Volume 11, Issue 67 August 19, 2016  
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Spring 2016
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Melges log 
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17-21 ILYA Champs - Geneva

10-11 Maxinkuckee Fall
     Big Waters C- South Shore
     George Dorn MC - Beulah
10-11 USODA Midwest Champs - Pewaukee
17-18 C Blue Chip - Okauchee
    North Lake MC Fall
    Lake Fenton C Scow Event 
22-25 E Blue Chip - Pewaukee
24-25 Lotawana C
           Beulah C Challenge

1-2 Polar Bear - Davenport, IA
8-9 C Worlds - Delavan

TBD WI MC Champs - Nagawicka
20-23 MC Masters Nationals - Cedar, WI
ILYA Champs - 197 is final number  
A's 9:30 Warning
MC's 10:00 Warning
C's 2:00 Warning
E's 2:45 Warning
Lunches - Cantina opens (youth packages eat here), Toothpicks upscale lunches distributed in same area out of ancillary building EXTRA BOX lunches are available, LGYC restaurant is open. 
Dinner - Sold out but come and cocktail with us anytime. 

The fleets tried racing in the AM. Both C's and E's went out in the morning. C's attempted a start but the wind came and shut down repeatedly. Just not enough to get it going. The afternoon was more promising but, in the end, painful. The A's have been the champs thus far with the only fleet with races completed. This is hard sailing. The following photos are from youth sailor Jack Behrend.
Here is his info. 
Lake Country Aerial Photography is a local business focused on supplying high quality, stunning images to families and business around the area. The Inland Lakes Championship has provided us with a great opportunity to capture one of a kind shots for our sailors that will leave lasting memories. If you would like your personal sailing shots, or would like to learn more, visit our . (Address in the Link)
Jack Behrend
1   M-21   Melvin   Patrick Hughes/ 3   2     5   
Coye Harrett
Clifford Porter
Charlie Harrett
RJ Hughes
Jimmy Hughes
Harry Melges
Matt Ripkey
Tony Jewett  
2   I-333   Red Eye   David Davenport/ 1   5     6   
Joe Kutschenreuter
James Kutschenreuter
Joe Skotarzak
Molly Forbes
Ben Porter
Peter Keck  
3   I 55   Ajax   Mike Keefe/ 6   1     7   
Justin Hood
Tony Trajkovich
John Kivlin Jimmy Carlson
Kevin Jewett
Tom McGreavy
Megan Wadsworth  
4   I 14   Cruise Control   Patrick Lynch/ 2   7     9   
Augie Barkow
Jim Petersen
Ryan Ripkey
Nathan Quist
Chapman Petersen  
5   I - 7   MadCap   Thomas Freytag/ 5   6     11   
Colin Rowe
Nathan Freytag
Dylan Freytag
Mac Six
Ailsa Freytag
Rob Rowe  
6   I-1   Eagle   Vincent Porter/ 4   9     13   
Ryan Fitzgerald
Junior Impens
Greg Gifford
Dave Navin
Kyle Navin
Christian Spemcer  
7   M8   Instigator   Judson Dayton/ 11   3     14   
Bruce Martinson
Tom Burton
Chris Thompson
Ritchie Anderson
Cory Fleming  
8   V57   Fast Forward   Brian HENKE/ 7   8     15   
Jim Gluek
Geoff Ackley
Glen Ackley
Dave Halaska
Mark Isabel
Mark Schaubel  
9   I-12   G Force   Harry Melges IV/ 14   4     18   
RJ Porter
Will Heurth
Finn Rowe
Carson Hillier
Bri Porter
Tatum Workman  
10   W3   TypeA   Will Crary/ 10   11     21   
Eddie Cox
Mike Crary
Andrew Hed
Conner Lee
Chad Carson
Ed Cox  
11   V-999   Valkyrie   Todd Haines/ 12   10     22   
Fritz Good
Alex DeGuire
Jeremy McMahon
Jamie Klauser
Morgan Gutenkunst  
12   J255   We'll Name It Soon   Bill Wyman/ 9   14     23   
Tom Castle
Will Wyman
Peter Lang
Jeff Price
Max Wyman  
13   M-1   Cosmic Warrior   Rob Evans/ 8   16     24   
Geoff Evans
Jeff Solum
Dugan Buffington
Brady Solum
Kim SandBulte
Scott Brown  
14   TX 1   Heathen   Erich Schloemer/ 13   13     26   
Kim Schloemer
Erik Twining
RJ Moon
Kenny Wolfe
Gavin Rudolph  
15   W-25   Euphoria   Lee Alnes/ 18   12     30   
Andy Kruse
Karen Alnes
Mark Dunsworth
Sean Wagner
Ken Broen  
16   W88   Asylum   Louis Hill   16   17     33   
17   I 96   White Magic   Chuck Lamphere/ 15   19     34   
Malcolm Lamphere
Gordon Lamphere
John Porter
David Porter
Paul Nelson
Taylor Canfield  
18   M-64   Encounter   Jonathan McDonagh/ 20   15     35   
Howard Noreen
Matt Resch
Pete Kulenkamp
Maclean Potts
Matt Hanson
Erin McDonagh  
19   V8   Stealth   Olaf Harken/ 17   20     37T   
Neil Evans
Rick Wilfert
Matt Weber
Chris Allen
Jim Rehberger  
20   M-35   Amazinn   Carl Zinn/        
Hans Zinn        
Max Zinn        
Jenny Zinn        
Jens Kottke        
Tom Driscoll        
George Kennedy          


Julie's Blog  
What a Family!
The importance of family and friends today was huge.  Sharing the highs and lows of the day surrounded by love meant we all got through the devastation the girls went through.  We haven't talked about what happened with Annie, probably won't for a while.
Bri and her boyfriend came to the beach thirty minutes after the race.  She had a brave smile on her face, hugged everyone and went to be with her family.  Annie came out with Luke 45 minutes after the race.  I'm not going to lie, I wanted to wrap my arms around her and take her as fast as I could away from the beach, away from Rio, away from reality.  I wanted the pain and disappointment to disappear.  Annie put on a brave face, hugged and thanked everyone for coming and supporting her, had a beer, buried KC in the sand, laughed and danced.  But she's hurting to the core, beating herself up.  She's with us now, came back to the apartment.  We'll have dinner tonight as a family, love each other and try to numb the pain.
Thanks to everyone for all the love and support.  What a journey it's been.  ---Julie
Editor's note -- It was a somber day yesterday at Geneva. During the one chance we had to start a race, phones were set to the Medal Race to the point the C signal boat did not hear the PRO calling to start. I swear it was the radio but perhaps my heart was somewhere else. We - all five with two radios - did not hear the PRO calling. Not much joy anywhere yesterday - but I wasn't at Bilge Pullers, obviously. Just a subdued day. Signal boat on the E course was not much different - just not in sequence. Phones and TV's everywhere with only one mission - to watch Annie.
But here is what I know!!! 
  • This is the strongest young lady with unimpeachable ethics. Through four years of hard-fought competition and training, she has never lost her perspective on life. She has never forgotten her roots, her focus, nor her grace. She has not compromised who she is. 
  • Her graciousness and honesty are her greatest strengths. She has never forgotten who she is and who she represents - her family, her homelake club, the ILYA, her college legacy and her country. She is honest with others and with herself. --- and she will credit her parents for all this. 
  • Friendships are paramount in her life. She never minimizes those who are around her. She recognizes their undiminshed support and seeks out those dear to her. 
  • She is fair with her time, her efforts and her life. She cherished the rare downtime and absorbed every second of family time which was not abundant. She was true to the task - gave her coach and her sailing partner every ounce of her effort. She left nothing for herself but gave her all. She is fair with her life and has undoubtedly a bruised heart but (with my full confidence although I am not there I know) not a broken heart. There is more dimension to this fine young woman than this. 
  • This is simply one of the most outstanding individuals you could wish to meet. --- and you should meet her, invite her to come and speak --- but give her some time to heal. You will be enriched by her presence and her effort. 
  • Her unselfish promotion of her crew, Briana Provancha, reveals her essence. It was always about a team with little regard to her own elevation. Rarely do you hear someone as effusive about a crew. It is just an example of the depth of friendships and devotion she expresses to those close to her. 
  • And, lest we overlook this --- her family is unsurpassed. Julie is the rock. Let's get that out there. She keeps the wildness of the hectic schedule, emotions in order. Then Kent's laser focus on all he does but his overwhelming generosity to give back is quiet but fiercely executed. Wonder where Annie gets the drive?Look no further than Kent. Her brothers are insanely funny - are you thinking Julie? --- but devotedly committed to Annie or to any in the family and extended family.  
So, Dale Roble expressed yesterday on the boat his thought that he did not want to be me, to have to write this article. As we were near tears all day and as I sit here with tears running down my face, I realize how easy this really is. To extol the virtues of someone so young who has impacted so many of us with this effort has come easily this morning. An Olympic campaign belongs not only to Annie or the Haegers but to all of us. Annie has brought this organization, YOUR FAMILY and FRIENDS, together for yet another four years. It has given us a mission to promote our sailing style, to celebrate our successes and victories. She did win yesterday for she has won our hearts watching and sharing her adventures this year. She is forever an Olympian. More importantly, she remained true to her essence. I wish for all of you - meet Annie Haeger. She is remarkable in life - that is her victory yesterday. We all saw her complete just one of her goals in life --- to win the gold. The medal is not around her neck but it is in her spirit. --- Thanks to all of you for sharing with her. Thanks to Annie for allowing us once again to watch dedication to a task, to show us what it takes to be an Olympian. We are blessed with many in our organization. But this one is the latest.
This is one gold medal individual. Thank you, Annie. 
Inland Lake Yachting Association 
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