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August 13, 2014   

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13-17 ILYA Championships - A, E, C, I-20 - Oshkosh at the Waters

17-19 RWB Chip NOR SIs



6-7 George Dorn MC Beulah

13-14 C Blue Chip - Okauchee

20-21 Beulah C Challenge

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Peter on Land

Peter on Sea
Peter Strothman

Home Club - Lake Geneva  Scows Sailed in 2013 -  E scow

What is your sailing background? (Yacht Club, age started, boats sailed, etc)  I began sailing on Lake Minnetonka basically once I could walk. At first I'd take free rides on my dad's C-boat (M-9) when they finished club races.  I thought that was the coolest thing in the world.  Eventually I became my dad's third crew on his C for every regatta - something I looked forward to more than anything.  I began crewing for my brother when I was 7 or 8, and quickly realized that was a dead end (right call; look at him now!). I began steering X-boats when I was 8 or 9 and seriously sailing them at 10 or 11.  I then branched out into Lasers, Laser IIs, 420's and FJ's for national youth sailing. I loved all of the boats and traveled every summer across the country for various events.  One of my favorite regattas of all time was crewing for Chris Jewett at the 1992 Youth Champs in Long Beach in a Laser II. It nuked the entire regatta and we had a blast, despite being new to the boat/fleet.  In college, I raced just about any dinghy imaginable based on the location of the regatta and the host school.  Beyond dinghies, I've sailed most scows and actively race the E now on Geneva.  I lived on the east coast for 15 years and sailed IC's (frostbiting) and Vanguard 15s at Larchmont Yacht Club, as well as did the Melges 32 circuit trimming main for Argo for a couple years.

What is your proudest sailing accomplishment? 

I was a college All-American at Harvard multiple times. That was pretty cool.


What is your pre-regatta ritual?  

If college sailing taught me anything, where sometimes you can be on the water all day without a break, the key to winning is regularity.  It's simple, really. 


Who is your biggest competition? Why?  

Right now, the tempting answer is Chuck's on Lake Geneva.  To varying degrees that place handicaps our team each weekend for Sunday club races.  But seriously, we have a strong fleet on Geneva.  Brian and Vincent Porter are both great to race against every weekend, and we constantly push each other while having fun.  For regattas, I've had a lifelong competition with some great friends - Chris/Tony Jewett, Sam Rogers and my brother David from Minnetonka, and Augie Barkow from Pine/Pewaukee.  We all grew up racing X boats against each other and have been great friends and competitors for over 30 years.  


If you could add any person as your heavy air crew, who would it be?  

Pat Hughes.  I'm convinced Pat is going to be President of the United States someday.  He's already an oil tycoon, a software savant, a national champion, and a fantastic supporter for the Inland and youth programs in general.  His wife Chrisy is a Midwest Jackie O.  Everything is coming together for them.  I think if Pat 4th crewed for us, it would give his resume the finishing touches it needs for him to become an unstoppable political juggernaut.  We'd be over 800lbs and probably break the E boat on the first beat, but if we all just sit on the high side instead of hiking out it would probably be okay.  That way, we could also plan out his presidential campaign, so it would work out well.  


Favorite pre-and post-regatta food or drink.  

I drink more water than anyone else alive.  Period.  If you think otherwise, ask my wife or my crew.  They see the volumes I go through consistently, day-in and day-out.  Many boast they drink more, none follow through when daily measurement comes into play.  After racing, I'm a traditionalist. Mount Gay and tonic with a lime.  Repeat several times.  Then graduate to beer, and whatever else gets passed my way. 


Questions for Crew:

What is one thing we don't know about your skipper? That Pete is probably the funniest person I've ever encountered in my life. Also he drinks more water than anybody.


What phrase do you hear most from the back of your boat?  

"Heel the boat!....ok I'll shut up."


Why will your team win this year's XXX Inland? Because of our constant positive mental attitude.

If you win, what magazine cover would you like to be featured on? 

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. We would give the subscribers a real variety petite Brian Jr., medium Peter, and +size Corbett.


Lastly, if your boat had a theme song, what would it be? 

 I'm a B*tch- Meredith Brooks


Peter Keck


What is your sailing background? (Yacht Club, age started, boats sailed, etc)  I grew up on La Belle, loved it.  Started skipping an X when I was 8, with my brother who was 6.  We counted from the back, for three or four years.  I also, crewed for my dad on a C boat.  Went to college at Wisconsin, and sailed 470's, 420's, FJ's, and Lasers.  Then in 1989 I started crewing on a C boat for this kid named Andy Burdick.  We were fast friends, and a pretty good team on the C boat.  Andy taught me everything about racing sailboats.  I worked at Melges from 92 to 96.  Over the years, I have sailed MC's, E's, A's, and some Melges 24's, and Melges 20's, and raced at Lake Geneva, Beulah, Lac La Belle, and Nagawicka.   


What is your proudest sailing accomplishment?  Probably the 1997, C Nationals.  93 boats on Pewaukee.  Basically the first C regatta I ever entered with my own C boat, and we won.  Joe Skotarzak, myself and Katie Porter.  Crazy.


What is your pre-regatta ritual?  Panera.


Who is your biggest competition? Why?  Everyone in the C fleet is good competition.  Everyone goes the same speed, so you really have to rely on boat handling and tactics.


If you could add any person as your heavy air crew, who would it be?  Alex Keck.  Always great to sail with family.


What is your favorite Pre-/post-regatta ritual:

Pre: Get moving early so you don't have to rush or be late.  Post: Get right to the rum.

 And now for the crew:
What is one thing we don't know about your skipper? He met his wife by holding up a sign up at UW Madison's library asking how much do you weigh. Recruiting women to sail with him. Also his nickname is the Godfather.


What phrase do you hear most from the back of your boat?

 Ben I'm hiking-meaning hike harder

Why will your team win this year's 2014 Inland?

 Because Joe Kutsch is trying to become a Bilge Puller. We don't like his chances.


If you win, what magazine cover would you like to be featured on?

 Ebony Magazine (Really, Ben, your mom is the editor. This is a little un-PC.)


Lastly, if your boat had a theme song, what would it be?


Friday Night is Retro T-shirt Night
Saturday Night is Island Shirt Night
Run through quickly and enjoy the rest of the day. Coral Reef will have loads of softgoods. Lunches, dinners are online on the storefront. The regatta headquarters is Millers Bay. It's here. All of us together! Great sponsors! Great water! Pray for wind! But enjoy the event at all costs! There is nothing like the Waters, Winnebago and Winning at the Inland. 
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