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 December 13, 2012

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February 2013

9 - Winter Inland


8-10 ILYA C champs; Regis 8/7

11-13 ILYA A champs; Regis. 8/10

15-17 ILYA E/MC champs; Regis. 8/14  Housing options 

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Matchracing - It's a Midwest Phenomenom

sally aguilar
  Barkow, Canfield, Roble, Shea 
Only one month ago, Illinois/Wisconsin sailor Will Haeger (Beulah) won the matchracing college nationals sailing for Tufts. Last weekend, Sally Barkow (Pine,far left in photo) teamed with Maggie Shea (White Lake, second from right) to win the BVI Carlos Aguilar event. Steph Roble (Beulah) also participated in the event and finished seventh but beat Dave Perry and Dave Dellenbaugh in a match. Geneva sailor Meg Six was also  there with Roble. Our ILYA women continue to demonstrate sailing prowess in this discipline.
The same weekend, Chicago sailor Taylor Canfield, a long shot in the rankings, won the prestigious Monsoon Cup in Malaysia. While from the BVIs, Taylor attended Boston College but now resides in Chicago and trains at the Chicago Matchracing Center along with Roble and Shea with regular appearances by Barkow. In his YouTube clips during the regatta, he thanks local sponsor Bob Hilliard and Line Honors, a Lake Geneva company. In his victory video clip, he promises a little nicer Christmas present for a young, Beulah sailor.
Nice to have the Midwest connection for all these most talented sailors. For the rest of us, make plans to support or visit the Chicago Matchracing Center next spring or summer to see the facility turning out all these champions.
Henry Chapman Qualifies for Opti Trip to Spain
USODA has announced several traveling teams for the early 2013 season. Henry Chapman of Nagawicka will travel with the team to Palamos, Spain to participate in February at the XXIV Trofeo Vilade Palamos Regatta.   

Christmas or 2013 Trophy Selections

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Look to the left and try our regular sponsors for last minute Christmas ideas. Of course she would love a new car since you probably purchased a new boat for next season. Lynch is your choice for her or a new truck or SUV to best tow your boat. If you have not traveled to Burlington/Waterford area, travel to visit the vast selection of cars and trucks on the lot or special, customized order.
Harken, North and Melges have been THE NAMES in our sport for years and years. Don't forget them as you shop for the last minute special items. Harken canvas is unduplicated - strong, attractive and customized for our boats. Harken gear is always a necessity. (I remember the year the men in my family decided we needed a Harken garage with a hoisting system for boats, bikes, other large items - seems there are loads of applications for all those cleats, pulleys and line).
North and Melges are our mainstay. We cannot sail without their quality products. No one stands prouder in the summer than when wearing Melges gear. And don't think boats are out of the picture. There are great new changes to the C; E's are sleeker, etc.
Line Honors - You see Line Honors at events but have you thought of shopping all winter? With the best in Gill gear, sales on some past event wear, Christmas emails with sales just for you, check out this Lake Geneva company - thanks to his support of the Canfield team mentioned above.   
Brightwork Boat Works - for those of you fortunate enough to own classic wooden boats, consider repair, restoration or advice from Madison dealer, Brightworks. Or mention Brightwork to your fortunate neighbors and thank them for supporting the ILYA.   
Check out the websites of all our advertisers and thank them for supporting our scow sailing.
And now for her - perhaps for you too, male sailors: Bags, bags, bags, Never too many cute, functional bags
Here is a new addition up north:
Boathouse Bags - New Kid on the Block

boathouse bags  

New Midwest Resource for Totes and Bags made from Recycled sailcloth:  

Limited time-offer: No premium charge if you order a Large ($80) or Extra-Large ($100) Beach Bag Tote you can specify the ILYA Class letter, ie.: A, E, C, X, etc., a $10 value. Order ASAP, and they will do their best to get your order in your hands in time for Santa's Sleigh. Discount expires on December 24th. Website deals with gift items starting at $25. 

Boathouse Bags is dedicated to designing and producing environmentally friendly, eco-chic, unique bags and accessories from actual sailboat sails, and other used and up-cycled sail materials. Made in the USA near the shores of Lake Minnetonka.

The used sails and materials deployed would otherwise be headed for a landfill.  Company owners and Minnetonka YC sailors Kathy and Bill Tomlinson are of the mindset that we can make a global difference by using recycled materials to create unique handcrafted products.

Bill boathouseTomlinson

Boathouse Bags, LLC
M: 612-619-0890 
22035 Stratford Place

Excelsior MN 55331



Stelluca - works of art, the most unusual bags with a sailing flare. 

If you are looking for a spinnaker cloth design that is feminine and yet made of recycled sails, Stelluca is your choice. Also consider items for your trophy awards banquet or regatta trophies. Stelluca's line of classic wooden trays with sailing hardware are most appropriate for awards.

stelluca christmas  

More Bags

 Sail La Vie - great color and many designs

With a new address in White Bear, Brigid Thompson is ready to make gear for your sailing school or college. Here is the new contact info:

Sail la Vie

1890 Whitaker

White Bear Lake, MN 55110


Karen Trepton Bags - Look for more on this next week.      
Scuttlebutt - Join for almost daily news
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Here is an example of a snippet that sparked my curiosity this week in Scuttlebutt. This e-publication is delivered Sunday through Thursday but can always be found on the Scuttlebutt website. There is something of interest every edition and sailors' comments are welcome. To subscribe, click here.


New York Yacht Club has two stations, one in Manhattan, N.Y., the other in Newport, Rhode Is. Being the home of the America's Cup for the longest time, they also must cater to their "social membership." Just how do they maintain a balance of servicing two divergent members (social and yachters)? Their bylaws require "Boats vote." You own a boat, you get to vote. You don't own a boat, you don't get a vote. Yachting will always be their major goal (in support of their Purpose of Being) and the social members get to tag along for the ride. This concept is simple, and has worked in their favor for 168 years. -- December newsletter of the Lake Michigan Sail Racing Federation:

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