Volume 9, Issue 56
August 27, 2014   

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Chapman Petersen Wins Opti Blue Chip

  by Barbie Keck on LaBelle Yacht Club Facebook
We had another amazing turnout for the Opti Red White and Blue Chip. It all ran like a well oiled machine thanks to all of the volunteers, parents, judges and of course all those dedicated little Opti Sailors. Special thanks to Heidi VanKempan for heading up the kids party, and Bill and Colleen Mihelich, the regatta chairs. The Opti's went out on Monday morning for a double header only to find light air building from the South, wait no, West, no, SW....it was an extremely shifty breeze.

After a well orchestrated lunch hour, the kids headed back onto the water to add two nice races to the books with a steady 10-14 SW breeze. On Monday night, LYC again hit it off with the "Parent's Party" at "Vino" and the kids went to rumble at "Studio 24".

The kids awoke to steady and strong pressure from the SW. After sailing the final two races we had a conundrum...one we had to look to the rulebook to figure out! Both Chapman Peterson and Henry Chapman had the EXACT same finishes after their throw out race.

Pop quiz: Can you name the tiebreaker? 
Answer: The throw out races don't mean a thing, it comes down to who had the best finish in the last race!

That would be our two time reigning Champion CHAPMAN PETERSEN. With the second place honoring HENRY CHAPMAN! Included in Chapman's final race was a "fake tack" that lead his competitor to tack, thus giving Chapman a few more boat lengths to secure his cover. Chapman gave a great awards speech making sure to thank every one and naming Henry Chapman specifically for his sportsmanship and good competition. The famous Chookie Kilander arose to bestow Mary Grace Hegerb with the well deserved "Sportsmanship Award".. I was happy and amazed to see how many great female skippers were on the water; the top female skipper award went to Lindsey Vollmar of Cedar Lake. And of course the Red White and Blue Chip regatta would not be complete without the coveted EGG TOSS; won by LaBelle's very own Emma Wagner and Brinn Mihelich!

Final finishes were: 
Race #1: Henry Chapman of Nagawicka 
Race #2: Chapman Petersen of Lake Geneva 
Race #3: Henry Chapman of Nagawicka 
Race #4: Chapman Petersen of Lake Geneva 
Race #5 Henry Chapman of Nagawicka 
Race #6: Chapman Petersen of Lake Geneva

Between the two boys they each had 3 firsts and two second place finishes. It came down to who beat who in the last race

Girls Sail Strong, Sail Pink  
Girls in the ILYA
(Photo of RWB Chip Girls)
The 2014 season began with a Women's and Girls clinic which resulted in exceptional results in so many ways. Many who attended found themselves at the top of the results column this year. Kate Ness won the ILYA Green Championships, Isabel Reitz took two Green Fleet top trophies this year, Ashley Mueller won races at Pram Power and ILYA Green Fleet Champs, Brigit Barr was top junior X female skipper and top female skipper at the X Blue Chip. Steph Roble who taught the clinic is ranked #1 women's matchracer in the US and #3 in the World. Annie Haeger, the X instructor, is on top of the 470 game and demonstrates a stronger finish with every event. She recently won races at the Rio Test Event. Sally Barkow of Team SCA Volvo Team spoke via video to the 30 women gathered for her 45-minute chat. WE ARE STRONG. 

If you ever doubted our strength and our special programs here in the ILYA, put aside some time to listen to the following videos. Mary Ann Ward was our keynote speaker; her video is 23 minutes. Annie and Steph speak so sincerely of our Inland way of supporting our youth. The videos are under 10 minutes each. 

Melges 20 Worlds in Lake Garda, Italy  
ILYA Sailors Enjoy the International Experience
Follow the action here.   Paul Reilly with Andy Burdick and Sam Rogers are there sailing RED SKY. Russ Lucas and Harry Melges will hopefully SHIMMER. Steph Roble returns to her favorite European venue on WILDMAN. 
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