awards luncheon, special presentations on the new racing rules by Dick Rose of Sailing World, and numerous informative roundtable discussions on a variety of topics. A cocktail reception follows!
     The ILYA Board of Directors and Rules Committee meet jointly on Sunday morning.
     For a full scheule of events and activities, download the following:

Room reservations at Olympia should be made
directly by calling (262) 369-4999.  Mention ILYA.
Please notify ILYA of your plans to attend. You can use the following form:
Please reserve _____ all-inclusive tickets @ $30.00 each for my group. Fee includes 2 days of meetings, Sat. lunch, cocktail reception with cash bar and reception and Sunday lunch for those attending the Board of Directors meeting.
· My check for ______ payable to the ILYA is enclosed.          
· _____ Use my VISA or MasterCard. 
(Late registrants will be charged $35.00, if available.) 
I do intend to stay for the Board meeting. I will need
____ lunches on Sunday. 

Please send registration information to
ILYA, P.O. Box 311, Fontana, WI 53125
or fax the ILYA office at 262-203-7722
or E-mail
Please send by February 1, 2009.

Room reservations at Olympia should be made
directly by calling (262) 369-4999.  Mention ILYA.
City, State:                                      Zip:       
Yacht club affiliation:       
VISA or MC #:       
Expiration date:       
Name on card:       
Signature: ______________________________   
  • ilyaburgeeThe Green Lake Champs will encompass one full week, which will allow each fleet to sail on one weekend day. The C, I-20, and E fleets will compete Thursday through Saturday, August 13-15; classes A One Design and MC will sail Sunday through Tuesday, August 16-18. Bilge Pullers will meet Saturday evening. 
  • The X Championship fleets will sail at Gull Lake July 23-25. X Championship bids were awarded to Pewaukee in 2010 and Clear in 2011.
  • The ILYA Optimist Championship will be held on Lake Beulah on Tuesday and Wednesday July 28-29. 
  • Cedar Lake, Wis. was named as host of the joint M-16 Championship and I-20 Invitational, June 20-21
  • Melges 17 Champs will be hosted by Minnetonka July 25-26
  • The ILYA Youth Champs have not been announced.
Melges 20: Best One-Design (reprinted from Sailing World)
With legs-in hiking and heavy-air stability, this quick little sportboat is the ultimate one-design racer.
Dec 19, 2008
By Tony Bessinger 

In sportboat terms, the Melges 20 rips in big breeze, but in the light winds during our test sail, the powerful sail plan pushed the boat along effortlessly. There's no refuting that the Melges 20 incorporates the best features of all of Melges' boats into one sweet little package. If it weren't for the chine running through the aft section, you'd think the Zenda crew simply shrank the Melges 24. Yes, it's like the 24 in many ways, especially how it moves through the water, but this pint-size sportboat has its own personality traits-good ones, too.

"It's a boat that I think would be fun to just take out and day sail," said Stewart, touting the virtues of a boat that will have you itching to leave work early whenever the breeze is up. And the ease of getting the Melges 20 to the water, particularly if it's drysailed, is all the more reason to do so.

Intended as a straight up one-design, the class rules have no crew-weight restrictions, but the boat will sail best with three average size adults. Class rules mandate legs-in hiking, and allow professionals to be owner/drivers so long as they own the boat.

The Melges 20's deck layout is clean and functional, and with the vang mounted above the boom, the business end of the cockpit is wide open for the forward crew to handle the spinnaker and move effortlessly from side-to-side. Spinnaker sheets are led inside the cockpit aft, which keeps them inside the stanchions (and not under the boat). Padded backrests on the upper lifelines provide comfortable support for the crew to lean outboard, out of the skipper's line of sight.

The design brief with this boat was to keep it as simple as possible, getting away from the micro tuning that is the norm in Melges 24 class competition. Fore-and-aft adjustable shroud cars (set with pins) on short tracks can change rig tension from 200 to 700 pounds with very little effort. Rig changes can be made between races without having to break out the tools.
For more, click here

ussailinglogoClear Lake Yacht Club in Clear Lake, Iowa, has received the One-Design Club of the Year award. The Club is run entirely by volunteers and offers a variety of racing events for numerous one-design classes including Hobie 16, Optimist, E, C, MC and X classes as well as a sailing school, with US SAILING certified programs for both youth and adults. The Club consistently operates with a positive cash flow enabling them to fund regattas, youth programs and scholarships as well as make charitable donations. Each year, the Club has seen increases in every class due to the visibility of the club in the community and the success of the sailing school converting students to lifelong sailors. Clear Lake Yacht Club has become a centerpiece of the Iowa community, not typically thought to be a sailing region, by creating a fun, successful, social, one-design sailing organization run solely by dedicated volunteers for the past 75 years.
Minnetonka's Ben Garber and Geneva's Malcolm Lamphere were named to the South American team. The two young men will travel to Paracas, Peru March 13-23. Congrats to the two IOD sailors.  
Melges has been working this fall and winter on a new MC for 2009.  A few pictures have been released but many will be posted soon as the Melges Team plans to sail this new boat shortly.  The new cockpit will be sealed much like our successful new X boat.  The cockpit is longer giving the sailor more room, especially when it is time to roll your sail or get in or out of the boat.  The boat will be on display at the Strictly Sail Show in Chicago January 29-February 1.  That will be the public's first look at this awesome new boat!

 Housing info 
A block of rooms is available at the Heidel House for the week-long event. You can access the block under "ILYA" or "National Class A Scow Association." The phone number for the Heidel House is 800-444-2812. They have a tiered rate system. They have offered $149 per night for 'run of the house' rooms (they guarantee a specific rate, with a possible variety of room types being utilized), $179 per night for deluxe lake view rooms, and $219 per night for one bedroom suites. 
There are many other hotels in the area-- for more go to:
Green Lake is planning a fun-filled event with a party and band for each half of the week. Of course, the wind will be perfect throughout the event! Make plans to support your fleet and the ILYA at Green Lake.


Kent Haeger reports the WYA Board met to announce the C Championship dates for '09. Plan now to travel to Delavan on August 7-9 for great C racing for WYA-member clubs. 
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