Volume 8, Issue 47

 August 1, 2013

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Regattas / Calendar


1-4WMYA Champs-White Lake, MI

2-4 WYA C--LaBelle, WI

2-4 Buzzards Bay 420-Providence,RI

2-4 I-20 ILYA Champs,-Green Lake

7-11 Chicago Tall Ships and Chicago Match Cup

8 Pram Power - North Lake

8-10 ILYA C champs; Regis 8/7

11-13 ILYA A champs; Regis. 8/10
15-17 ILYA E/MC champs; Regis. 8/14  Housing options 
13-17 US Sailing Youth Champs - Corpus Christi
22-24 M17 Nats - Lake Geneva



6-8 E Nats - Lake Geneva

7-8 Max C Fall=-Maxinkuckee, IN 
7-8 MC Team Nat's-Clear Lake, IA
13-15 I-20 Nat'ls -Fond du Lac
14-15 Blue Chip--Okauchee, WI

      Fenton C Fall Lake Fenton, MI

21-22 C Challenge-Lake Beulah,WI
21-22 MC Blue Chip-Spring Lake, MI
28-29 Lotawana C-Missouri YC, MO
     Polar Bear--Lake Davenport, IA
5-6 C Worlds--Delavan, WI

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Alex Keck Repeats as RWB Champ;

                                                Henry Ackley Takes Green

Beulah Finally Gets Wind but Gives Sailors a Wild Ride          
Photo submitted by Bob McLean
Day one was fun, fun, fun! No sailing despite an early morning attempt. Day two was still light air and the lake never reached its prevailing wind direction --- as though Beulah has a prevailing wind. Sailors saw the fluky, shifty nature of Lake Beulah which was a challenge for both the RWB and Green fleets.
The RWB Champ Alex Keck grew up on Beulah before moving to Nagawicka. He demonstrated his use of local knowledge with a consistent regatta. Four light air races were completed in both the Green and RWB fleets. A record 43 Green fleeters sailed under the direction of Rick Trester and Candace Porter. PRO Milt Haeger with Tom Hodgson ran the RWB fleet.
This is a repeat event for Beulah who hosted the first Championship event. Justin Hood won that event some 20 years ago. Alex Keck is one of a few who have won the event multiple times. Steph Roble, Joe Kutschenreuter and Anne Porter are all Beulah sailors who have won this coveted title. This fleet holds a special place in the hearts of Beulah. Members young and old return to volunteer for parking, launching, lunch prep, grounds management, spectator boat driving. This year's chair Andrea Jarecki made it look easy. The raffle alone was worth the trip to Beulah. RWB and Green games of tug of war and musical chairs brought laughs and formed friendships. Congrats to Beulah for a most successful regatta for our youngest sailors.
RWB Fleet  
Alex Keck - Nagawicka - 2012 and 2013 Champion
2nd - Christian Spencer - Pewaukee
3rd - Patrick Schmidt - Beulah

4th - Henry Chapman - Nagawicka

5th - Henry Rolander - Geneva
6th - Chapman Petersen - Geneva
7th - Allison Marozza - Delavan
Results are on ILYA website.
Green Fleet

43 Sailors - Champions All

 The fleet sailed four races with all competitors finishing each race. Quite a feat for the little tykes. Competitor briefings both mornings reviewed the basic rules of sailing and right of way along with hints related to sailing smaller lakes. Despite shifting winds, the fleet was spread over the course in 20-30 minute races. The fleet has shown improvement over the season. If only we could get the idea of a starboard position for a start! It's a bit unnerving watching the pre-start maneuvers but the boats turn on a dime and SOMEHOW THEY SURVIVE!
Henry Ackley - North Lake - Green Fleet and No Tears Junior Champ
2nd - Mary Grace Hegberg - Nagawicka
3rd -  Alec Malone - Pewaukee

4th - Sean Mihelech - Lac Labelle

5th - Aran Freytag - Lake Geneva


6th - Fritz Simon - Mendota

7th - Anna Marshall - Pine Lake

8th - Charlie Eckert - Cedar Lake

9th - no photo - Ella Gullickson - Pewaukee

10th - Rebekah Gross - Delavan
Outside the Inland

470 Worlds

Watch this week as Annie Haeger and Briana Provancha begin competition midweek.

Chicago Matchracing Center

Follow Facebook as the CMRC prepares for the sole US visit for the World Cup.

Our sailors have been busy preparing for the event. The center has in some ways become the weekend home of Steph Roble, Sam Rogers, Sally Barkow, Meg Six and Maggie Shea.


420s On the Move

 Look at the spray coming off the crew who is our own Mark Davies. Results from

National Team Race CJ Buckley are not posted as of this AM.

Buzzard's Bay Regatta is next. It might be the most well-Inland attended big 420 regatta with Pewaukee, Minnetonka, Nagawicka, Pine Lakers with a Beulah into the mix!  

Okoboji NEXT!!!

Big Inland Regatta Preparations Continue at Okoboji

The DNR has granted the Okoboji Yacht Club permission to moor regatta boats in Little Millers Bay. This is a very protected bay only 500 yards from the Yacht club. This is the historic regatta mooring location at Okoboji and has shown that that a large anchor is not required.

After each regatta session the Okoboji Yacht Club has procured a dock barge to pick up the anchors and buoys and deliver them to the yacht club. This means on the final day sailors will not have to transport their buoy and anchor back to the yacht club. Just pick up your buoy and anchor as you haul out at the club.

If you are not already registered - it is time.

Girls'/Women's Clinic/Regatta
Plan to attend exploratory meeting         
The most creative ideas come from our sailors joining together. The Annual Optimist Committee meeting was held and from that group of approximately 40 folks came the seed which may grow into a phenomenal event. Danielle Soriano of Pewaukee explained an East Coast tradition of an all-female event. Candace Porter reminded the attendees of a US Sailing/US Olympic Committee-funded
clinic held in the past. Immediate enthusiasm for the project was generated at the meeting and then throughout the remaining two days.
An exploratory meeting will be held Sunday, September 8th. There is an E event on Geneva and a HS event on Pewaukee so a site will be selected between these two events with a tentative 4:00 PM start time. Watch for more details.
The original ideas are clinics for Optis, X, 420 and female race committee to include females from 8-80. Corporate funding, business leaders who are sailors, a dinner with leaders in the sport and leadership/marketing initiatives will be explored. Many of you have expressed interest in shaping this event. Send us your ideas, your willingness to volunteer even if you cannot attend the Sept. 8th event, your contacts for potential donors, corporate role models, etc.
Dads - get ready to be the kitchen crews. No ladies in the kitchen at this event; all on the water.
PO Box 311
Fontana, WI 53125-0311
Phone: 262-203-7721
Fax: 262-203-7722
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Candace Porter
Inland Lake Yachting Association