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Volume 3, Issue 46

August 24, 2008

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     21-24 A One Design Champs at Mendota

Consistent sailing produced a winner. Rob Evans, sailing M-1, never won a race but also has no race worse than 6th in the six-race series. His ability to come back through the fleet with a change in wind condition is impressive. With this win he takes home not only the championship trophy but also the Perrigo Trophy presented for the boat with the best combined Nationals and ILYA performance. Evans bested Full Throttle, I-49, driven by John Porter who won Sunday's race number two. Pat Hughes won back to back races 4-5 to take the first race on Sunday. The top five were M-1 Rob Evans, I-49 John Porter, M-8 David Chute, I-28 Terry Blanchard/Andy Burdick, M-21 Pat Hughes. The entire Evans family in attendance assembled to celebrate the victory (photo below by Pat Dunsworth). Mom and Dad Evans along with wife and daughter, a few brothers thrown in for extra measure (or skill) and the happy Minnesota bunch displays its hardware. The champs trophy records names back to 1898 - a long history for this proud organization.  
EVans family 
AOD fleet downwind 
Photos by Pat Dunsworth.
Editor's Comments
This marvelous photo reminds us to thank all who have made this summer a success. The ILYA is healthy and our youth are returning in record numbers. The C and MC Champs boasted 10 each. This comes from the strong promotional efforts of their classes but also the exceptional boats we are fortunate to sail. Thanks to Melges Boat Works for its financial support of our events which gives us opportunities to provide social events we all enjoy. Melges and North Sails also support this publication through advertising. This season we added Summerset to the list of our supporters. He joined Melges as an advertiser in Scowlines but also provided boats at several events - and provided his spirited and skilled son Henry Chapman who I had the pleasure of judging at two events. Quantum's presence on land and water is always appreciated. Thanks to our race committees who VOLUNTEER weekend after weekend for our fine sailors. It gives us a level of assurance that all will go well on the water. Chip Mann and Russ Ackley, in particular, have been among us weekend after weekend youth and adult fleets.  Thanks to those who have hosted us -- our yacht clubs and their members who make us all feel like part of their family as we travel throughout this region. Lastly, thank you from me to the sailors. Each of you brings something special to our events. The humor, calamities ($$$$$), sportsmanship, skill that is unsurpassed in the nation, your supportive families but mainly the friendship and support you have shown to me and all your competitors is unique to our organization. Thank you to all who competed in the ILYA this season. You make us richer in so many ways.
What's next? We begin the more relaxed fall season when our member clubs host some of the finest social and racing events of the year. Watch the next edition of Scowlines as we begin to promote our local events. Remember these smaller events at the end of the season provide the opportunity to encourage next year's participants on your lake or at our regattas. The ILYA is not only about regattas but promoting its classes. The I20s have their national championship on Green; the C's host several events in familiar sites. Last year's promotional regatta, the Beulah Challenge, developed by the fleet was such a success with new names and faces it will be repeated. Our fleets' Blue Chips are in September. Go and visit for a day. And if you really want to become entrenched consider watching the HS and college fall seasons. There is enough fall sailing for any one at any level. Support your classes to keep them healthy and come and visit us next year. Submit your NOR for posting on the ILYA website and the next edition of Scowlines.
Last event to mark immediately  on your calendars is the Winter Inland. This is the year of a new rulebook edition. The ILYA has obtained Dick Rose to present on the new rules. Look for a three-boatlength circle and new responsibility or burden of proof in a few rules. Watch the Packers, Bears or Vikings in the Superbowl and then the following weekend come to SE Wisconsin to begin your sailing season.
See you next season, friends. 
Candace Porter (soon to be Past- ah,sleep), Commodore ILYA
Sally will be arriving into Milwaukee Airport at 7:00pm on Monday (25th) after walking in the Closing Ceremonies in Beijing on Sunday night.  We will meet at the Airport, upstairs & just outside of security at Concourse C.

Everyone is invited to join us in showing her how proud we all are of  her & the team with flags & banners!! --Leslie & Dick

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