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Volume 6, Issue 52

 August 13, 2011 


12-13 X Blue Chip - Cedar 

ILYA Champs - Minnetonka

11-14 C/MC Champs 

14-17 A Champs 

18-21 E Champs

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26-28 Melges 17 Nationals - White Lake

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One Race In Today -

Davenport/Jarecki in Cs; Everist in MC

 Both fleets tried for two races today but it was not to be. In what started as 10-12 steady soon vanished as race two began.

frankydThe C's were led all race by John Dennis with Eric Oppen as crew. Top contenders in race one were Billy Madden, Jim Gluek, Mark Prange and the sleeper Frank Davenport who lasted the longest on the right side. While Gluek and Dennis fought for the the lead on the port side, Frank with crew Ron Jarecki took the gun. Results here 


Over on the MC side, Okoboji's Steve Everist started well and never looked back. Proclaiming, "I've never beaten Andy Burdick in a race," Everist was a happy man all day. Rick Trester, Andy Burdick, Jessica Haverstock and Kelli Farrar all had a great race. Last year's winner Bill Colburn is sitting in fourth so watch out!  Results here

PRO's Chip Mann and Phil Petersen struggled with opening shifty winds and then late change in direction requiring mark changes. It was tough work for the four boats on each course.  

For more information about the 2011 ILYA Championships, visit http://inland2011.org. Visit the ILYA media site  to view or upload videos/photos or to blog about the event.

Here are photos from JH Peterson:


Action at the mark - Jim Gluek leads this pack.


"We may need to tack"


Those of you who know Jeff Butzer recognize his Smart Car at all the events. But here is his version of a Smart Boat. This may look spacious enough here but add three buoys, anchors and it was the "hydro" version of Butzer on land. This boat does not come with the wind accessory included.



X Blue Chip

 from Cindy Rusher 

Attached are the results from day one of the X Blue Chip on Cedar.  As you can see, we sailed 4 races.  The 1st three were in a fairly steady 8-10 mph breeze from the south and the last one got a bit challenging with the wind shifting to the southeast and dying down quite a bit.   The kids and parents were rewarded after a long day on the water with the always popular cocktail party for parents and pizza party with DJ for the kids.  We hope the thunderstorms stay away tomorrow and we can get one more race in.

1st M67 Johnny Ferguson Morgan Brackin 1 8 1 7 17
2nd B16 Charlie Kutschenreuter Alex Keck 5 2 8 4 19
3rd M101 Jack Bitney Mollie Voltz 2 3 4 11 20
4th E80 Jeffrey Brandl Kaitlin Brandl 4 9 6 2 21
5th V32 Joey Feichtmeier Christian Spencer 9 12 3 12 36
6th OO5 Parker Trepton Caroline Kunz 3 1 26 8 38
7th N54 Kelly Monahan Emma Birbaum 20 11 2 6 39
8th OO4 Alex Kunz Logan Stone 7 4 11 20 42
9th W3 Willy Crary Susie Voltz 11 16 7 9 43
10th B1 Mary Claire Kiernan Nora Kiernan 15 6 19 5 45
11th B66 Michael Barr Brigit Barr 16 17 12 3 48
12th  N8  Austin Anderson  JP Munich 21 5 13 10 49
13th B6   Cullen Barr  John Berg 8 10 10 26 54
14th GL6 Nick Driessen Will Driessen 13 20 9 15 57
15th A169 Alie Rusher Abby Eckert 17 23 5 14 59
16th I123 Mac Six Parker Michel 6 21 15 27 69
17th J3 Korbin Kierstead Danny Smith 10 22 18 21 71
18th Z8 AJ Hanus Will Finstad 19 13 22 19 73
19th V24 Will Duchow Max Schieble 14 24 23 13 74
20th W66 Kate Cox Conner Lee 27 18 30 1 76
21st V60 Dave Winquist Mike Wolak 30 7 25 16 78
22nd B7 Riley Schmidt Sarah Kubicek 22 15 21 23 81
23rd X99 Charlie Hollister Isabel Seidal 18 28 16 22 84
24th V888 Samantha Kultgen Joey Biwer 24 19 17 24 84
25th E36 Scott Sazama Joe Sazama 28 14 27 18 87
26th B21 George Kiernan Eric Komas 12 26 20 30 88
27th E82 Tommy Groskopf Sam Petelinsek 26 27 14 28 95
28th I92 Mitchell Lee Nick Rusher 25 29 28 17 99
29th V51 Augie Dale Hunter Daley 23 30 29 25 107
30th B11 Andrea Sullivan Darby Bach 29 25 24 29 107


Pram Power Boasts 73!!! beginner sailors

 Michels Team Wins

by Christine Janssen 

Pram Power was an awesome success!  We had 73 sailors, 43 juniors and 30 seniors.  There were 28 first year skippers, many of whom were sailing in their very first regatta. The weather was great, the food was plentiful and tasty, and the wind couldn't have been better.  The regatta winners were from North Lake.  The Senior fleet winner was Sophie Michels, and her brother Will Michels won the Junior fleet. The highest finishing first year junior was Jack Reynolds from Lake Geneva with a 13th place finish.  The highest finishing first year senior was Sophia-Grace Schmidt from Lac La Belle with a 3rd place finish. The results can also be found on www.nlss.us. Thanks to all who came.


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