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Volume 4, Issue 35

August 13, 2009 

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C Fleet
It was smiles all around for Cedar's Paul Reilly and Aaron Mann who were not first at any mark but took the gun in the first C race of the 2009 C Champs. Playing the middle the last leg up, the duo sailed a great last leg. Cedar's Rob Eckert returned to ILYA action and led for two legs, Kent Haeger had a stab at it as did Andy Burdick. Quite a race.
Race two was Peter Keck with brother Dan most of the way. LaBelle's Kurt Mihilech punched out early and had a great race for overall second. Beulah's Joe Kutschenreuter with Randy Schmidt and Katie Porter was third but that boded of good sailing to come after lunch. The Beulah B-7 won the third race without rounding a mark in first, ala Reilly in race one. The day was shifty and patience was key. Lots of variety at the marks.
Top fifteen:
1   M20    Tim Krech              Minnetonka       4       3       2       9   
2   B7     Joe Kutschenreuter     Beulah          2       8       1       11  
3   A14    Paul Reilly            Cedar Lake         1       7       7       15  
4   V45    Andy Burdick           Pewaukee       7       6       3       16  
5   OO88   Peter Keck             Lac LaBelle      5       1       11      17  
6   B12    Kent Haeger            Lake Beulah     3       13      8       24  
7   A22    Jim Tews               Cedar Lake        8       20      4       32   8   A136   Ed Eckert              Cedar Lake       11      5       19      35   9   B6     Martin Barr            Lake Beulah      10      15      12      37   10  M25    Chris Andert         Minnetonka      22      4       13      39   11  B217   Anne Muller          Lake Beulah     25      12      5       42   12  E111   Matthew Prange         Okauchee    17      14      14    45   13  E89    Tim Schmidt            Okauchee         6       19      22    47   14  OO007  Curt Mihleich          Lac LaBelle     9       2       37    48   15  E1     Mark Prange           Okauchee        23      25      6    54   
 Full results
I-20 fleet
The I-20s got in three races today. (The "press" will spend the morning with that fleet tomorrow for Sailgroove video and pics. ILYA photographer Pat Dunsworth arrives for the second half so expect better photos then.) Mendota's Steve Scheck holds a five point lead on the fleet. He won two races. Oshkosh's Aaron Lynn took the third race. More news tomorrow.
Top ten
1   H652   Steve Scheck      Mendota        1       1       3       5  
2   H5     Stefan Schmidt    Mendota         4       4       2      10 
3   M11    Willie Crear      Minnetonka      2       2       8       12 
4   J11    Aaron Lynn        Oshkosh          7       6       1       14 
5   U1     Geoff Catlin  Neenah-Nodaway  5       3       7       15 
6   H111   John Spargo       Mendota        3       5       9       17 
7   L34    John Hayashi      Green Lake     6       7       5       18 
8   FD4    Jack Boatman      Fond du La   10      11      4       25 
9   DB34   Joe Terry         DuBay               9       8       11      28 
10  WA24   Robert Queisser   Wawasee     8       18\DNF  6       32
E Fleet  
Augie e 
 It's a family affair in the top five of the E fleet. Augie Barkow sailing for Pewaukee sits in first with brother Carl (with brother Jim on board) sailing for Pine in fifth. Brian Porter is in third with nephew Vincent in fourth. Only Tom Burton lacks a family connection in the top five but he has a son skipping a boat also. The sailing has been tight. Augie has had to climb back at times to hold onto the lead. He has an enviable 1-2 for the day.While the C's and I-20s got in three races, the E's postponed on shore, ate lunch and went out for the afternoon to complete two.
Top fifteen:
 V37    August Barkow     Pewaukee       1       2       3  
2   M9     Tom Burton        Minnetonka   5       1       6  
3   I0     Brian Porter      Lake Geneva    2       5       7  
4   I49    Vincent Porter    Lake Geneva  3       7       10 
5   X11    Carl Barkow       Pine Lake     11      3       14 
6   V123   Kevin Jewett      Pewaukee    10      4       14 
7   X751   Jim Gluek         Pine Lake       9       6       15 
8   M12    Jeff Solum        Minnetonka     6       9       15 
9   V74    Will Graves       Pewaukee       17      8       25 
10  H7     Lon Schoor        Mendota         8       17      25 
11  M1     Rob Evans         Minnetonka     4       22      26 
12  H8     Tim & Hugh Sugar  Mendota     7       20      27 
13  M11    Gordy Bowers      Minnetonka  16      11      27 
14  I71    Ken Wruk          Lake Geneva    13      19      32 
15  V27    Matt Peterson     Pewaukee      25      10      35 
And for those of you at home. Tune in your computer to Sailgroove. Look for live shots, interviews and loads of reporting. Scowlines will come to you each morning with yesterday's results. Go to the
sailgroove site to watch the day's action. We are struggling with the bandwidth so hopefully a move to the Heidel House tomorrow will produce faster results. Be patient. Interviews today with Sally Barkow, Jeff Niedziela, Tim Krech, Peter Keck will be posted soon.
If you want to talk to us, go to sailgroove and post a comment. This is the best way to tell your ILYA Board you like the "see it at home" effort by the promotion committee. A lunch with Chris Love reveals the business plan for sailgroove which is the development of software which will allow clubs to affordably duplicate what he is doing this summer which is videoreporting of events with blogs and interviews easily managed. The site your yacht club creates will be posted also on the Sailgroove home which allows national coverage of your club each time someone visits Sailgroove. The ILYA simply bought an airline ticket and assured him housing, food and a good time for the reporting in this early development of the company. To the editor who is serving as boat driver, this seems like a phenomenal way to promote your fleet or club with what is described as an easy interface for the buyer. The equipment purchase is a video camera and a subscription to Sailgroove. There can be "live" reporting of the racing if the right WI-FI connection and position of the race course is possible. Now that is a great asset to your club. I can see the course set up at Pewaukee or Geneva in front of the club for the camera and all your members can watch the race "live" at home. The possibilities are endless: video selling of equipment, promotion of parties, camera setup of activity at the club, interviews with Board members if issues need to be discussed and disseminated to the membership. Won't this be a creative, fun time as we catch up to the technology our kids know and use.
Entries are still being accepted on the website for the second session. See who is already coming.
 To protect the innocent. . .

In one house at Green Lake:

  • we have 17 sailors
  • from 6 lakes - Beulah, Okauchee, LaBelle, Clear Lake, In, Maxinkuckee and some place out east
  • three generations - if you count that Jeannie Schmidt Andreski (no protection of the innocent now) was a candy striper at Candace Porter's first job (if that can count as a generation apart)
  • five boats - none in the top ten (as if trophies were what this is about)
  • a revolving front door with revelers arriving at all hours of the night and morning

Friends everywhere on shore, on water, in every restaurant. It's the big Inland at Green Lake. 

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