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August 11, 2014   

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13-17 ILYA Championships - A, E, C, I-20 - Oshkosh at the Waters

17-19 RWB Chip NOR SIs



6-7 George Dorn MC Beulah

13-14 C Blue Chip - Okauchee

20-21 Beulah C Challenge

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106 boats . . . and counting  
Monday - Tuesday -- GO!!!!!
When is the last time you had the opportunity to observe 20 A scows? Their majestic profile and blazing speed is a sight to behold. 

Champions abound in the E scow fleet. The beauty of the varied spinnakers makes this perhaps our most photogenic fleet.

Truly, any one of 20 sailors could win the C scow championship and no one would be surprised. The depth of talent is unsurpassed. 

Local I-20 sailors from Fond du Lac, Oshkosh and Neenah will host a strong Wawasee, Indiana fleet. The Bolles brothers and Dave Whealon are the most fun-loving guys we have! Come and enjoy their antics. 

There are a few rooms left as folks make final plans and re-arranging rooms. Don't let housing keep you home. 

The Bilge Pullers have a bumper crop of "wannabes" entering this year. In all seriousness, the Bilge Pullers are a charitable organization which supports the ILYA through donations to our events, equipment improvements for our race committee and operational needs and, most lately, a project in the new Lake Geneva Yacht Club facility where our history will be permanently housed. But, the wannabes, well they better be studying!!! Not easy to enter this prestigious (?) group. 

IMPORTANT! Fortunate for us, the 450 tipping point for the evening meals is dangerously near. Please register for your social intentions today to assist the planning committee. It will be an extravaganza so help them provide the best experience for you.

Registration should be fast this year. The ILYA will check for the accuracy of your cell or email to notify you of changing events. Sign for SI's and you are done. Oshkosh will check your meal plan and changes. 

Visit Coral Reef for fantastic gear. And then enjoy the ambiance of all of us together. 

If Karaoke, Great Sailing and 400 Friends Aren't Enough
View This - Bilge Puller Wannabes Video
 Thanks to all the sailors who are participating in the ICE challenge. 
Burdick Takes it All  
Congrats to Team Perrigo who welcomed 81 MCs to the ILYA Championships. All credit goes to David's promotion, sponsorship and the strong MC network for a successful event. Watch for Eric Hood's windup report to be published later today. Results here
A portion of E Hood's report

The Regatta

The 2014 ILYA MC Scow Championship had 81 entries, which makes it the largest MC regatta of the year and also the largest ILYA Championship on record.  We added 11 boats just in the last 24 hours before the regatta with the great Weather Channel forecasts, which were proven all week to be true. 

The Setting and Conditions

Pewaukee Lake is just a fantastic racing lake with its long east-west shape, some high north shore tree lines, a couple of coves and a few tricky conditions to challenge sailors.  81 boats no problems for this lake, the strong ILYA/PYC race committee teams and yes the starting lines were really, really long.  Wind conditions for all four days of sailing (practice day and three days racing) were fantastic.   We saw a little bit of everything but mostly a medium air velocity.  First three days you had crew and sometimes were just fine without crew.  Really nice velocities though and all from the general direction of east.   Most of our races were set with a compass direction of 65-75 and few a little further east.   The last day for race 7 was a lighter race held in about 5-8mph out of a direction of 65 degrees most of the time.  Other unusual conditions were we had some weed cutting that occurred down at the east end of the lake a couple of miles from where we raced and with the east winds all week we had some loose weeds on the race course that came into play.  One added fun factor to all the other challenges of championship racing with 81 boats in great wind conditions.

The Results

The results show just how tough this event was for the 81 teams. For full results just visit this link for Regatta Network at

Here are some highlights

Race Winners

Race 1 - Noel Neuman, Race 2 -3 Andy Burdick, Race 4-5-7 Kenny Wolfe, Race 6 Dan "Squad Car" Fink

Top Youth Sailor - Eddie Cox from White Bear Lake who really had a great series.  Seeing young sailors like Eddie and others pushing it around the course so well I know our class has a great future.

Top Master - Jim Gluek winning a tiebreaker over E Hood.  Jimmy was always present in the top group, which was hard to do. Great job to Jimmy!!!

Top Grand Master - Tim Fredman who almost won a race finishing second in race 6 and also finished thirteenth overall.  Tim always has been a force to contend with and still is today.

Top Overall - Andy Burdick took the lead by one point from Bill Colburn after race two and never really looked back.   It was fun watching Andy make his moves and some from a ways back after starts on his home lake.  We are all very lucky to sail against such great world-class sailing talent like Andy.  Well done Andy and Finn Burdick!!!

Top Ten At A Glance

1st - Andy Burdick - Pewaukee 32

2nd - Kenny Wolfe - Rush Creek 38 T

3rd - Bill Colburn - Lake Harriet 38 T

(Special Note - Andy, Kenny, Bill clearly were out in front of the other 78 competitors this week.  Great sailing performance by all three teams)

4th - Jim Gluek  - Pewaukee 65T

5th - Eric Hood - Lake Eustis 65T

6th - Mark Dunsworth - White Bear 68

7th - Noel Neuman - Upper Minnetonka - 73T

8th - John Porter - Lake Beulah - 73T

9th - Mark Tesar - Clear Lake - 74

10th - Jim Walker - Pewaukee - 86

Special Note on the results.  Please scroll through Regatta Networks complete 7-race score sheet.   What is neat to see so many women, young sailors on the 81 team roster.  Also, so many teams got to have crews for some portion of the regatta and that was great to see.  The health of our MC Class in the upper Midwest is incredibly strong, growing , fresh and will give you all the competition you will ever need. Very exciting for our future!!!

Is there anything better than the X?  
Petey Crawford Does AMAZING WORK
 Click here for the video of the 2014 ILYA X Championships. If ever there was a promotion piece for our healthy, healthy X class, here it is. Smiles, patience on Day One and the excitement of heavy wind Day Two. 

This event is the near culmination of the summer's LONG list of regattas. The best of the best! Congrats to all - parents, coaches and our Xceptional sailors who bring us all the joy of youth sailing in a family-oriented event. Witness the return of Allens, Voltzes and Ekholm who just had to come to watch for a day. Or grandparents who come to watch --- you get the idea. A healthy fleet which is a result of moms, dads, siblings and grandparents who all have this one boat in common. Champions on the water this year viewed by champions of old - it's the essence of who we in the Inland are - youth sailors who grow up to sail scows alongside their family, relatives and friends. Congrats to the winners, Gull Lake for another grand event and thanks to Petey for recording it. 

My favorite? The likes under the photos of the winners. 
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