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5-6   USODA Midwest Championships, Minnetonka, MN

9-13 E Nationals - Little Egg Harbor, NJ

11-13 I-20 Nationals, Fond du Lac

12-13 Maxinkuckee C/MC

19-20 Fenton Fall C

19-20 C Blue Chip - Okauchee

24-27 50th E Blue Chip - Pewaukee

26-27 Nan Norris Beulah C Challenge

26-27 Lotawana C Fall



3-4 Polar Bear C/MC - Davenport, IA

10-11 C Worlds - Delavan 


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 We Bid Adieu to another Inlands

Each year memories are created which last a lifetime. This ILYA Championships is no exception. For the C's, watching Paul Reilly repeat as champion 40 years apart will be a story told long into future years. His humility at the feat was poignant. Watching families come up to receive awards sailing against each other - the Haeger father-son team, the Eckert brothers define this fleet. 

The E's will recall the two Strothman children enjoying the awards presentation. I recall visiting Minnetonka and watching two little tykes named Peter and David running along the shoreline in a similar manner. Or the generous comments of Vincent Porter noting his brother Corbett pulled spinnaker on an A, E and Melges 17 - two firsts and a second. Rarely is a crew member recognized for his/her effort in such a manner. Thank you, Vincent, for showcasing the magnificent achievement of Corbett! Never at an Inland has anyone achieved this. 

The A's dedicating the victory to Chrisy Hughes' father who passed away this week resulting in the absence of one of the Inland's most favorite families. Or Mike Keefe accepting his race win trophy with such pride he appeared to burst. These races mean something. 

The MC newcomer, Malcolm Lamphere, with a beaming Aryn Freytag allowed Geneva to shine. Proud grandparents Andy and Carol Hays rejoicing in his title. The return of Eric Hood to the podium or best friends Mark Tesar and Stuart Oltrogge sitting at the top - it's all the emotion of an Inland. 
Our newest fleet, the Melges 17s, were awarded on Saturday night but, wow, the depth of crews in that fleet - Porters everywhere, Dave Navin. Two past X Champs, RJ Porter and Will Huerth won it. That's history! 
The overall memory of this event will be recalled as wildly successful. The beauty of the new Buddy Melges Sailing Center, the overwehlming number of volunteers - 400 three-hour slots; the 700 of you who stood on these grounds with 699 of your best friends; the record 1200 Facebook friends who followed us; the 2400 readers of Scowlines -- we have made our mark on the sailing world.
The Inland Lake Yachting Association thanks Lake Geneva Yacht Club from the depths of our hearts. Your club's dedication to completing a nearly insurmountable task is a gift to the sailing community that will withstand time. You are the origin of memories made to be cherished. Thank you.  
Buddy Melges Sailing Center by Bay and Gray Photography
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Sunday's sailing
Impending stormy weather resulted in the early morning fleets - Cs and Es - to return to shore. After a brief delay and the peak of sunshine, the A's and MCs took to the water. MCs quickly returned to shore. So those magnificent A scows owned the lake. They put on a display that is rarely equaled. Spectator boats abounded - often causing some unwanted congestion. It is a problem that needs to be addressed but it demonstrates the draw of A scows to Lake Geneva. 

 Yale sophomore Malcolm Lamphere sailed an MC on the rare occasions he was home this season. His crew Aryn Freytag is the tail end of all the marvelous Freytags. His mother Kristen was responsible for all the decorations at the club with the exception of Saturday night. The club house looked amazing. Aryn was not competing in the event until Tuesday evening when Lamphere placed the call. Kristen noted his heart was beating quickly at the opportunity and here is the Win! The MC fleet needed crew most of the time. Father Chuck Lamphere serves on the LGYC Board and sails on an A; father T Freytag serves as president of the GLSS, led the fundraising for the BMSC and sailed an E and A. 
C fleet

Paul Reilly spent time thanking this year's coordinators reveling in the event with our many fleets all together in a new facility. He, like many, many others expressed awe at the feat accomplished at Lake Geneva. The historical significance of a 40-year repeat win did not go unnoticed. This victory demonstrates the longevity of skill, the durability of the C scow (and Reilly's body) and the lasting effect of the honor of an ILYA title. 
Abby Eckert, Paul Reilly and Matt Pistay
E scows
Peter Strothman, Bri Porter, Griffin Rolander, Corbett Porter take the E title
A fleet
The G Force won the last race. Smiles, smiles, smiles
Vincent Porter won one of our most beautiful trophies. Vincent was awarded the Pillsbury Award for last year's sailor of the year. He won the Perrigo Award for the combination champion of the A nationals and Inlands. Vincent, one of our 2015 Heroes, has become a leader in the promotion of our youth and in the A and E fleets. 

What a show! It was tight racing all the way around. 

A personal thank you to Jim Smith for his last ILYA Championships as Executive Secretary. But look for him now on the water as race committee. Jim is the energizer bunny; handling ILYA aspects along with many, many of the actual regatta details this year. The audience acknowledged his service with a standing ovation and many grateful sentiments throughout the event. Look for the announcement of a more formal means to thank this generous man in the Fall - truly a legend and a hero of the Inlands. 
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