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Bilge Pullers  

Volume 7, Issue 59                                                                                                           August 13, 2012

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Bilge Pullers

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Classes E, C, and I-20
 August 9 - 12, 2012
 Classes A, MC, and Club 420
August 16-19, 2012

Mendota Yacht Club 

Madison, Wisconsin


Regattas / Calendar



8-11     Western Michigan E, C, MC, Melges 17, Laser - Muskegon

9           Pram Power - North Lake

10-11    X Blue Chip - Cedar

11-12    D20 Great Lakes Laser Champs - Racine

9-12     ILYA Champs - E, C and I-20

13-14   ILYA Youth Singlehand  Laser  - Beulah 

            Opti RWB Chip - Labelle

16-19   ILYA Champs - A, MC and 420

22-25   MC Nationals - White Lake

25-26  Great Plains USODA Opti Regatta - Clear Lake



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Lynn/ J. Kutschenreuter/V. Porter Take Titles

 Halfway point. Thanks to Mendota

Bilge Pullers There are few things in life where the effort ALWAYS fulfills the expectation. Winning an ILYA championship, race win, top 10 finish is consistently one of them. While the editor may not be capable of capturing the emotional expressions of gratitude to those who supported them, know how genuine and heartfelt each comment was as the winners received their awards. 

 Bilge Pullers

Commodore Rick Trester thanked Mendota and Hoofers for the gargantuan effort expended and only in the first half. A repeat performance next weekend with an additional challenge of an additional site as the inaugural 420 event is held at Burrows Park. 

Bilge Pullers The Velocitek C and E challenge was presented by local dealer, Summerset Marine who co-sponsored the E event. Jon Schloesser of Oshkosh won $1000 for the highest sustained speed during the event --- of those carrying Velocitek's. Emily Green of Mendota had the highest peak speed recorded. Bruce Rosenheimer won the C challenge and was awarded a ProStart unit.

 Bilge Pullers 


The Porter name is atop the Gallun Trophy as far back as 1929. Lake Geneva has won this trophy 27 times. There are dynasties recorded by viewing the Gallun history - Melges (both Buddy and Harry), Bill Allen -- winning the event 5-6 times! Names like Robbins, Perrigo, Hannaford - it's a who's who of Inland sailing. Vincent Porter sailed Grace to a second victory and begins his own mark on history -- a most gracious young man as he thanked the Inland as well as his own support team. Vincent wins this event for Geneva with a very young Clifford Porter, Coye Harrett and Griffin Rolander. He recalled sailing with his younger brother Clifford in X boats and placing second in the Inlands. This return trip with Clifford netted the top award.

The second place boat exemplifies all we are here in Midwest ILYA sailing. The entire Melges-Burdick crew sailed on the boat. The two wives are sisters with four of the most eager young children in this clan. Thanks to Finn and Mya Burdick and Monroe and Harry IV for enjoying the event. It was a family vacation. (But don't look for the gentle, family feel next week on the A's. Andy and Harry will be on competing boats with expert crew!)

Bilge Pullers  Of note in the E awards was the presentation of the race trophy to Emily Green. Rarely has a woman won an E race (only four times) and not since 1974 when Jane Pegel last won a race. White Bear team Lee Alnes seemed most moved at his 10th place finish and a race win. Sailing with two nephews, he was most appreciative of his award.  

1 I- 2 Porter, Vincent Grace Geneva 1 8 5 4 1 11 30
2 I- 45 Burdick, Andy Team 45 Geneva 2 5 1 8 13 5 34
3 V- 37 Barkow, August Big Wheels Pewaukee 3 3 2 7 6 15 36
4 I- 9 Strothman, Peter Rooster Geneva 12 12 3 1 5 14 47
5 I- 49 Porter, Brian Full Throttle Geneva 11 2 12 15 3 4 47
6 BH- 8 Lucas, Russell Shimmer Other 5 4 10 3 14 17 53
7 M- 42 Rogers, Sam Minnetonka 8 14 14 11 4 2 53
8 M- 9 Burton, Tom Intrepid Minnetonka 18 6 8 6 10 7 55
9 H- 8 Sugar, Hugh and Tim Gr8 Expect8tions Mendota 7 12 11 26 2 6 64
10 W- 25 Alnes, Lee Euphoria White Bear 20 1 7 9 17 30 84

 Bilge Pullers 

 It was a first time win for Joe Kutschenreuter and Randy Schmidt. For little Lake Beulah, it's an exceptional honor only awarded one time before. The impromptu party of over 100 who assembled to applaud the two was moving. With the beautiful trophies on display, folks from Browns, Geneva, Pewaukee gathered to congratulate the overwhelmed winners. Joe and his college crew of four years, Molly Forbes, are collegiate All-Americans. Lest we overlook another mention, Kevin Jewett and Annie Haeger were also in the top ten and boast the All-American title.

It is again worth mentioning four juniors finished top ten and two women in the top fifteen. The small lakes sent strong representation to the Champs - Beulah 16!!!, LaBelle, Cedar and Okauchee provided the event with more young fun than imaginable.

B 007 1 B- 7 Kutschenreuter, Joe JR Tackycardia Beulah 10 7 3 6 11 1 27
M 020 2 M- 20 Krech, Tim Fire and Ice Minnetonka 9 11 7 4 3 4 27
E 088 3 E- 88 Schmidt, Stephen M Ridin Hign Okauchee 17 1 1 1 13 25 33
B 016 4 B- 16 Kutschenreuter, George JR Beulah Beast Beulah 3 9 8 13 2 36 35
E 001 5 E- 1 Prange, Mark M Badolboys Okauchee 1 15 6 11 8 12 38
I 113 6 I-113 Jewett, Kevin Honey Badger Geneva 7 14 11 10 24 10 52
N 181 7 N-181 Keck, Peter Nagawicka 12 4 16 16 25 7 55
M 025 8 M- 25 Andert, Chris Mud Minnetonka 5 20 5 19 6 27 55
B 117 9 B-117 Porter, Christine JR Swingtown Beulah 29 22 14 2 12 8 58
E 089 10 E- 89 Schmidt, Tim JR Barracuda Okauchee 20 26 12 5 1 22 60

 I-20 fleetBilge Pullers

 What a change in vitality in this fleet. A mix of the experienced and great new clubs - Indian Lake in Ohio and Wawasee in Indiana bring fresh fun. The water of Winnebago is teeming with activity. Loads of family sailing with family in this fleet. There are more Bolles brothers from Indiana -- and what fun they are. Aaron Lynn wins the title for the third time.   

1 J- 11 Lynn, Aaron Grog Oshkosh 1 1 2 4 1 2 7
2 H -652 Sheck, Steve Euphoria Mendota 4 2 5 2 3 1 12
3 FD-101 Whealon, Dave Shake and Bake Fond du Lac 6 3 9 1 2 6 18
4 M- 12 Fleming, Pat Control Issues Minnetonka 2 5 1 5 6 7 19
5 ID- 4 Ewing, Joe Taz Indian Lake  7 7 4 6 10 3 27
6 U- 11 Catlin, Steven Yellow Boat Neenah 5 4 8 DNS 7 8 32
7 M- 11 Crear, Willie Iver C. Johnsonm Minnetonka 10 6 6 7 5 DNS 34
8 FD- 10 Whealon, Sam Balance Fond du Lac 3 DNF 3 DNF 4 9 36
9 ID- 8 Patten, Jeff Indian Lake  9 8 7 8 9 5 37
10 FD- 4 Boatman, Jack Fond du Lac Fond du Lac 8 DNC DNC 3 8 4 40
Thanks to Parker Construction
   Another example of love for the Inland 
Simply an outstanding contribution to the regatta, Craig Parker from Cedar Lake, IN has been present all regatta to man the food area. He brought grills, refrigeration, chairs, tables to assist the event. He has been non-stop. If you are willing, he could use volunteer help  next session. Craig is not in the restaurant business; he just loves the Inland. Show up to lend him a hand to thank Cedar Lake, IN and to enjoy serving at this great event. Be sure and say thanks for his magnanimous effort.

FYI - you will not have time to come in for the lunch break and get lunch from Craig. So time your sailing and hunger to give him business. He makes a mean brat and burger. Thanks, Craig, for your support of sailing.  
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Lake Mendota is the place to be for all scow sailors these next two weekends, and the place to find the most current and up to date status of the event is through the ILYA Big Inland Facebook page. There you'll find the race finishes as they occur, the most recent ScowLines, and be able to connect with your fellow sailors around Madison.


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And how do you host an Annual regatta?

Thanks, Mendota! Let's do it again next weekend

What an effort by three partners to produce an exceptional event. The ILYA, Mendota Yacht Club and Hoofers all joined forces with creative ideas, manpower and shared spirit so all of us could enjoy all that beautiful Mendota has to offer. This was the first venture with a shared organizing and implementation team. As the demands of our sailing community present more challenges, look for more joint efforts. It is rare to find strong clubs able to bear the burden of our event. We are so fortunate for our wealth of support in so many differing formats. So here is an example:

Stephan Schmidt secured housing for 70 (!) of us. ----- the first portion only

Darby Sugar planned a party for 300+ on Friday night. --- to repeat on next Friday --- and managed over 300 lunches daily.

Liz Tiefenthaler stuffed bags for 125 participating boats and handed out water bottles for 350 sailors, stood for at least 12 hours at the head table at the Bilge Pullers Headquarters. Recruited shifts of volunteers for registration, launching, parking and mooring. -- still more to come.

Sailors for the most part drysailed the boats utlizing over 150 parking spots at the park.

The Boathouse stored the drysailed motorboats each night. Spectator boats launched each morning after safe, secure storage during the nights.

Paul Dehn obtained motorboats for race committee work but MOST IMPORTANTLY safety boats who arrived promptly on the course and reported to the RC boats to register they were on station. They reported "off station" at end of day. Just think of your own clubs obtaining 3-6 safety boats with crews to monitor the racing for six long days. Add the volunteer RC boat drivers from Mendota and you begin to realize the effort this volunteer club expended and and the manpower it takes to run this event.

Hoofers provided the meals, transportation of meals and distribution; taxiing, manpower just everywhere.  

The organizing committee of Jim Smith, Todd Haines, Trey Sprinkman met for three years to arrange logistics with a yacht club without a building.

Local sponsorship provided us with great value and free flowing beer of the wheat and amber variety. Thanks to Capital Brewery and Mendota Yacht Club for all the hard work with sponsors. Additionally, 20 (!) local boats participated in this first session. Thanks , Mendota, from the bottom of our hearts. We know you enjoyed this first half! We sure did! 

(If the editor forgot anyone, it is not intentional -- you were all amazing

  Help us with our sailors at home 
Do you love "live" action? Are you on the racecourse? Do you own a smartphone? And, of course, you are on facebook. Please consider serving as a course reporter.
Bilge PullersHere's how it works.  Go watch your sailor on this great lake. But BEFORE you leave home -
  • 1 - copy the logo on the left of your favorite fleet.
  • 2 - Make this your facebook profile picture. This makes it easy for the folks at home to follow a favorite fleet. When you post, the fleet emblem will appear next to your name.  
  •  3 - At the event, enjoy the race

 4 -  Use your smartphone or iPad to record the roundings (top five are five), mishaps, great moments.

  •  5 - Post to the ILYA BIG Inland facebook page (go to your facebook page, search for ILYA BIG Inland and you are there).


6 - Thanks for being a correspondent - thanks for enjoying the regatta - thanks for supporting the ILYA and enjoying Mendota

First half photos
 Photographer Mark Gillespie - check it out online

There are about 350 images from session one of the Inlands. All three fleets are represented; some marvelous shots. Once in the gallery view, the search box can be used to find boats by sail number and usually by boat name, or class. 

Mark has pulled out a number that he liked most and put them in a set on Flickr. The file names are listed at the end of the captions (starts with A_120811_####). 

http://archive.ghpstudio.com/gallery/2012-ILYA-Mendota/G0000ahWOK7dfnDYPassword: scows



Thanks again,

Mark Gillespie

GHP Studio

PO Box 311
Fontana, WI 53125-0311
Phone: 262-203-7721
Fax: 262-203-7722
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