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Bilge Pullers  

Volume 7, Issue 54                                                                                                            August 8, 2012

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Bilge Pullers

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Classes E, C, and I-20
 August 9 - 12, 2012
 Classes A, MC, and Club 420
August 16-19, 2012

Mendota Yacht Club 

Madison, Wisconsin


Regattas / Calendar



8-11     Western Michigan E, C, MC, Melges 17, Laser - Muskegon

9           Pram Power - North Lake

10-11    X Blue Chip - Cedar

11-12    D20 Great Lakes Laser Champs - Racine

9-12     ILYA Champs - E, C and I-20

13-14   ILYA Youth Singlehand  Laser  - Beulah 

            Opti RWB Chip - Labelle

16-19   ILYA Champs - A, MC and 420

22-25   MC Nationals - White Lake

25-26  Great Plains USODA Opti Regatta - Clear Lake



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Bilge Pullers 

Register online for faster Thursday. Two more days to join the Madison Madness. Beautiful water, treat restaurants, all your friends

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Keep up to date on the Big Inland

Lake Mendota is the place to be for all scow sailors these next two weekends, and the place to find the most current and up to date status of the event is through the ILYA Big Inland Facebook page. There you'll find the mark roundings and race finishes as they occur, pictures, videos, the most recent ScowLines, and be able to connect with your fellow sailors around Madison.


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Come See the Exciting Melges 17

Bilge Pullers 

Cedar Lake, WI - X Blue Chip - August 10-11

X Blue Chip - Check Out The Exciting Melges 17

Melges will have a brand new Melges 17 on display this weekend. See the boat up close and take it for a test sail. Pure fun - Pure Speed and Excitement. Parents and sailors alike. This is a boat where the crew is as integral as the skipper. It is fun every minute. Perfect boat for two youth, parent and youth, husband and spouse.

Melges built 15 New Melges 17's in 2012 and had 36 boats at last year's National Championship. The class is fun and growing! Check out the fun at the X Blue Chip on Cedar Lake, Wisconsin.

The Inland currently hosts an ILYA Champs regatta but will add an Invitational when the numbers support an added event. The destiny of the fleet is in your hands - an exciting time for young sailors.  

Bilge Pullers  Help us with our sailors at home 
Do you love "live" action? Are you on the racecourse? Do you own a smartphone? And, of course, you are on facebook. Please consider serving as a course reporter.
Bilge PullersHere's how it works.  Go watch your sailor on this great lake. But BEFORE you leave home -


  • 1 - copy the logo on the left of your favorite fleet.
  • 2 - Make this your facebook profile picture. This makes it easy for the folks at home to follow a favorite fleet. When you post, the fleet emblem will appear next to your name.  

 3 - At the event, enjoy the race

 4 -  Use your smartphone or iPad to record the roundings (top five are five), mishaps, great moments.


 5 - Post to the ILYA BIG Inland facebook page (go to your facebook page, search for ILYA BIG Inland and you are there).


6 - Thanks for being a correspondent - thanks for enjoying the regatta - thanks for supporting the ILYA and enjoying Mendota

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The ILYA needs your support and membership. The mission of the association is more than just hosting regattas, it's to encourage, develop, promote and foster amateur yachting and yacht racing on the inland lakes of the Middle West of the United States. To accomplish these goals we need you support year over year, whether or not you register for the current Big Inland. Every member who volunteers, competes, helps a beighbor, provides support to our local club, sailing school, or directly to the ILYA contributes to the overall vitality.


ILYA membership has its privileges 

  • Members can compete in two of the best regattas around, and open networking opportunities across clubs to promote communication of ideas across your fleet.
  • We work very hard at developing junior sailing programs. We organize the annual US Sailing Training Week for sailing school instructors with junior clinics for X, 420 and Optimist
  • Subscriptions to ScowLines and ScowSlants including advertising opportunities and class promotion
  • Participate in the Winter Inland with opportunities for class meetings, educational sessions for individuals and clubs, junior sailing, strategic planning for yacht clubs, and many more...
  • Educated Race Officers through our Race Officer program that appoints individual to classificiation, and provides training thoughout the year. This commitment has produced many internationally respected Race Officers.
  • The ILYA has developed and continues the scantlings for both the X and C classes. Inspection of all classes as the Annual Championship

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"When we talk about the ILYA it always comes back to traditions. Our rich history is not only something to be proud of, but it also helps us in moving forward. Where else can you race with sailors that you have been competing with for over forty years? At the same time we meet and greet new sailors in our classes that are just beginning to join this sport." - Rick Trester, Commodore

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