Volume 9, Issue 54
August 17, 2014   

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13-17 ILYA Championships - A, E, C, I-20 - Oshkosh at the Waters

17-19 RWB Chip NOR SIs



6-7 George Dorn MC Beulah

13-14 C Blue Chip - Okauchee

20-21 Beulah C Challenge

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WIND!!! --- All fleets complete two races

Photos today by Larry Kmiecik;
Sailors were greeted in the morning by WIND after two days of light and variable weather. This was the first test of the new schedule as C's entered Miller's Bay at 12:45 and A's and I-20s were slated for a 2:00 start. Waterfront manager Tom Hodgson announced a "soft" start time for the afternoon as all the sailors were using ramps simultaneously. All four fleets completed two races giving E's and C's 5 races and I-20s and A's 3. Thanks to Green Lake's Sue Weston for shuttling back and forth between the Waters and Millers Bay at least twice a day to post announcements at both sites. 
Check results by clicking above. 
Jack and Anna Boatman won on the I-20 course.
Aaron Lynn and Keith Rosenbaum stand as the overall I-20 leader and won a race yesterday
Beulah's John Porter and Patrick Welscher won race one on the C fleet
They keep multiplying!! Is it the candy? Andy Budick took Mya and Finn Burdick and added Gloria Tornehl to win race two. of the C's.
Steve Schmidt and his sister, Jeanne and nephew Casey Andreski lead the C fleet overall. 
A wagonful of sailors on the V-11: Augie Barkow, Jeff Niedziela, AJ and Heidi Schweda took the gun.
I-1 Vincent Porter with Allie Freytag, Colin Rowe and Clifford Porter, down low, sit in first overall and won a race yesterday in the E fleet.

Vincent Porter on the EAGLE leads the event and won a race Friday. He sails with Ryan Fitzgerald, Kyle and Dave Navin, Greg Gifford and Junior Impens.
Mapcap (T Freytag with Nathan and Dylan Freytag, Griffin Rolander, Colin Rowe, Mac Six and Allie Freytag) took race two which saw a 90 degree shift in wind as a storm approached but passed us by. Only T the skipper is over 20 years of age.  
Photographers choice below
PRO Tom Hodgson led his team in the donning of PINK to recognize cancer survivors and to remember those who battled the disease. This was particularly important to the Boat 1 team from Beulah who this week lost our matriarch of the club, Nancy Neal Norris, who is the grandmother of sailors George and Joe Kutschenreuter.
Beauty of the Es 
More E's
$$$$$$$$$ - Don't tell mom!
Marvelous to have Full Throttle back - John Porter with as many Porters as you can count.
WHOQ!!!! Sign that girl up. Andrea Sullivan, B-19, Badger freshman in a week.

B-19 again as brother Scotty skipped the second C race of the day and led until the last beat. Scotty, a high school senior, displays the entry of many, many of our youth into the C fleet.

And the recent surge of youth emergence in the fleet is due in large part to the effort of these two sailors, Kent Haeger and Paul Reilly, along with David Porter and the Melges team. New C scows have energized this fleet in the past two years.
And what do our youth champions do? The next three photos are of our recent X Champs. Kate Cox is here also but no photo of her. 
Will Huerth with Dad, 2013 Senior X Champ
JP Friend, 2014 X runnerup with B-18 Brian Brickler and Mike Tyriver, last year's C Blue Chip Champs.

Christian Spencer, 2014 X Champ
Sam Spencer leads Anne Porter Muller and Joe Sko. Sam is the 2014 X Champ crew.

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