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Volume 6, Issue 60

 August 20, 2011 


ILYA Champs - Minnetonka

18-21 E Champs

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26-28 Melges 17 Nationals - White Lake

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WhEEEEEEE! Three races in - Burton Leads

Three of seven races completed - Burton, Wight, Porter Win

Minnetonka's Tom Burton leads with a strong Day One. Bay Head, NJ, sailor dick Wight took race two. Geneva's Brian Porter kicked it into gear for Race three. Also attending is a Canadian boat from Royal Lake of the Woods Yacht Club.

burton finish 

 Burton Takes Race One above. Dick Wight of Bay Head, NJ wins Race Two.


 Geneva's Brian Porter takes race three

start e champs 


 Two of the three starts.

Action on the water. Below Pine's Peter Maas with wife Julie and sister Lisa, currently in fifth (unknown fourth on the boat)

Peter maas


 Jewett and Melges boats coming into mark.

Photos by JH Peterson and Pat Dunsworth 

M- 9 Thomas Burton Intrepid Minnetonka Yacht Club 1 4 3 8
V- 37 August Barkow Big Wheels Pewaukee Yacht Club 3 8 2 13
I- 9 Pete Strothman Rooster Lake Geneva Yacht Club 9 2 11 22
M- 1 Rob Evans Cosmic Voyager Minnetonka Yacht Club 15 7 4 26
X- 20 Peter Maas maash pit Pine Lake Yacht Club 7 10 10 27
I- 49 Brian Porter Full Throttle Genev 8 20 1 29
M- 3 Chris Jewett Jusayin Minnetonka Yacht Club 2 5 23 30
J- 80 Jon Schloesser Whiteaway Oshkosh Yacht Club 6 3 24 33
I- 1 Harry Melges, III White Heat Lake Geneva Yacht Club 4 25 8 37
M- 11 Erik Bowers Enasty Minnetonka Yacht Club 5 26 7 38
X-751 Jim Gluek Kingfisher Pewaukee Yacht Club 18 18 6 42
BH- 8 Dick Wight Shimmer Bay Head, NJ 20 1 22 43
M- 42 Sam Rogers Madame Minnetonka Yacht Club 19 13 16 48
M- 87 Derek Packard Temptress Minnetonka Yacht Club 29 9 15 53
X- 11 Carl Barkow Seven Pine Lake Yacht Club 11 6 38 55
M- 10 David Strothman Ballistic Minnetonka Yacht Club 16 27 13 56
M- 7 Jule Hannaford Lady Luck Minnetonka Yacht Club 14 19 26 59
M- 12 Jeff Solum E MC2 Minnetonka Yacht Club 25 15 19 59
V-736 Matt Schmidt Unruly Platypus Pewaukee Yacht Club 36 12 14 62
M- 43 Sean Hendrickson Stay Thirsty Minnetonka Yacht Club 12 24 27 63

Please follow all E boat racing blog on our Facebook Page:  ILYA Big Inland 2011. Or go to Inland2011.org to get results, pictures  and follow racing on Kattack. 

It's all about the trophies!!!


 Some folks drink from the award; some place it on the mantle. Bre and Tim Krech believe in instilling the "will to win" at an early age. Tim won the ILYA C Champs last weekend. He continued to sail on the Zinn A boat throughout the week. Come to the trophy presentation on Sunday at Deephaven Elementary School to view more history-laden trophies.

Thanks, Bilge Pullers
 Bilge PullersIpad provides new opportunities

Wonder how the posting of mark roundings occurs? Thanks to the Bilge Pullers, the ILYA now has an Ipad which is carried on the water for immediate communication to our members. 1200 of you followed the first day races of A scows! Executive Secretary Smith, Scowlines editor Porter and PRO Hodgson posted the roundings. Rick Kotovic posted the results for the C portion.

The new Ipad also allows us to process credit cards at registration which is a convenience to our members but also saves Secretary Smith time when he returns home. He can answer emails while out on the water, post Scowlines each morning while at the site and watch the great video coverage while driving the rescue boat.

Thanks Bilge Pullers for the device which makes us more responsive to our members.

Hodgson Recognizes Jock Irvine
 30 years of service 

At the A Boat awards ceremony, when thanking his race committee, PRO Tom Hodgson made note of the fact that he and Jock Irvine celebrated their  30th  anniversary of working together at ILYA regattas as Boats 3 and 4.


Jock Irvine's sailing lineage is the equal of any family in the ILYA:  His great grandfather, Lucius Ordway, won the first-ever ILYA A scow regatta in 1898; his Grandfather, John G. Ordway, won six A scow Inlands and is in the ILYA Hall of Fame.  His father, Thomas E. Irvine, won the 1932 A scow Inland.


Jock's own sailing record includes top finishes in X's and E's, but his greatest record is his 40+ years of race committee service to the ILYA.  Jock is a hidden treasure, and is regarded throughout race management circles in the ILYA and Florida as one of the most competent, intuitive, and dedicated Boat 4's that any race officer could hope to have on the leeward end of a starting line.


As Tom said at the ceremony, "There are many generous people in the ILYA, but none more so than Jock Irvine."


Happy Anniversary, Jock, and thank you from all the sailors in the ILYA! 

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