Volume 11, Issue 64 August 16, 2016  
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Spring 2016
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17-21 ILYA Champs - Geneva

10-11 Maxinkuckee Fall
     Big Waters C- South Shore
     George Dorn MC - Beulah
10-11 USODA Midwest Champs - Pewaukee
17-18 C Blue Chip - Okauchee
    North Lake MC Fall
    Lake Fenton C Scow Event 
22-25 E Blue Chip - Pewaukee
24-25 Lotawana C
           Beulah C Challenge

1-2 Polar Bear - Davenport, IA
8-9 C Worlds - Delavan

TBD WI MC Champs - Nagawicka
20-23 MC Masters Nationals - Cedar, WI
How to watch Olympic sailing  
Annie Haeger sits in second
There are three more races in the first round SAILED TODAY. The top ten will then progress to the medal round on Wednesday with the alternate date on Thursday. 


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Julie's Blog From Rio ---- Monday  
No racing yesterday
I mentioned nothing is easy here, right?  The attached photo is how water is delivered in Rio. These people truly earn their living.
Anne and Andy Muller joined our band of merry, well, merry group today.  They are a welcome addition - Andy getting MVP for communicating with Carlo who just may like us by the end of all this.  Andy speaks fluent Italian and Carlo appreciates the fact that there is someone in the group of 14 who actually makes an effort to communicate in a language other than English.  
Today's weather forecast was bizarre.  The wind was predicated to go from 8 knots to 40 knots in a matter of minutes. Will, my self proclaimed best looking child, takes over from here:
Here's Will
Thanks for the intro, mom.  Well turns out the bizarre forecast was dead on.  The Race Committee brought the 470s onto the ocean race course around 3pm and attempted a 470 men's start, which was promptly recalled.  Shortly thereafter, the breeze whipped around from Northeast to Southwest and increased from the aforementioned 8 to gusts over 40 knots.  It was incredible watching the front roll in from on top of Sugarloaf; you could see it coming from miles away and dang did it look gnarly.  Many boats capsized immediately and the Race Committee made the wise decision to send the fleets in to avoid any further carnage.
The 470s will be on the Niteroi course tomorrow.  What this means for the sailors is bigger waves and more open ocean conditions.  What this means for the Haeger clan is a 1.5 hour drive through some "interesting" parts of the city followed by lounging on a gigantic rock to get the best possible vantage point.  Last time we were out there the incoming tide nearly swept us right off our perch and into the briny depths.  Sometimes you gotta sacrifice for the perfect shot.  
Forecast is for good breeze so they will try for 3 races tomorrow.  Regardless of the number of races run tomorrow, the medal race will occur on Wednesday.  If the medal race doesn't occur on Wednesday due to poor conditions, then there is always Thursday as a reserve.  We're all locked and loaded over here for an intense finish to what's been a riveting games; here's hoping to some good racing tomorrow!
Dinner tonight was hosted by Ned, JP and Matt at a Brasilian steakhouse.  KC, our resident veg
etarian, took a pass. In saying that, the salad bar was expansive and the meat and seafood delicious.  The Haeger/DiBiase clan clocked a mere six miles today, well below the eight to twelve.  All is good and we continue to collectively appreciate the gifts of love an fridendship.KC
Julie (and Will)


Trophy Presentation on Saturday
The page yesterday copied from Scowslants had our original schedule. Due to MC Nationals in nearby Crystal Lake, the MCs have opted to conclude on Saturday and travel on. They have a potential of 6 races scheduled. 

The A's will be concluded on Saturday. The C's have the potential of completion. If six races are concluded, all three fleets will enjoy trophy presentation on Saturday night.
And Here's What Augie's crew says about him and US!  
AJ Schweda - Bilge Puller Wannabes, I would memorize these words
What is the most distinctive thing about your team? We have now become "That Team" that nobody really cheers for anymore. We even get booed sometimes when we win!
If you were a professional athletic team, who would you be and why? I would say the San Antonio Spurs Basketball team. They have won some titles but they are always a force each year!
Superstitions related to sailing a race? Well since we have changed the name on our boat we have not won a title? Not sure what we were thinking with that move?
Team movie or song (youtube links welcome)? Smokey and the Bandit. If Jeff or A.J. are driving home from the regatta we are like the bandit. If we let Augie drive home he drives like junior (Sheriff Buford T. Justice's son) or Sheriff Buford T. Justice as he is crashing into everything! Semi's beware if he is on the road!  
Your one sailing tip- You can talk to Augie and crew about any topic related to sailing but I would probably tell you not to talk to Augie about covering. It is not his favor topic.
If you could have anyone in the world as your heavy air crew, who would it be and why? We would want our crew for an E boat heavy air race (Jeff, Augie, Heidi and A.J.) did you see the first ILYA E boat race last year? It was smoking and we were flying, plus we all had smiles on our faces as we cruised up and down the lake. It was too bad we could not have sailed another race that day!
Why do you attend the Inland Championships?   The big inland is so awesome with its great family atmosphere and the chance to see all of our lifelong friends we have made and then go racing around the course against them! It doesn't get any better than that.
What is one of your most memorable Inland Championship races? There are so many to be honest but here are two, last race of 2009 E championship on Green Lake as Tom Burton beat us by 6 spots to win the championship that year. And 4th race of 2011 E championship on Minnetonka as we got 3rd and Tom was 12th and that sealed the championship over Tom for us. The lowest of lows and the highest of highs that is Inland sailing!

Thanks and see you at the Big Inland

Inland Lake Yachting Association 
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