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Volume 4, Issue 33

August 8, 2009 

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gREENLAKELOGO "Honey, I really need to ask a favor. Next week I have the opportunity to see old friends from my youth. I can go to the quietest, most serene lake (except when I'm there) in Wisconsin - the deepest too if you want to get rid of me. This is the chance for me to relax and do what I love. It's worth the world to me and was that a new kitchen you were speaking of? I'd only need to be gone three days for the best time I've had in a while. You could come too. There are art shops, a jewelry shop where they make gold necklaces in the shape of lakes (I'll bring you home one anyway because I love you so much), a quaint ice cream shop, wonderful little restaurants, the Little Corporal for breakfast. There's a Columbia/North Face outlet in Oshkosh - that's not far away. A great little museum in Oshkosh. You could visit Ripon College for a college visit. It is the birthplace of the Republican Party - just a small school that fits everyone.
It's the BIG INLAND. No one should miss it. The dinner is an old-fashioned steak and corn affair. There's a fine, upstanding establishment we visit at night - something to do with birds not being able to see. Honey, this would mean so much. I'll even go visit old Uncle Ed in the Fall. Everyone will be there. We all voted this one of our favorite sailing waters for all the right reasons - big water with almost no motorboat traffic. I know you want me to be happy. It will improve our marriage."
======= Green Lake, here I come. =========
Entries are still being accepted on the website. See who is already coming.
 Come and join Pram Power on North Lake (Regatta Date:  Thursday, August 13)?  Registration deadline is Saturday, August 8th, Contact Sheri Theisen at
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