Volume 8, Issue 63

 August 24, 2013

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Regattas / Calendar


15-17 ILYA E/MC champs; Regis. 8/14  Housing options 
13-17 US Sailing Youth Champs - Corpus Christi
22-24 M17 Nats - Lake Geneva



6-8 E Nats - Lake Geneva

7-8 Max C Fall=-Maxinkuckee, IN 
7-8 MC Team Nat's-Clear Lake, IA
13-15 I-20 Nat'ls -Fond du Lac
14-15 Blue Chip--Okauchee, WI

      Fenton C Fall Lake Fenton, MI

21-22 C Challenge-Lake Beulah,WI
21-22 MC Blue Chip-Spring Lake, MI
28-29 Lotawana C-Missouri YC, MO
     Polar Bear--Lake Davenport, IA
5-6 C Worlds--Delavan, WI

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"This Ain't Your Papa's Regatta Any Longer"
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For some of us, scow sailing is winding down. We are sending our children back to school, sailing schools are closing down, folks are leaving summer homes. But sailing is still in full swing elsewhere. As our youth sailors begin high school sailing, Optimists begin to travel southward, adults move to Melges 20s or compete in end of year championships, we can follow our sailors online. Gone are the days of a blackout until the cars arrive in the driveway. News of results with photos and often videos are nearly instantaneous. Friends at home follow mark roundings when they occur. It's a NOW world.
So how does this impact your club? Gone are the days when you just publish a date and folks come. This is a competitive market. If you are not promoting ahead of the event, chances are someone else will beat you to the sailors' time and money. If you are not publishing results each day's end, you are disappointing and thus discouraging next year's participation. This adds burden to the host club's work force but results in a net increase in participation.
Sailors' recreational dollars are endless no longer. It takes effort to attract sailors to your lake. Your effort before the event, your hospitality during the event, your regatta wrapup impacts your next year's attendance. Get social media - savvy; your regatta success depends on it!
Around the World
That's Henry Chapman of Nagawicka in the middle at the Opening Ceremony of the Asian Optimist Championships. To follow the event, go to Facebook. There are 7 sailors representing the United States, about 200 sailors from around the world. Racing begins on the 24th. Look here to see Henry training.
Steph Roble is competing for the Detroit Cup. She was the sole female skipper amongst the 12 qualifying teams. Click here to follow Roble who finished 5th overall. The host club is Bayview YC.
Melges 20 Nationals
Paul Reilly and Jeff Ecklund are competing in the Nationals at Macatawa Bay. Follow the event here.   
C Blue Chip is Bringing Back the Ritz
 54th Annual          

Okauchee is keeping with Pistakee's traditions and starting our own.   We have a great weekend planned for the 54th Blue Chip Regatta, starting with pork chops and corn, grilled by the boys from Cedar Lake (WI) on Friday Night. Bar will be open, so come eat and enjoy a beer on the deck after registering.   Whether you're sailing this weekend, or not, we welcome you to our club for drinks.

Bringing Back The Ritz... Saturday Night - Your table awaits you!!   Okauchee has a special night planned for you. The night will start with cocktails and appetizers, followed by a menu fit for a Blue Chip sailor. Chefs Kay, Andreski & Schmidt are serving you a first-class menu - filet mignon and shrimp - along with Chef Craig Parker.

Celebrity Guest speaker will follow dinner, and then dance the night away with your friends.

The level of competition will be second to none, along with a phenomenal race committee. We look forward to a Blue Chip weekend!

Okauchee hospitality awaits you!

Red, White and Blue Chip
 Chapman Petersen Wins Event
Girls' and Women's Clinic

  Save September 8th - 5:00

The wonderful thing about all of these girls is that they really encouraged and cheered each other on but spurred one another to compete and give their best.  One such example was during the 3rd race, Suzanne Ackley rounded first at the 2nd upwind with Oliviarose in 6th behind Meta in 5th.  Olivia was cheering on Suzanne as she rounded telling her "Good job Suzanne!".  --- Katyrose Chapman

It's comments like these and the experiences of our parents at the Inland Optimist Champs that spurred the exploratory discussion of a 2014 Girls' and Women's Clinic and Regatta. Approximately four Olympic cycles ago, US Sailing had money to distribute for the education of women. The ILYA was fortunate to benefit from the two-year funding with the instruction by easterners Cory Sertl and Nancy Haberland. Dads brought daughters and enjoyed being dubbed the "boat boys" and the learning proceeded exponentially.

The original concept is all-encompassing. We may find we have to scale down but lively discussion is promised. All are welcome to attend or submit ideas. Lake Beulah will host the event on the same weekend as a high school event in Chicago and the E Nationals. Dinner will be served.

Danielle Soriano will stop by on her way home from high school sailing in Chicago. She has recent experience with this concept from an event out east. Dave Berg from Beulah is thinking banquet with leadership speakers. --- come with your ideas.

 Girls at the RWB Chip last week bonded together. Three were in the top ten. Oliviarose Champman, Sophie Michel, Suzanne Ackley, Catie Malone and Meta Simon - BFFs. ( For you oldsters, that is Best Friends Forever). The Women's clinic will invite these young ladies along with their mothers who may choose to attend a C boat clinic, a trailer driving class and race committee seminar.       

 E Nationals - Lake Geneva

 September 6-8

 Seventy-eight sailors are ready to compete. It's a "last time here" event for the Lake Geneva Yacht Club as they prepare to build a new clubhouse. With rumors of "bring your sledge hammer", chairs Peter Strothmann and Vincent Porter encouraged the entire Inland cadre to come south to Geneva. And. . . they did. The registration list boasts NJ, Colorado, NY, IN and all the regulars. If you have not registered, there is still time. There is some vague promise of "if we make 100!". Can you do it?

The formal party is on the shore of a private home. The softgoods feature a Patagonia choice. This will simply be a not-to-be forgotten event.

Bruce Golison from California is assembling a crackerjack race committee team with Gloria Melges on the local scene. He is currently working the Melges 20 Nationals and a video of this morning's competitors briefing gives you an indication of his communication style. Click here to see the PRO

It's sure to be a quiet weekend on Geneva now that Labor Day is past. Vincent and Peter will make it a happening. Be there! 
Buddy Melges Sailing Center

Honor your favorite Legend    

 The Geneva Lake Sailing School has embarked down the path to honor the Wizard of Zenda. Buddy Melges, US gold medalist and Inland treasure, will have a building named in his honor. Buddy continues to teach at every opportunity. Witness the Okoboji Inlands where Buddy spoke with nearly every A boater to offer trimming tips. He never stops using a watchful eye, his expertise which is unsurpassed and his generous nature to help sailors improve.
To that end, the GLSS will build a new edifice which will house educational facilities, historically-significant sailing momentos and the Lake Geneva Yacht Club. Local fundraising has assured the onset of building but now is your opportunity to add to the edifice. Naming rights are still possible for larger donors or smaller donations will contribute to the sailing culture of the new facility. Scow artifacts and photos will be featured. To view the project, visit the Buddy Melges Sailing Center website or click here to donate.
A "Friends of Buddy" donation category will be featured on the website and donation recognition postings for all you Inland contributors. Small or large, your donation will honor the wealth of experiences, knowledge and boatbuilding prowess Buddy has brought to our lives.  
O'pen Bics featured at AC event
from Scuttlebutt          

San Francisco, CA (August 20, 2013) - When the second AC72 Challenger Finals races were postponed Saturday and Sunday due to "too much wind", twenty-five youth sailors in O'Pen BICs hit the water at the America's Cup Village Marina Green. They entertained the spectator crowd directly off the grand stands with the first ever O'Pen BIC Hi-Wind Slalom, part of the AC Open series. The youth sailors, ages 9-15, put on the show with reaching starts, hi-speed jibes, and required boat handling moves. Like the America's Cup, the O'Pen BIC sailors were required to wear helmets- a first for youth sailing. While the AC72s showed their fragility over the weekend, the O'Pen BICs demonstrated their incredible versatility, durability, and flat-out-fun.

The selected junior sailors represented Team New Zealand, Artemis, and USA, but it was the Bermuda kids who led the way with Mikey Wollmann first and Peter Dill second. Mikey and Peter were fresh off their top ten finishes at the O'Pen BIC Worlds in Lake Garda, Italy. Harry Melges IV (grandson of America's Cup and sailing legend, Buddy Melges) was third. Race results are not the ultimate measure at O'Pen BIC events, however. All the sailors improved dramatically, met new friends from all over the world, and excelled at O'Pen BIC Rule Number 1: Have Fun!

Foundation Recipient Report

Buzzards Bay Regatta 2013

Big Wind - Big Waves - Big Learning!

At Buzzard's Bay Regatta, Keeley Zirkler and I sailed together in the club 420 class and ended up getting 32nd out of about 160 boats. Buzzards Bay is huge and it was great experience to be on the ocean with a bunch of wind nearly every race. We dropped off the boats on Wednesday evening, still excited from placing 1st in the Bronze Fleet at the CJ Buckley team race and excited to do some fleet racing!! The first day, the race committee got three races off, where we got a 6, 22 and 26. The first race was around 8 to 10 miles per hour and the next were around 15 to 20. Being from a place that isn't too windy and going to a place with wind and waves was a bit challenging. That said, I think we handled it very well and our results were still very good. The second day we got four races off where we had a fairly consistent day of 20, 11, 22 and 16. This second day went very well and having slightly less wind than the previous day was helpful! We sailed later in the evening thanks to the sea breeze as it was the only wind we had! That night we went into the heart of Newport. My coach, Bobby Savoi, knew about, "the best clam chowder ever!", there, so we went and it was easily the best chowder any of us had had. Sadly, there was absolutely no racing on the last day due to light and variable winds that continued to shift since we were in a zone where the sea and land breeze were fighting. The 3rd day of racing is a day of big shifting since it is when the fleets are separated into a gold and silver. While we were pleased to be solidly in the Gold fleet, we were sad to miss racing as it probably would have been a good way to move up in the fleet, but we didn't get that chance :(

          The entire regatta was super fun and was also a great learning experience for large fleet racing, big wind and big waves. I definitely will feel more confident in a fleet of this size and also in the wind and waves while broad reaching with the spin up and keeping my speed upwind. Working at a national level is the next step in my racing, and a vital one if I plan on becoming a truly known racer from the Midwest. One of the other huge benefits of the regatta was the chance to meet kids from all over the country. I saw some kids I already knew from other regattas and high school sailing and always make new friends at every regatta! I can't wait to go to another one!!

I am very thankful for the grant that the ILYA gave me, it really helps with the costs of actually getting out to the regatta and the costs of being out there. Competing on a national level is tough, but with some support from my home crowd, it makes everything a little easier on everyone!

Thank you!!!

Jack Bitney

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