Volume 11, Issue 61 August 12, 2016  
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Spring 2016
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Melges log 
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10-13 WMYA - Spring Lake,MI
12-13 X Blue Chip - Cedar, WI
17-21 ILYA Champs - Geneva

10-11 Maxinkuckee Fall
     Big Waters C- South Shore
     George Dorn MC - Beulah
10-11 USODA Midwest Champs - Pewaukee
17-18 C Blue Chip - Okauchee
    North Lake MC Fall
    Lake Fenton C Scow Event 
22-25 E Blue Chip - Pewaukee
24-25 Lotawana C
           Beulah C Challenge

1-2 Polar Bear - Davenport, IA
8-9 C Worlds - Delavan

TBD WI MC Champs - Nagawicka
20-23 MC Masters Nationals - Cedar, WI
Notes from Rio - Julie's Jottings  
Day eight
I'm too old for this.  How does a parent in her late 50's survive a day like today?  It's late.  We've just gotten back from a US party where way too many drinks and not enough food was served.  Lord help me.  She went from DFL to fifth, fourth overall, five points out of first.  I receive a text from Annie asking what our plans for tomorrow are.  Um, spending the day on my knees in a church?  It is a lay day for the girls - no sailing.  Any opportunity to see her is a bonus. 
Lame update.  I'm exhausted... I promise more tomorrow.  I can only imagine how the girls are feeling. --- Julie
More troops
Now Anne Porter and Andy Muller have arrived there to watch Annie. This is the view from their apartment window which overlooks rowing. Anne rowed at Wisco as well as sailed so what a treat for her. Hopefully, we get another view of the event. 
Thanks to all of you who are reading and wishing Annie well. Seems we ILYA group are getting used to this fast reporting. Sally and John Ruf came right as social media was taking off; how fortunate we are now to get a closer view. 
How to watch Olympic sailing  
Annie Haeger begins Aug 10th


Follow here:

ILYA Champs - Interview with the Champs #9  
Dan Fink

What is the most distinctive thing about your team?
  Most know that I'm a long time MC sailor but I have been racing the C class the last couple of years, and racing both in the championship.  For the C, I never club raced my boat. Its a regatta only boat, so we go in cold every time to any regatta. My crew are great sailors, David Harrison Jr, & Richard Blake from the MC class. 
If you were a professional athletic team, who would you be and why?
   The Tag Team of The Crusher & The Bruiser. Why the The Crusher: Besides his impressive physique, The Crusher's gimmick was to absorb a tremendous amount of punishment and still be able to make a comeback for the win. The Crusher would brag about his "100 megaton biceps" and offer to pummel "da bum" he was facing in the ring with ease, and he often delighted in calling opponents "turkeynecks." His most quotable and famous phrase though was: "How 'bout 'dat?" When asked how he trained for a match, he'd claim he ran along the waterfront in Milwaukee carrying a large full beer barrel over either shoulder for strength (and longtime AWA announcer Rodger Kent often noted that by the end of the Crusher's training run, the beer was gone), and that he'd dance all night with Polish barmaids to increase his stamina.
Superstitions related to sailing a race?
   I never start next to people named Jonah or Andy. 
Team movie or song?  My race song is The Who - Who Are You : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PdLIerfXuZ4
   Our boat name and theme this year is from the movie Mad Max 2- The Road Warrior:  "Greetings from The Humungus! The Lord Humungus! The Warrior of the Wasteland! The Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla!  Just walk away. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5GNdyFrIzY ,  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-Qq6D_lrwY
Your one sailing tip
  Start next to a marshmallow. If you can't find one, you are the marshmallow.
If you could have anyone in the world as your heavy air crew, who would it be and why?
  If The Crusher were alive today it would be him for sure. If not him, then Yao Ming who is 7' 6" and 310 lbs, and can shout out in Chinese to my competition.
Why do you attend the Inland Championships? Or    What is one of your most memorable Inland Championship races?
   I'm from a family of brewery workers: my dad, uncles, and grandma all worked for the breweries. So, I love having a few beers with my friends after the races.  

Dan's Crew David Harrison
What is the most distinctive thing about your team?
- Current & former MC sailors trying to make it in another class. Funny to have expert C-Scow skippers yelling at us to "quite sailing it like it's an MC" or "you can't point that boat like it's an MC guys!" 
If you were a professional  athletic team, who would you be and why?
Would like to be the Green Bay Packers...not because they win all the time, but there is a certain level of consistency that they always achieve (in every game, consistently a playoff team, consistently a Super Bowl contender at the beginning of the year, consistent in practice, players talk about repetition, etc.). From the Executive staff, coaches, and players...they always talk about consistency.

Superstitions related to sailing a race?
Sailing on Sunday's...I used to have a nick-name of "Sunday" because I would lead the regatta going into Sunday, and if we sailed on Sunday, I would lose it. There were many small regattas, the ILYA MC invite in the 2000's at Clear Lake that I blew, an Inland Champs on Geneva one year, etc. Many heartbreaking defeats on Sunday races! Hard to swallow, but something I have learned from.
Team movie or song (youtube links welcome)?
Love the Irishman announcing the 2012 London sailing Olympics match...as if he has no idea what is going on out on the race course. Sometimes feel my family & friends view sailing in this way.
Your one sailing tip
Speed kills...no matter what you're doing, sail for darker water, keep the boat moving fast (even if you're going the wrong way), and you'll do well.
If you could have anyone in the world as your heavy air crew, who would it be and why?
Hans Melges. I sailed with Hans on the A-scow "speedy girl" in the 1999 (?) when the A-fleet was returning to Geneva. I was a sailing instructor at GLSS that year. Hans was great at keeping the boat flat, giving clear direction on where to point the boat in the puffs, had an incredible feel for how to de-power the rig when required. He just knew every string to pull at the right moment. We all learned a lot about A-scow sailing that summer. Very fun!

Why do you attend the Inland Championships?  Or    What is one of your most memorable Inland Championship races?
Love the competition of this annual event. The Race Committee is always top-notch, the sailing on any one of the Champs lakes is fair & consistent, and everyone is at the top of their game. My most memorable event was in the early 2000's, where my brother & I sailed M-16's against Eric Hood and the new prototype boat Melges was pushing. We felt like were crashing the photo-shoot out on the water, rounding the first mark just ahead of Eric in a 1980's Johnson a couple of times. He always found a way around us later in the race, but it was exciting to compete with an older boat in that way. We finished top 5 (?) that event. Couple years later, I remember sailing MC's and in the top 3 against Andy Burdick. Was a disappointing Sunday (see 'C' above), but I was proud to be at the top of the fleet, competing against the best.
How to watch us for the ILYA Championships  
Start watching Facebook now
For the latest news on Annie Haeger in Rio or Steph Roble in Lyskiel or Sally Barkow wherever, find us on Facebook -- ILYA-Inland Lake Yachting Association. Our mark roundings and final results will be here. Live results from our 2016 Trophy Presentations are posted. It's the place to find us. 

New this Championships --- Mother G Morning Preview Show with Executive Director Dave Berg producing special moments for you to view. Mother G Evening Wrapup shows with the winners and the day's events. Thanks to Mother G who is Dave Davenport for sponsoring the shows and providing IT support this week. 

We have a cadre of 18 and under reporters working for you. Thanks to them in advance. We will feature them in our coverage. 

It's a new Inlands with video and social media taken to a new level by our youth. 
Western Michigan Yachting Association Championships  


168 at Geneva!!  And counting  
Still time to register!
The event opens with an Opening Ceremony on WedA nesday Night after the A race. The club will feature a buffet of chicken and ribs - and the chef is great. You will enjoy it! All registration is completed on Wednesday. 

Things to watch:

  • A racing on Geneva is like no other --- if the wind is the right direction. Watch from the grounds. They soar!
  • Mother G Morning Show begins on Thursday. Tune into Facebook to watch the interviews. 
  • Thursday morning - it all begins. A's and MC's in the morning; C's and E's in the afternoon. We have tentatively scheduled a 9:30 AM and 10:15 morning time and a 2:00 and 2:30 time in the afternoons to stagger all the boats launching. We may need to adjust but this is a bit firmer than last year. 
  • Thursday night is Bilge Pullers so get used to odd young (and old) men running around on Thursday but they will be wearing a T-shirt you can't miss. Women, support our sponsors for dinner on Thursday night. 
Meanwhile  ---- in Europe  
Steph Roble  - Just in!! Steph Beats Camilla to move to Finals!
Watch here today. From WIM site
Lotte Meldgaard (DEN) beat Pauline Courtois (FRA) in their quarterfinal of the Lysekil Women's Match, the 2nd event on the 2016 WIM Series. Photo: Dan Ljungsvik/Lysekil Women's Match.

Quarters decided in Lysekil Women's Match
- Ulrikkeholm Klinkby, Meldgaard, Roble & Östling to semis

The Swedish west coast offered a fresh breeze and heavy rain as the quarterfinals of Lysekil Women's Match, the 2nd event on the 2016 WIM Series, were decided Friday. All quarters finished 3 - 0, but the winners agreed that it was a bit harder in reality than the scores may look on paper:
"Definitely. We raced three tight matches in a fun quarterfinal, really good preparation for tomorrow" local hope Anna Östling testifies.
Unfortunately, at least from a Swedish point of view, Östling had to face fellow club member from the Royal Gothenburg Yacht Club, Caroline Sylvan, in her quarterfinal. They were actually the only ones left, when the top seeds after the round-robin had picked their favourite quarterfinal opponents:
"If we want to go all the way, we have to race whomever we get" Östling notes.
Young Swede Johanna Bergqvist was the only skipper to beat round-robin winner and World #1 Camilla Ulrikkeholm Klinkby in the round-robin, but despite that triumph she was picked as the Danish team's quarterfinal opponent:
"Johanna did a good job sailing the boat, but we could see in the prestarts that they need more experience, to avoid getting caught" Ulrikkeholm Klinkby says.
Tomorrow the Danish five-time Lysekil winner will try hard to add yet another title, but whom she will decide to meet in the semi is still a secret:
"We will thoroughly think that over before we make our choice tomorrow morning" she laughs, adding that they only have smaller adjustments in crew work and boat trim to make.
Reigning World Champion and fellow club member of the Royal Danish Yacht Club, Lotte Meldgaard, follows Ulrikkeholm Klinkby to the semis. Meldgaard led two of her quarterfinal matches against Pauline Courtois (FRA) from start to finish, but it was tougher at the beginning of the second match:
"Pauline won the start and we stayed behind until the leeward mark rounding, where we were able to pass her. I think we had generally better boathandling, being able to extend our lead further" says Meldgaard, who is confident approaching the semis.
"We know we can win, but we need to take one match at a time and make no mistakes, because otherwise we'll be punished immediately."
The fourth semi finalist is Stephanie Roble, WIM Series champion and runner-up in Lysekil last year. The American faced Alexa Bezel (SUI) in her quarterfinal:
"It was a wet and windy day, but we're really happy to check yet another box on our way. Boat handling and communication worked very well, and we're confident going into the semi finals. All semi finalists are very good, but we're ready to race whomever. We're looking forward to an exciting Saturday!"
The semis and the final of Lysekil Women's Match will be sailed Saturday, immediately followed by the prize giving ceremony.
Results in the quarterfinals of Lysekil Women's Match, the 2nd event on the 2016 WIM Series:
Camilla Ulrikkeholm Klinkby, DEN - Johanna Bergqvist, SWE, 3 - 0
Lotte Meldgaard, DEN - Pauline Courtois, FRA, 3 - 0
Stephanie Roble, USA - Alexa Bezel, SUI, 3 - 0
Anna Östling, SWE - Caroline Sylvan, SWE, 3 - 0

Malcolm Lamphere
In Kiel, Germany at Laser Radials Youth Worlds. Results indicate Malcolm is finally going on day two. Rough day one with a UFP on race 1. But watch out now. 
Inland Lake Yachting Association 
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