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5-8 WMYA Champs - 


6-8 ECESA Championships - Chautauqua, NY

6-9 ILYA Championships I-20 - Mendota

7-8 X Blue Chip - Cedar, WI

7-9 WYA C - Okauchee

8-9 WI MC Champs - Delavan

19-23 ILYA Championships A, E, C, MC, Melges 17 - Geneva 




5-6   USODA Midwest Championships, Minnetonka, MN

9-13 E Nationals - Little Egg Harbor, NJ

11-13 I-20 Nationals, Fond du Lac

12-13 Maxinkuckee C/MC

19-20 Fenton Fall C

19-20 C Blue Chip - Okauchee

24-27 50th E Blue Chip - Pewaukee

26-27 Nan Norris Beulah C Challenge

26-27 Lotawana C Fall



3-4 Polar Bear C/MC - Davenport, IA

10-11 C Worlds - Delavan 


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X Championships -Pewaukee  





Harry Smith, Goes Sportsmanship Award
Meta Simon with Allen Memorial Trophy presented to top female finisher.
Opti Inlands Nets New Champs  
Full Results


Past Green fleeters move up to take the top spots in White Fleet. It's a progression which is encouraging to watch. This year's event saw new names from the North - Wayzata and Minnetonka sailed strong! Chicago came with both Green and Championship sailors. It was a joy to meet new friends who will be together in the next generation of scow sailors. 

To the right are two generations with longstanding family names. Kent Haeger provides coaching to Zack Clayton's son Luke who was here for a few weeks this summer from Connecticut to begin his own sailing story. Luke reports he was told to just have fun at this event. He completed all the races - 8 - and did enjoy a great summer here taking Opti lessons and filling in at WYA X for a missing crew. It's the beginning of a great sailing career, like his father, grandfather and great-grandfather before him.    - Photos by Elaine Rietz

 Lake Beulah had sailors all over the water. Beulah is a small lake and 39 Green and 73 RWB filled the main lake. Add spectator and coach boats and it was a myriad of sailing enthusiasts for all to enjoy. 

The heat was a concern. The RWB fleet enjoyed neighbor John Theisen's generous use of his play area, as well as housing for MN sailors and pontoon use. The Green fleet was carefully monitored midday on Tuesday as the air lightened and the effects of the heat were felt. Sailing school instructors and RC watched carefully as sailors were first told to use bailers to pour water over themselves, put limbs out into the water between races and finally full-blown swimming was allowed while the RC waited for wind to return. 
Welcome to the ILYA Championships - August 19 - 23  
Don't Let Anything Stop You from Attending

Frequently asked Questions

Regatta Entry and Storefront:

When can I bring my boat to Geneva?

Registration is formally Wednesday, but Geneva encourages you to drop your boat (and rig) at the club on Monday or Tuesday. This will alleviate some of the Wednesday congestion. Park your boat anywhere in an open spot. Geneva volunteers will move your boat to the appropriate area for your arrival on Wednesday.

Where will my boat be located?

The A Scows will be handled individually with very few located on the grounds. Some will be moored at Gage Marine. Others at members' homes on the lake. Please let ILYA A Fleet Rep Lee Alnes know where you are mooring (leealnes@comcast.net).

The E Scows will be located closest to South Shore Drive. Individual E's will be kept with your car on the paved surface. Crew cars or support crew cars will be parked at Jerry's Majestic Marine near Reek School (about 2 miles east). A shuttle will run between Jerry's and the YC.  OR. . . there is still some on-water mooring possible with your own anchors in shallow water in front of the South Shore Club (former military academy).  Water shuttles will run from the Yacht Club piers to these moorings.

C Scow positions vary on site. Volunteers will locate a spot for you. Once rigged, tow vehicles must move to the parking area at Jerry's majestic Marine. On race days drop your crew and equipment at the club and then drive on to Jerry's. The shuttle will drive you back to the YC. Tractors driven by volunteers will tow C Scows from your parking spot to the lakefront. Volunteers will assist you in launching your boat. Please assist with the hitch to speed up the process. The tractor driver will return your trailer to your spot.  OR. . .  there are some water moorings still available at Brookwood subdivision and at South Shore Club. Check with John Zils (262-275-3333) for availability.

MC Scows - front row seating!! Your boats will be hand-pushed to the lake front - just like the X kids do. You will stay with your boat. Volunteers will push your trailer back to its spot. There will be assistance at the crane and on the pier. Your cars will be stored off property at Jerry's Majestic Marine. A bus shuttle will run regularly between the YC and Jerry's.

Where do I put my motorboat?

There will be no motorboat launching at the YC. There are public and private launch areas around the lake. Locate a launch site near your housing.

How will my family watch the races?

Limited spectator boats will be available from the club. The new Buddy Melges Sailing Center has magnificent viewing areas from the upper and lower deck areas. Binoculars are a great accessory as all race courses are generally within view of the deck.

What about food during the event?

Enjoy breakfast, lunch or snacks at the club. The bar area and restaurant will be open during the event. There is also a grill located in the parking lot for faster service thanks to contributions from Old Wisconsin Meats and Lake Geneva Country Meats and cantina chef Craig Parker.

For sailors, we have upscale lunches catered by a local caterer, Toothpicks. We have emphasized QUANTITY for you hungry sailors sailing two sessions a day. Reservations are due August 10th. Make reservations at the Regatta Storefront.


Yes, great ones.

Thursday at Gage/Pier 290 -- While the men party on Thursday at Bilge Pullers, Pier 290 at Gage Marine in Williams Bay invites all of us to meet together for a Thursday Night gathering spot. This is Venetian weekend in the city of Lake Geneva so area restaurants may be busy. Enjoy children's and adult meals at Pier 290 in a common meeting area. Reservations are due by August 10th. The Gage Pier 290 has a huge sand area with climbing boat for the kids. Make reservations at the Regatta Storefront.

Friday at the new Buddy Melges Sailing Center - It's a family event and casual fun. Lake Beulah will host an hour's worth of Minute-to-Win-It games followed by the finals in front of all of you. Dinner will follow with a picnic fare. With a caterer's name like Dine and Swine, it will be an experience. Their signature is Smoked Pulled Pork, Dry Rubbed BBQ'd Chicken Drummies, accompanied by a variety of sauces,  Hickory Smoked Baked Beans, Corn on the Cob, Coleslaw and Potato Salad. This night is sponsored by UBS and David Perrigo who will present our Legends. Thursday and Friday race win trophies will be presented. Bring your children, parents and grandparents. Make reservations at the Regatta Storefront.

Legends and Heroes Friday  Luncheon - Our 2015 Heroes and Legends have been invited to attend this luncheon and cruise, but everyone is welcome to join them. This is a special way of honoring those who have come before us and led us in this grand sport and organization. Reminisce with friends and those who have supported you during your sailing career, those who were your mentors and longtime members of the ILYA. Gage Marine's Pier 290 will host you as a group for a leisurely lunch followed by a cruise to the race course on one of their majestic vessels. Reservations are due by . Make reservations at the Regatta Storefront.

Saturday Night Carribean Night - this is the event's extravaganza sponsored by ILYA Bilge Pullers. Enjoy the Calypso Regatta Dinner and live entertainment, special awards, presentation of race trophies and more. This is your time to enjoy your friends in a most relaxed milieu at the magnificent new clubhouse. Take time to view the site. Reservations by August 10th for guaranteed seating. Reservations may close on August 10. Make reservations at the Regatta Storefront.

What about the bridge over the Abbey Harbor? I heard it was closed to trailers -The bridge at the Abbey harbor on South Shore Drive in Fontana has been closed to vehicles towing trailers, but the police are making an exception for trailers carrying our ILYA racing boats during the time of our event. This does not apply to tenders and spectator boats, but these can not be launched at the Lake Geneva Yacht Club anyway. This is unlikely to lessen their interest in catching speeders all along South Shore Drive, so be aware.

What will my young children do?

If you are staying at the Abbey or at the Grand Geneva, there is babysitting on Saturday night to allow you to attend the Caribbean Party. The Abbey is near the Fontana Beach so there is swimming in the lake accessible there. If there are ten of you who would like to send your children to sailing school, GLSS will offer sailing school from 10:00 to 2:00 in the Fontana Area. Please reserve by August 10th to candaceporter@wi.rr.com. This will involve games and lunch also for children aged 6-10. Cost is $250 per student for Thu - Fri - Sat. Let your child meet his future competitors having fun at Lake Geneva. If you do not want to stay at the regatta, the Milwaukee Zoo is a full-day adventure and less than an hour away. The Betty Brinn Children's Museum and Discovery World are located in Milwaukee on the lake. A petting zoo is located on HWY 20, north of Lake Geneva. 

Other questions? Contact Regatta Co-Chairs Stephen Schmidt, ILYA Commodore, or Terry Blanchard, LGYC Commodore.  Please forward other questions to Scowlines so we can assure your enjoyment during the event. 

Sponsors Continue to Join Our Event  
Be Sure and Check out the Logos Above
Tito's Handmade Vodka will make an appearance at our event. Two new meat purveyors - Old Wisconsin Meats (Buddig Family) and Lake Geneva Country Meats will be featured in the Cantina and after-race parties. Gage Marine comes in at a Gold level thanks to their generosity in handling race committee and other boats to ease launch and takeout for all you sailors. Be sure and say thanks to our sponsors.

Have a product you would like featured? Your business want publicity? It is not too late. Contact Mike Keefe from Geneva for your last minute sponsorship. 

Legends and Heroes  
Look for these banners at the ILYA Championships. We honor our living Hall of Fame members and younger heroes who bring so much to our sport today. 
The ILYA invites you to attend a special luncheon at Gage Marine's Pier 290 followed by a boat ride on the lake to view the sailing area. This is intended for friends and relatives of the Legends and Heroes, supporters of the Inland Lake Yachting Association, and parents of those who love our sport. Gage will be a meeting place for all those who want to enjoy this event in style on a day less busy on the lake. Join us later in the day for the Perrigo USB Legends and Heroes Night which is the Friday Night Party for $25. 

Please help us spread the information about the opportunity to all your honored members of your club. This event was created especially for our members who have come before us. The boat is easy to board. 

Click here for reservations to the Legends and Heroes Luncheon with Boat Ride, Friday night dinner party, or other social events at the ILYA Championships, Augut 19-23.

Volunteer Now  - A Partnership --- More than 60% of the volunteer slots are filled.   
ILYA Championships - Aug 19-23
This year's event is a financial partnership between LGYC and the ILYA. We have added new volunteer slots - Fri and Sat table decorating and softgood sales.  

Click here to volunteer for any day, any shift. This regatta is a partnership between the ILYA and Geneva. Be a partner and bring a partner. It will be fun. There are only a few spots left. Thank you, thank you. The Craig Parker Cantina is still in need of volunteers. Craig drives from Cedar, IN and gives his time and a great deal of the food as a donation to make the parking lot tasty. join him
Interlake Regatta - 78 Total boats  
E's, C's, MC's, X's
E Scow - Terry Foster - Minnetonka
C Scow - Steve Johnson - White Bear
MC scow - Mark Dunsworth - White Bear
X boat - David Alexander - Okoboji
Pram Power  
North Lake's 26th Annual Pram Power Regatta-Thurs, AUG 6
by Christine Janssen

Don't miss out, August 6th is 2 weeks away!  A day dedicated to making sure kids have the opportunity to put together the sailing skills they have been learning all summer.  It is geared to beginner sailors and those who do not sail many regattas.  The fleet is split up between 2 groups based on their age as of 8/6/15, Juniors (age 8 and under) and Seniors (age 9 and over).  Because the fleets sail at different times, there is an opportunity to have Jrs and Srs share boats.  Coaches from North Lake and the other represented sailing schools come and work together to assist kids when and where needed.

So what does the non sailing group do while one group is sailing?  CRAFTS.  This year is sure to be packed with great crafts.  We will have Shrinky Dinks, Hot Rock Coloring, a t-shirt craft (so don't forget a white or light colored or pillow case), make a bouncy ball and a boat with craft sticks.  These same activities are included in the non-sailor craft package which is a great option if your sailor has siblings that aren't sailing. How fun does that sound!  As in the past there will be a raffle with fun and exciting items.

What can we say about lunch!  Homemade Tacos, fruit and cookies.  We really encourage pre-buying the lunch so we can plan appropriately. Remember the non-sailor craft package includes their lunch.

Late fee registration begins after August 3, so register today!  ONLINE registration and payment link is available and encouraged and found on and on this link. 

Monica Seeger is the registration coordinator and can be contacted at and

We are anxious to see you and your sailors. Feel free to share this with other lakes, we love seeing new faces and getting to meet new people.

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