Volume 11, Issue 66 August 18, 2016  
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Spring 2016
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Melges log 
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17-21 ILYA Champs - Geneva

10-11 Maxinkuckee Fall
     Big Waters C- South Shore
     George Dorn MC - Beulah
10-11 USODA Midwest Champs - Pewaukee
17-18 C Blue Chip - Okauchee
    North Lake MC Fall
    Lake Fenton C Scow Event 
22-25 E Blue Chip - Pewaukee
24-25 Lotawana C
           Beulah C Challenge

1-2 Polar Bear - Davenport, IA
8-9 C Worlds - Delavan

TBD WI MC Champs - Nagawicka
20-23 MC Masters Nationals - Cedar, WI
How to watch Olympic sailing  
Annie Haeger now in third
MEDAL RACE today!! This is for all the marbles
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Julie's Blog From Rio ---- Medal Race Today ---- Again!  
Sleep didn't come easy last night.  It's comical now - those darn kids upstairs come alive at 23:00.  Ok, that wasn't the reason.
I wasn't the first one up nor the last.  The coffee was strong.  I think DeUSA sensed the nervousness and wanted to amp us up a bit.  We are into a morning routine now.  Greg walks the beach early, De heads out to the grocery store, I walk to my peaceful place, Vicki reads, KC and Gabe are on the computer and Will and Andrew fill in with entertainment.  Kent commands.  He was hell bent on buying tickets for water polo and taekwando tomorrow.  The boys and I wanted to walk up the Cristo so passed on buying tickets.  How smart am I...  Kent and I are more emotional today.  Him because she's worked hard for four years and this is the end, me because I can't stand the intensity.  
Carlo picks us up in the van. Andrew and Will provide pump up music. The ride is a short one (thankfully) and we touch down at Flamingo Beach just as Bri's family arrives. We're all tense.  I hug Bri's mom, Ammy.  It all gets good again until we go through security.  Different rules again for today.  I get a leatherman in (forgot it was in my back pack from yesterday.  Ya know, just in case Sketchy Beach got sketchy) but they want to confiscate my cow bells, MY COW BELLS!!!  Even I know there's nothing sane about that.  Floyd comes to my rescue just about the time I'm about to take down the Marine who's touching my bells (three of them).  Floyd is a gentle man from Oregon who is a volunteer.  Floyd talks me off the cliff (apparently jails here aren't too nice) and we go and hide my cow bells under the ticket office.  He even puts leaves over them.  I say a prayer for Floyd.  
Our umbrella is right in front of the Kiwi's (New Zealanders).  They're a jovial group but have nothing on us.  We have Will and Andrew who are dressed to the USA nines. People from all countries come up and ask to take a photo with them.  
De Dibiase (Julie's twin (not really), Andrew Bohl, Gabe Dibiase (X boat skipper who turned it one this year as a second year skipper - The Flyin' Hawaiian) Will Haeger and Anne Porter Muller).
They are instant beach celebrities.  The boats usually sail out past the hordes on the beach but today they were towed out by their coach, Dave.  Each boat is given a window to get towed out and the girls are sixth.  We were by far the loudest, most obnoxious group. Chanting "U-S-A" and waving flags we actually saw a slight wave from Bri.  I wish I had had binoculars to see their faces.  I bet they were smiling.
We sat there for hours and hours and for some strange reason, my confidence in them medaling starts building.  Luke, Annie's boyfriend (from Canada) explains that the girls were in four protests yesterday, two against them (which they won) and two where they protested other boats (Austria was thrown out and France wasn't -- was what I think he said).  Anyway, Bri didn't get back to the Village until 23:00 but her boyfriend said her spirits were great.  We also found out that when the squall line went through a few days ago they had to cut their halyard to get their mainsail down.  It then got caught under the boat and was (is) is quite a state.  The overseeing committee did not allow them to change out their sail.  They determined it wasn't totaled.  Reminds me of insurance companies with cars.  Yesterday they sailed with a somewhat ragged sail but I'm confident Dave Ullman has everything sorted by now.  He's a wizard.
Tonight's dinner was going to be a celebratory meal with the Provancha/Haeger clan and the girls (24 of us).  We're still doing it (sans the girls). This is our dry run for tomorrow.  
Good luck to everyone at Inlands.  Here's to fair winds and great racing.  
Love to all and keep those thoughts and prayers for ONE MORE DAY!
Tomorrow is red shirt day again!
ILYA Champs - 197 is final number  
Thursday timing:
C's 9:15 Warning
E's 10:00 Warning
A's 2:00 Warning
MC's 2:30 Warning
Lunches - Cantina opens (youth packages eat here), Toothpicks upscale lunches distributed in same area out of ancillary building, LGYC restaurant is open. 
Dinner - on your own - please support our sponsors - Bilge Pullers Dinner. 
Wow! What a regatta it will be. Everyone is here. 
Registration is closed, dinner tickets sold -- it's all about sailing now. And it began with one A scow race today. The wind gods were absent tonight --- until the last boat finished. But Race 1 is in the books. And it's Red Eye, I-333 who took the Ordway Trophy home - Skipper Dave Davenport with Joe Kutchenreuter, Jim Kutschenreuter, Joe Skotarzak, Ben Porter, Molly Forbes and Ben Porter.
(photos by Larry Kmiecik) But no cakewalk here. The Lynch boat, I-14, sailed brilliantly and led for two legs. 
The spectator boats were plentiful at each mark. Thanks to Katie Lynch Jewett who is posting roundings and Julie Navin who had video of roundings --- watch Facebook - ILYA-Inland Lake Yachting Association and look down on the right for posts, as well as the main postings. Each fleet should have postings each day. We have "hired" volunteers to keep you informed. You can turn on notifications on your phone to get a prompt that something was posted. 

Low side sailing most of the race - even the youngsters were stretching after the finish line. 

Speaking of volunteers, a sea of Geneva red was present yesterday and a group of Bilge Puller wannabes who worked hard all day for entry into the "prestigious" (this written by a woman who doesn't get it - boys will be boys) group. George Kennedy and a Price seemed to be loading gear for the Hall of Fame and then re-arranging items for a few hours. Chris Harned was found tefloning an A scow. Bet it seemed long.On the Geneva side, thanks to logistics chair Kristin Gannon who managed the lot - and 200 boats and cars is a monumental task - flawlessly. When sailors arrive today, all masts and trailers will be marked for easy pullout each day. === Still time to just step in and assist during the C/E session and the MC's are a singlehanded boat. Give someone an assist and pull the trailer back to its numbered slot as you watch. 
Wannabes wear homemade shirts, black socks with sandals and gather signatures from other Bilge Pullers in preparation for an induction ceremony. Dave Berg gathering Dave Davenport's approval with a signature.

Sail it Forward  - UBS Day- PLEASE stop and view the video, produced by Dave Berg, of the many volunteers who will be honored Friday night. You sail due to their efforts. Please thank them and please cheer your representative on Friday Night as they are presented. 
Agenda for tomorrow, Friday, for our Sail it Forward honorees and their guests:
12:00 noon   Lunch at Gage
 1:30 Boat ride touring the lake
 3:30 ish   Go to LGYC

Drive to LGYC after the tour. You may be directed to Majestic Marine and a shuttle dispatched to bring you to the club. Or parking may be available -- depends on the condition and timing of the sailing. Dinner is 7:00 with the ceremony around 8:00 - again depending on the line. Friday's dinner is from Toothpicks, a Waterford caterer who works in Milwaukee and SE WI.  

Opti Blue Chip  
1 17358 Chapman Petersen   Red Lake Geneva 3 1 3 1 8
2 19244 Will Michels   Red North Lake 2 5 1 3 11
3 16710 Peter Barnard   Blue Chicago   1 2 7 2 12
4 5921 Charlie Eckert Blue Cedar   4 4 4 4 16
5 16260 Henry Seum Blue White Bear 7 6 5 11 29
6 21255 Suzanne Ackley   Red North Lake 6 22 8 5 41
7 15278 Jack Steiner   Blue Pewaukee    8 13 10 18 49
8 19152 Brittany Shabino Red Cedar   5 7 33 8 53
9 19227 Ellie Harned   Blue   Pine Lake   13 20 2 26 61
10 13312 Austin Jaessing   Blue   Cedar   21 29 9 6 65
11 17853 Jack Baldwin Blue Chicago  24 8 12 21 65
12 20905 Christian Prendergast   White   Chicago   22 19 18 7 66
13 12667 Riley Jensen Blue North Lake 10 17 30 12 69
14 7194 Cole Schweda Blue Pewaukee 19 30 15 9 73
15 13491 Kamron Kaiser   White   Pewaukee   26 9 11 31 77
16 15573 Katie Hanley Blue Minnetonka    20 14 29 14 77
17 18045 Lindsey Vollmar Red Cedar   28 21 6 27 82
18 17330 Kit Harned Blue Pine 11 12 23 39 85
19 10885 Mark Lyon Red Lake Geneva   17 31 17 20 85
20 15542 Matt Dresen Red White Bear   16 41 19 10 86
21 20366 Sam Childers Blue Columbia  32 16 16 22 86
22 20841 Henry Scholz Blue Lake Forest 18 27 21 23 89
23 9638 Henry Ackley   White North Lake   9 32 14 35 90
24 16178 William Sweeney Red Minnetonka 27 11 28 25 91
25 15253 Ashley Mueller Blue Beulah 34 10 13 36 93
26 15088 Milan Ghandi Blue Lake Forest 25 23 22 24 94
27 20384 Kate Ness   Blue Minnetonka    12 18 36 29 95
28 19601 Austin Steiner   Green Pewaukee    35 3 31 30 99
29 16978 Charlie Bruss   White   Pewaukee   31 37 20 13 101
30 20954 Michael Sweeney   Green Minnetonka   14 35 38 16 103
31 12215 Jack Schuster Red Minnetonka 30 15 27 34 106
32 14543 Evan Langelund   Green Lake Geneva   15 38 40 17 110
33 16154 Lauren Strothman White Minnetonka    29 26 41 15 111
34 16291 Charlie Allen White Pewaukee   41 28 24 19 112
35 14461 Jackson Walker Blue Ocon Lk Club 23 24 37 32 116
36 20193 Wyatt Harley Blue Columbia  36 34 32 28 130
37 9799 Ella Unterweger Blue Okauchee 37 39 26 33 135
38 21666 Christian Cullinane Blue La Belle 39 25 34 38 136
39 19229 Marissa Tegeder Red Nagawicka 33 33 35 40 141
40 18088 Logan Hoang White Columbia  40 40 25 41 146
41 18433 Matthew Childers White Columbia  38 36 39 37 150
42 279 Emma Wagner Red La Belle  42 43 42 42 169
43 22043 Phena Fischer-Klumb Blue South Shore 43 42 43 43 171
44 9915 Ingrid Stollenwerk Red South Shore DNS DNS DNS DNS 180

Inland Lake Yachting Association 
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