Volume 12, Issue 55  
August 4, 2017
ILYA Championships
Lake Geneva
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2017 Regattas
3-5 ECESA - Little Egg Harbor, NJ
2-5 Western MI Champs E/C/MC - Crystal Lake
4 TCYS - Wayzata
4-6 WYA C - Nagawicka YC
11-12 X Blue Chip - Cedar, WI
16-20 ILYA Championships - C/MC/A/E - Lake Geneva YC
8-10 Max C/MC Fall - Maxinkuckee YC
8-10 E Nationals - Carolina YC
9-10 George Dorn MC - Beulah
9-10 Big Waters C - South Shore YC
16-17 C Blue Chip - Pistakee YC
16-17 Fenton Fall C - Lake Fenton YC
22-24 E Blue Chip - Pewaukee
23-24 NNN Beulah C Challenge - Lake Beulah YC
23-24 Lotawana C - Missouri YC
30 - Oct 1 - Polar Bear C/MC - Lake Davenport Sailing Club
7-8 C Worlds - Delavan YC

Breakfasts by Ogden & Company
Stop by each morning Thursday through Sunday for upstairs dining. Breakfast is buffet style by the Lake Geneva Yacht Club staff. Hot dishes and pastries. Thanks to Pewaukee's Peter Ogden for our morning gatherings and wind observations.

Join your friends in line for a $5 lunch at Craig's outdoor grill. Many of your friends will be serving you and you can volunteer also and meet all the sailors. Our youth gather here as well as all our volunteers who receive complimentary lunches from Craig. Craig Parker from Cedar Lake, Indiana, manages the grill. He donates all the extras and some of the mainstay protein served each day.  
Thanks to Lake Geneva Country Meats for its donation of hamburgers and brats. 
The Vorpagel Family has supported us for three years now by supplying the freshest of meats. The store is located on Hwy 50 east of Lake Geneva and is well worth a visit if you are in the area - meats, seafood and wine. What more could you want? Folks in the Geneva Lake area are familiar with the quality meat and visit often.
Upscale boxed quick lunches
Meet the race committee and all the full social package customers in the building on the east side of the property for quick pickup. You may purchase these lunches alone for the week - Thursday through Sunday each day. Toothpicks is located in East Troy but serves the Southern Lakes area. You will see them at weddings and other events Lake Geneva to Milwaukee. They have a small entertaining area located with their catering kitchens in East Troy which is suitable for small gatherings. They serve in your home, have Wednesday evening take out meals and cater larger events. Look for them on Facebook. Food for the regatta is boxed ready to go as you take your boat out in the AM and prepare for the PM races. Carry to your tender or to the lot in back with your boat.  
Italian Club - ham, genoa salami, capicola, provolone cheese,
lettuce, tomato, olive relish on a club roll
Great Lakes Salt & Pepper Kettle Chips
Fresh Fruit
Apricot Shortbread Cookie
Roast Beef - sliced roast beef, cheddar cheese, tomato, green leaf lettuce on a fresh baked kaiser roll;
mayonaise and mustard served on the side
Great Lakes Parmesan Ranch Potato Chips
Fresh Fruit Salad
Chocolate Chip Cookie

Herbed Chicken - herbed chicken salad, fresh spinach, on a ciabatta roll
Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips
Green & Red Grape Clusters
Triple Berry Oatmeal Bar

Club Sandwich - ham, turkey, bacon, tomato & sharp cheddar on a fresh baked sesame roll
mustard & mayo served on the side
Great Lakes Michigan Cherry BBQ Potato Chips
Melon Fruit Salad
Krispy Treat - combination of rice krispies, chocolate, peanut butter and butterscotch

After Race Treats
Each afternoon look for light refreshments on the porch sponsored by the ILYA and Lake Geneva Yacht Club and Commodore David Porter. These are included thanks to the generosity of our multiple sponsors listed below. 
Friday Night UBS - Bilge Puller Sail it On Night
Join us as UBS (David Perrigo) and the ILYA Bilge Pullers honor 23 special families of the ILYA. This is in no way inclusive of all our many, many families who contribute year after year to the traditions and work of the organization. The following families have prepared videos marking all the joy and adventures ILYA sailing has brought to their family.  The family videos will be playing continuously throughout the event on centrally located TV screens. David Perrigo will present these families to the Friday Night Party attendees at 6:30 SHARP! Please come as you are but be there for this tribute to this representative group of your friends. 
Allens   Minnetonka  
Barkow/Friend   Pine/Pewaukee  
Beers    Delavan    
Bischoff   Pine    
Burton   Minnetonka  
Davenport   Geneva/Beulah  
Driessen    Gull Lake    
Eckert   Cedar, WI  
Everist   Okoboji    
Freytag   Geneva    
Goes   Delavan    
Johnson   White Bear  
Keck   LaBelle, Nagawicka, Beulah
Lund-Mattison - Navin   Delavan/Geneva  
Melges   Geneva    
Meyer/Ruf/Koch/Schmidt/Spencer   Pewaukee  
Porter   Geneva    
Prange   Okauchee  
Reese   Long Lake, IL  
Strothman/Tews   Minnetonka  
Tesar/Quiram   Clear Lake  
Tornehl/Davis   Pewaukee  
Wyman   Oshkosh    
 Here are the eats for the night ---
Southern Style Dinner Menu - Again by Toothpicks Catering
  • Summer Berry Spinach Salad - Mixed Greens, Spinach, Fresh Berries, Julienned Carrots, Red Cabbage,Grape Tomatoes, Toasted Sunflower Seeds, Basil Vinaigrette
  • Lemon Thyme Pasta Salad - Casarecce Pasta, Fresh Green Beans, Crushed Pecans, Garden Herbs
    Lemon Thyme Vinaigrette
  • Catfish Po'Boy - Memphis Southern Style Slaw & Hawks Outlaw Remoulade
    Served on a Crusty Baguette 
  • Fried Green Tomato & Bacon Slider - Sriracha Cilantro Aioli 
  • Chicken & Sweet Chili Mango Skewers - Skewered and marinated in a House made Mango Glaze 
  • Andouille Jambalaya - Louisiana Andouille Sausage and Chicken,
    Savory Blend of Farm Fresh Vegetables and Jasmine Rice 
  • Creole Southern Fried Potatoes - Roasted with Fresh Garden Herbs
  • DESSERT is generously donated by the Cedar Lake, WI, Eckert family as they mark their family's involvement in Inland sailing. Two brothers (Jack and Ralph) who continue to serve us through race committee and generous donations with bunches of children (there is rumor of a college All American Ed Eckert Team Racing move) who brought oodles of youth sailors - Optis through college level - and now future great grandchildren beginning the "take them with to the regatta" stage. Their family has generated commodores of the Cedar Lake YC, an ILYA measurer (through marriage), a National C scow treasurer and ILYA Women's and Girls Clinic Chairs. Thanks to the Eckerts, Ralph and Jack, who started it all and were awarded an ILYA Member of the Year Award at the beginning of that trophy's life.  
Saturday Night US Sailing Night of Champions Dinner
The ILYA has long treasured its membership and involvement with US Sailing, our governing body. We have served on its committees, piloted some of its programs and rules changes and still participate in many of its championships and programs. Simply said, they are a partner who leads each club, each sailor and each class. If you are not a member, JOIN NOW! You are supporting the folks who lead, protect, change the sport of US sailing. They work to teach our race committee, our coaches, our rule-abiding sailors and our youth through conferences, classes and committee work. This sport in the US does not exist without their operation. Of note to our fortunate organization, US Sailing supports and sustains Olympic sailing and the ILYA has been blessed to have our youthful sailors (and perhaps not so youthful) benefit from the Olympic support. US Sailing will have a presence on our grounds and on the water as the chair of the Rules Committee John Strassman will serve. He is a local resource with national recognition. We are fortunate to benefit from his knowledge and instruction. 
The night's dinner will be catered by Lake Geneva's Celebrations. Menu to follow in later editions. They serve fresh, locally-procured food. Music and partying await as you all return to the same revelry of the last two years. 
To order your social package, lunches or evening meals, visit here. Order from storefront or with your boat registration. You can edit or add new orders at any time. DEADLINE FOR FOOD ORDERS IS AUGUST 9th.Offerings may close at that time if quantities are limited. 
US Sailing - Saturday Night at the ILYA Championships  
Safety at Sea
Ever wonder what you would do if someone fell overboard from your boat? Do you have a plan to deal with heavy weather if you can't reach a safe harbor? Interested in selecting the right emergency communications equipment or storm sails, but you're not sure what to buy? US Sailing's Safety at Sea seminars are designed for sailors of all types and levels - cruisers and racers, novices and experts. Appropriate for a wide range of boats - small, big, monohulls, multihulls (and powerboats, too) - that are sailed anywhere - near shore and offshore. Curriculum is certified by US Sailing, with special attention to conditions and challenges of the host organization's sailing area. More than 1,000 sailors attend safety courses around North America every year and many bring their families and crews. Interested in attending? Interested in your club hosting? Find out more here: http://www.ussailing.org/education/safety-at-sea/
US Sailing is proud to support the ILYA and host this year's Saturday night Big Inland party. So break out your FAVORITE TROPICAL ATTIRE and get ready to #FINDTHEFUN Saturday night, August 19th at the Lake Geneva Yacht Club. In honor of this sponsorship, US Sailing will be offering current ILYA members a custom gift the night of the event if you join or renew with US Sailing anytime between now and the party. Please use this unique link: USSAILING-ILYA and be ready to #FINDTHEFUN with US Sailing at the Inland and all summer long.
Who is Coming? 164 but we know it will be 200!   
Still Time to register - help us plan by registering today
A fleet - 13 total 
E fleet - 49 total
C fleet - 51 total
MC fleet - 51 total

Consider volunteering
There are no cars permitted on the property nor any launching of motorboats from the LGYC site during the event. It's a ballet getting all the boats in and out for two sailing sessions. But off-site parking is available at Jerry's Majestic Marine, N1599 Maple Ridge Rd, Lake Geneva, WI 53147. This is near Reek School which many of you remember as trailer parking from years ago. A shuttle runs regularly from that site. Volunteering is easy and gets you full access to the site. 

In particular we are in need of parking lot greeters (smiling faces), parking coordinators (people who can stay within the lines), shuttle bus drivers (just think of yourself as a tour guide), shuttle boat drivers to the mooring sites (good water skills) and tractor drivers (good skills in reverse but didn't you always want to drive one of those?). The volunteers are utilized Wednesday through Sunday. Use the volunteer sign up app in the upper left of Scowlines. Watch each day for needs. 

Pay --- a red shirt and a lunch. Competitive wages for a regatta! 
Special Seating  
There is limited, reserved seating in the restaurant area of the Lake Geneva Yacht Club. Due to the use of caterers for the event, the restaurant will not be open for regular table service for the Fri and Sat events. IF you want to make a donation to the event, (donation to the ILYA), need a guaranteed seat for your team or your special needs or special friends, visit the storefront for reserved seating. Signage will mark the table as yours for the event - other than Bilge Pullers. (and you can beg AJ for your seating there - he's the man in charge)
Thanks to Gill as our official and exclusive softgoods dealer 


Here is a sampling of goods on sale at the event. Look for other Gill and Line Honor products lakeside Wednesday through Sunday. 
Never Too late 
 If anyone is inclined to contribute to the festivities, sponsorship money will now be applied to the lighter after-race fare which might benefit the youth who often go offsite to eat and return for the later evening revelry or the race committee who volunteer for the four-day event. Your name will be included as a sponsor. ContactDavid Perrigo to offer your support. 
Try the Ridge for ILYA Champs   
Abbey is sold out
Reservations for The Ridge can be made by calling 262-249-3873 for a rate of $199.00. Please mention ILYA group. Please make reservations by Aug 5th. 
ILYA Championship Regatta Sponsors