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Volume 3, Issue 43

August 16, 2008

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     21-24 A One Design Champs at Mendota

Tommy Erickson from Clear Lake, IA took home the A Open title. He is shown here with second place winner Steve Johnson from White Bear. The two-boat fleet owns  beautiful trophies as shown above with the two Valentine trophies for the first and second place finishers in Race 4. Johnson is on the left; Erickson on the right. Results
ERickson at champs 
Here is the winning form of Chaos, Z-1, ILYA A Open Champs 
hayashi on land
John Hayashi and Anita Chabalowski take home the majority of the Class I-20 trophies. Hayashi won the six race event with one throw out with 6 points.   Results
Hayashi on water
Hayashi and Chabalowski on the water 
C fleet
Kimball on lnad 
Jamie and Rob Kimball sailing for Geneva (via Michigan) sailed to the top spot on Saturday's two races.
Haeger at ILYA 
Kent Haeger (center) of Beulah with crew Michael Greeson took home two race wins, the Corinthian trophy for highest non-pro, highest non-pro in Race One and the Pine Lake Trophy for overall second place.  A-14, Paul Reilly with crew Aaron Mann nabbed an overall fifth and the masters trophy. 16-year-old Will Haeger, (yes, Kent's son) with crew Brad Roble won the top junior. In fourth place the Beulah team of Brian and Kevin Brickler stood proud.
 Anne and Joe at ILYA
 Anne Porter Muller fell to third but sailed well in Saturday's races to establish a strong statement for the fleet. The fleet boasted three women and 10 juniors (age 25 and under). Not since 1957 when Jane Pegel won the Inland has a woman created such excitement. Anne felt the excitement of all who supported her fine sailing. Anne (right) co-owns and co-skips (alternating regattas) with Joe Skotarzak who stated he has never been so happy (and this from a past Nationals champ). Tina Weber is left. Thirds were not needed this event.  Results
 Kimballs at ILYA on water
 Kimballs, Rob and Jamie, taking the title.
all photos by Pat Dunsworth
Okoboji clubhouse 
Editor's Note
Each of our member clubs has a unique quality marking its success. The photo above shows the natural beauty of the Okoboji Yacht Club. This club is fortunate to be in a financial situation to extend a generosity that is incomparable. But as I ponder my marvelous weeklong stay there, I can appreciate the physical site and layout but what distinguishes this club has nothing to do with its exceptional fortune, architectural beauty or lake view. It is about the Okoboji members. From our arrival at the parking area to our last farewell step, their love for their guests was evident. They hosted so many of us with their stunning homes, the free food each morning and evening, the army of qualified race committee, the spectator drivers who adopted us day after day forming friendships along the way -- it all built into an unforgettable week for the ILYA sailors who attended. As we lingered each evening on the lawn, we realized there is something unique and special here. It was a casual, genuine love for our sport and each other which expressed itself best in the mileau of this tranquil site. We are grateful to Okoboji for its efforts. We all left with a longing to return to one of the finest clubs in the country. It was said, "Why don't we come here each year?" While we travel throughout our Midwest region, we are so fortunate for all our hosts. But, Okoboji, you hold a tender spot in our hearts. Thank you for the amazing regatta at your perfect site. We all left wonderful friends behind ---- thank you!
Team Seven logo With little details other than Team Seven leading the medal round with unfortunate mark roundings, Sally Barkow and her team finished seventh. The British team took the gold. Finn sailor, Zack Railey, nabbed the silver. 

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