Volume 10, Issue 43 August 23, 2015  

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19-23 ILYA Championships A, E, C, MC, Melges 17 - Geneva 




5-6   USODA Midwest Championships, Minnetonka, MN

9-13 E Nationals - Little Egg Harbor, NJ

11-13 I-20 Nationals, Fond du Lac

12-13 Maxinkuckee C/MC

19-20 Fenton Fall C

19-20 C Blue Chip - Okauchee

24-27 50th E Blue Chip - Pewaukee

26-27 Nan Norris Beulah C Challenge

26-27 Lotawana C Fall



3-4 Polar Bear C/MC - Davenport, IA

10-11 C Worlds - Delavan 


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Haeger Wins GOLD!  
ILYA Hero Makes Her Move
While scows sail on Geneva which is BIG NEWS, even bigger headlines today went to Annie Haeger who took the gold medal at the final test regatta for the 2016 Olympics. Haeger went into today's medal race in 2nd but maintained her medal race proficiency to take the top position on the podium! While always in contention, this is Haeger's first international GOLD in the Women's 470 class at this level.  Haeger will compete in October at the World Championship in Haifa. See trophy presentation video here.  It is touching and so Annie. 
Now THIS is sailing!
While yesterday was about honoring our legends and heroes, those who contribute to our Inland sailing, today was about the present and our bright future. We honored RJ Porter and Will Huerth who won the Melges 17 championship in fine form - 1-1-2! That's a regatta. Youth sailor Malcolm Lamphere sits atop the MC fleet, youth sailor Will Haeger won a closely-contested race in the C fleet against veteran sailor Tom Frentzel. Perennial top contenders Peter Strothman and Kevin Jewett (who battled against each other on Minnetonka as youth sailors and then again in college) rose to the top in the E fleet. Geneva sailors Vincent Porter and Mike Keefe won the thrilling A races. Best friends Stu Oltrogge and Mark Tesar took the MC titles. Today's events were a mix of the up and coming with the tried and true. Truly a nicer day of sailing would be hard to find. It was medium to heavy all day - just good solid sailing!
The evening concluded with an extravaganza. Sarah Lamphere hosted us with table decorations designed by Leslie Barkow and her plethora of volunteers who came to assist. Add her decorations to the magnificent work by Kristen Freytag - this facility is magnificent. 
Lake Geneva royalty and our treasures, Gloria and Buddy Melges have graced us all week. He gives us the spirit that defines who we are in the Inland. Gloria's graciousness is ever present. Thanks, Buddy and Gloria.
 Beth Wyman was named Member of the Year for showing us what this event could look like. She tackled this "all together" concept at Oshkosh last year to pave the way for Geneva. She has never shied from a challenge, leads with poise, knowledge and grace and will serve as your third female commodore in 120 years. She will be a legend and leaves us with a strong organizational and supportive legacy. (Name of their now absent A scow. Look for a new A for the Wymans.)
Melges 17s
No race today. Event concluded for them on Saturday night. Trophies awarded and off they go. What a welcome addition to the event. RJ Porter and Will Huerth - CHAMPIONS!
No pics turned in today. It was IOWA day at the Inland. Stu Oltogge and Mark Tesar won the races - best friends and both from Clear Lake, IA. Deb Tesar has crewed for Stu for 25 years. To top it off, Emily Oltrogge had the day of her life with two top ten finishes. Stu and Mark serve together on RC at the X Champs. 
C fleet

Overall leader Paul Reilly with Matt Pistay. 
This was a race - a constant seesaw between Tom Frentzel and Will Haeger. Haeger was victorious. Net result? Tom Frentzel, Senior, is now going to learn how to use email so he can see his son's success. 

And, yes, there are shenanigans in the C fleet. Ben Porter with the race win trophy. 
E scows
It's a Geneva tie. Peter Strothman leads Harry Melges IV due to race wins. Strothman and Kevin Jewett won today's races. The excitement from that fleet has been collisions all event. Today's casualty was Devin Farley's RC boat. An 18 inch gash at the start with a "we're taking on water" had spectators envisioning the Titanic remix. All were safe, Farley either extremely calm or in shock. Who knows? Tales of the 2015 Inland. Colin Rowe is fine from Thursday collision. His finger was re-attached and he leaves for college today.Truly, this has been an unwanted level of excitement from the E's but all are well and smiling. 
A fleet
The Eagle takes race one - Vincent Porter skipper.
Just a marvelous race for all to watch as Mike Keefe takes the second gun of the day.
The view from the race committee boat. Yes, they were this close.
The newest addition to the A fleet. Many say it takes five years to get an A team to "gel". Dave Davenport and his Beulah teammates are well ahead of schedule.
Thanks to Gavin Burkhart and Sue Weston, along with our perennial top notch photographer Larry Kmiecik
Today's schedule
9:00 C fleet; 9:15 E fleet  One race only for both
MCs and As - be ready for the second half of the morning. 
Lunches at the club on the deck while boats pack up. 
Trophies - estimate 2:00 at earliest --- if races are sailed. There are storms and high winds predicted so stay on radio channels to keep in touch with the day's schedule. 
Housekeeping details
Last day out. PLease remember to look around your boat and clean up your area. Buddy Melges picks up the parking lot - honestly. So save Buddy some back breaking work leaning over multiple times to pick up everything we leave behind.
After the dust clears, take some time to suggest constructive suggestions about the event. Talk to your fleet rep or these members of the Executive Committee -
Steve Schmidt, David Porter, Beth Wyman - to help us. Remember to give them some positive experiences from this week also. Lake Geneva has been phenomenal!! But the club has been open only six weeks and we -700 of us -  are their first test. Help us make this even better next year. 
Please enjoy a leisurely lunch upstairs, Cs and Es, as you wait for the A's and MCs to finish. It's a treat up there. 

Day's observations:
  • Loads of support for our sponsors. 
  • Volunteers from Geneva still signing up to assist for the last day
  • So many Allens here to enjoy the day
  • Fantastic lunches from Toothpicks catering. Exceptional quantity to keep those hungry boys and girls sustained for another three hour session of heavy wind sailing
  • Everyone testing Lincoln's Luxury Tour. This major sponsor has a booth that is nearly futuristic in appearance. The personnel are the epitome of politeness. Service-oriented, the drivers and after-test-drive staff are well-versed, courteous and a pleasure. Thanks, Lincoln.
  • Suzi and Norman Reese out watching the afternoon racing. Past Commodores are fans forever. Suzi also orchestrated the staffing for the Minute to Win It games on Friday. The games were a fizzle but the Long Lake crowd always shines and shimmers. What a great group of folks to enjoy. I can't imagine growing up on that lake - friends for nearly 50 years. They still love the Inland together and come again and again to Geneva to help us. 
  • Commodore Steve Schmidt at the grill and Vice Commodore David Porter who has proudly worn his Haeger/Provancha hat on the tractor or at the lakeside for four days now. He may have found his retirement gig - tractor driver. But will it support his sailing habit?
  • Craig Parker and the two Carstens brothers - never will you see more dedicated fans of the ILYA. They have VOLUNTEERED AND DONATED food for all of us to eat at lunch. Thanks to Lake Geneva meats and Old Wisconsin (Buddig) meats for making this profitable for us. Looking at the deposits each night, there are 150 of us going through that line plus 200+ each day eating the Toothpicks lunches. Add chef Justin's lunches and we are a large well-fed crowd. 
  • Chef Justin's breakfasts have been a spread!! Thanks, Justin! After watching cooking shows on TV, Justin is in the wrong business - he is entirely too nice and accommodating. Lake Geneva YC is fortunate indeed to have landed such a hospitable chef. 

Favorites of the day -

Kate Mann enjoying the flagship


Here is what Draino looks like without his wife - back in the 30s and 40s. No, not the years; the place in the race. Peter Kerr confided in me, the race win was due to his serving as marriage counselor during the race. "If I didn't have a brain in my head, the conversation could have just passed right through my ears." Put Eileen back on!

More and more women are entering the C fleet. Here Christine Porter and Joe Byrnes muscle the boat around the windward marks. 
The Burdick team, always a favorite.
Island Bay's (Lake Springfield) Bob Green had the race of his life going when mechanical failure occurred. Great to see him here - a true Road Warrior of the C Fleet.  

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