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Volume 7, Issue 52

 August 6, 2012

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Bilge Pullers

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Classes E, C, and I-20
 August 9 - 12, 2012
 Classes A, MC, and Club 420
August 16-19, 2012

Mendota Yacht Club 

Madison, Wisconsin


Regattas / Calendar



8-11     Western Michigan E, C, MC, Melges 17, Laser - Muskegon

9           Pram Power - North Lake

10-11    X Blue Chip - Cedar

11-12    D20 Great Lakes Laser Champs - Racine

9-12     ILYA Champs - E, C and I-20

13-14   ILYA Youth Singlehand  Laser  - Beulah 

            Opti RWB Chip - Labelle

16-19   ILYA Champs - A, MC and 420

22-25   MC Nationals - White Lake

25-26  Great Plains USODA Opti Regatta - Clear Lake



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The BIG INLAND - three days to go. Come for the fun.
 Cs, Es and I20s - FIRST TO GO
First - register and come. the fleets look to be strong but how can you miss all your friends? Mendota has been voted your favorite place to sail. It is the editor's favorite place to view sailing. The capital city's and University's panoramic skyline is breathtaking.
Second - help us.  Use the Big Inland Facebook page to post results and pictures as you spectate. Since there are three fleets sailing simultaneously, please identify your fleet and then post away.
Third - support your sponsors. Capital Brewing and Old Wisconsin bring food and drink to the event. Thank them as you see them. North Sails and Melges are our main scow suppliers --- enjoy success with their boats and sails.

Prange Takes Title

Bilge Pullers  

Okauchee welcomed 43 C scows to the annual Wisconsin Yachting Association event. The invitational was chaired by Alana and Briana Smith and what a party they created. Cocktails on Friday night, a great Pig Roast on Saturday with enthusiastic, youthful participants. Even the "old guys" felt young with the contagious energy of youth sailors - men and women alike. But--- make no mistake ---- on the water it was all experience that prevailed. The "Bad Ol' Boys" led the way. Mark Prange and Bob Stelter won the event followed by two more Okauchee "old guys". Steve Schmidt who cheated and took a younger Matt Prange. finished second, Chris Pinahs was third. Seems it paid to know the Okauchee home lake. PRO Larry Krause provided the full complement of five races in varying condition. The event serves as a warmup for the ILYA Champs at Mendota beginning Friday.


Results to be found later on the WYA website.

1 E1 Mark Prange & Bob Stelter 37 5 8 20 2 2
2 E88 Steve Schmidt, Matt Prange & Wendy Schmidt 43 6 11 5 13 8
3 E99 Chris Pinahs, Tim Mielke, Tricia Sazama, Scott Sazama & Peter Pakalski 51 27 6 8 6 4
4 A136 Ed Eckert, Matt Schmidt & Becca Schmidt 56 4 3 25 12 12
5 B7 Joe Kutschenreuter, Randy Schmidt & Molly Forbes 60 19 2 22 16 1
6 E89 Tim Schmidt & Casey Andreski 62 10 18 17 14 3
7 OO824 Dave Harris & Lou Morgan 65 8 9 29 10 9
8 E16 Dave Smith, Alana Smith & Brianna Smith 68 11 4 6 23 24
9 OO99 Dave Keck, Carolyn Keck & Austin Keck 72 9 5 26 15 17
10 N181 Peter Keck, Ben Porter & Alex Keck 73 3 46\OCS 4 1 19
Laser News
 ILYA Youth Singlehanded Cancelled 
With one week to go and no registrants, the Laser/Laser radial ILYA champs have been cancelled.

Great Lakes Champs---  NOR If you want to get practice in for HS or college singlehands, plan to attend this event at Racine YC. 10:15 start on Saturday.  
Our traveling 420 sailors

 Hyannis, CJ Buckley and Buzzard's Bay 

Since X boat Inlands, the older X boaters and the recently retired X boaters are now traveling as a group to the East Coast in the 420. It's a busy schedule and what a treat to see the success of our sailors. Thanks to Sharon Garber and Mike Crary for sending results and photos:

News from the East coast.

The Hyannis regatta with 102 - 420's.

Two ILYA Kids did really well.

4 Place  Ben Garber & Sarah Hogg

5 Place Willy Crary & Andrew Hed

The CJ Buckley Memorial Regatta

Bilge Pullers 

(The 420 Class Team Race National Championship)

"Team Dave" wins the National Team Race regatta. 

420 National Team Race regatta ( The CJ Buckley Memorial) sailed in East Greenwich, Rhode Island.

This is a repeat for a Midwest Team to win this national team race regatta. Will Haeger, Chris Banholzer and George Kutschenreuter won this three years ago.

Team Dave 

Ben Garber  MYC  Team Captain

Sarah Hogg   MYC

Will Holz CYC  

Madeleine Cooney CYC

Esteban Forrer  SDYC  ( San Diego)

Kennedy Plocek SFYC  ( San Fran)

Other ILYA Member who sailed.


Mary Claire Kiernan 

Samantha Foulson

Addy Ferguson

Rose Edwards

Bella Loosbrock

Madde Loosbrock

Classy Giraffes

Jack Bitney MYC


Will Crary  WBYC

Andrew Hed  WBYC

Anders Ekholm MYC

Caitlin McGoldrick MYC

Augie Dale PYC

Sarah Hannigan LISOT

Buzzard's Bay

Malcolm Lamphere - 1st in Laser Radial fleet and also won No Coast Laser event last week.

Colin Smith - 1st in Vanguard 15 fleet

Ben Garber - 7th, Augie Dale 20th in 420 fleet

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