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Volume 5, Issue 12

April 4, 2010

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Praise for Scows
reprinted from Scuttlebutt
Peter Lane and his wife Kristen are best known for their two-boat all
professional Melges 24 Brick House Team. While enjoying the high stakes
sailing game in that class, Peter recently had a revelation into the simpler
side of the sport. and he liked it. Here he shares his story:
I perhaps have an insight into the making sailing fun and expand sailing
debate - Scows. Now, I must admit that I was more than a little dismissive of Scow sailing for many years (43 of my last 44 to be exact). But after racing in the Melges 17 Midwinters at Lake Eustis Sailing Club (Eustis, FL), not only am I a Scow convert and a new Melges 17 owner but, I think I have glimpsed a way to keep sailing fun, friendly, and really competitive.

It may just be that Scows have Midwestern roots, but they were all, to a
person, the nicest, most accommodating people I have ever met sailing.
Everyone helps each other rig and launch boats. The local organizers invited everyone out to dinner the night before the regatta started and we had a great time meeting the other teams. The C Scows sail with two or three - your choice and the race committee will hold your extra crew for you between races. One C Scow had a four year old as the third and he was loving it. Another C Scow sailed with five or six different people over the three days and had a podium finish. I was pleasantly surprised to see the number of teenagers sailing with their parents and apparently enjoying themselves. We had two husband/wife teams, a couple of people sailing M17s for the first time, and some seasoned pros that I have also raced against in the M24 fleet.

No weight requirements, flexible crew numbers, and catered lunches ashore between the morning and afternoon races. The boats are inexpensive (new or used), plentiful (I heard rumors that they lend out MC Scows to anyone who is interested), easy to sail and begin racing, but technical enough to require real skill to do well and despite their outward appearances they are pretty exciting. Others in the fleet clocked speeds over 15 knots downwind and (6 to 7 knots upwind) on the winder days. The Melges 17 is every bit as exciting and high tech as my Melges 24. We had a blast ripping up and downwind when it was blowing 20 and learned a lot about lake tactics when the wind was 8 to 10 knots.

If you are looking to fix your fleet, your junior program or your
relationship with your family, I urge you to spend a weekend this summer
sailing Scows in the Midwest. You don't need to buy a Scow, but we can all learn a lot from how they build their fleets. Consider it the sailing
equivalent of "Field of Dreams."
Malcolm Lamphere wins Nation's Cup Team Racing
From left: Chris Williford, Harry Koepell, Juan Carlos Romero (coach), Duncan Williford, Malcolm Lamphere and Wade Waddell
Punta Del Este, Uruguay is the site and South Americans is the event. The event is comprised of regular fleet racing whose schedule is broken halfway by team racing. Lamphere is traveling with a select group of the top Americans in the nation. The North American participants competed in the Nation's Cup where USA 1 competed in the finals against USA 3. Lamphere was a member on the USA1 winning team. Paraguay took home the bronze. In the simultaneously-held South American Team Racing Championship, Peru won gold. Individual fleet racing began again Good Friday and concludes Easter. Check here for results. Lamphere was top American on Saturday morning.
US Sailing latest e-newsletter - Keane named College Sailor of the Week
Keane ussailinglogo
Click here for your latest news
Inland sailors continue to grace the front of US Sailing News. Latest to be honored is Eckert College Sailor (past X champ and ILYA Youth Champ) Andrew Keane from White Bear. Full article above. US Sailing has strengthened its ties with the college sailing organization and offers a new website for those sailors. Congratulations to Keane for his introduction as first College Sailor of the week.
For other college results, check out college and go to the Tech Score section to watch our sailors. The format is always the same: follow the results down until you see the A and B skippers named to determine who sailed the event for their college teams.
Collegiate Nationals nears
CapitolMay 25th Start
College teams are nearing the qualification point in the season. Over 400 sailors will flood Madison for the Women's, Co-ed and Team Racing Nationals. Thanks mostly to Terry Kohler and Inland members, the team is nearing its fundraising goal of $40,000. The new boats have arrived and Calhoun and Geneva will soon be the recipients of boats to enlarge their fleets which enriches High School sailing in our region.
Now what can you do? Come and watch! Generate enthusisam for your youth sailor or just come to watch the action from the Union Terrace (first Union to serve beer in the US - know your Badger history). Support Chip Mann and his crew as they serve as RC for two of the sections. Watch the exciting team racing with umpires and fast moving racing and race course changes.
Coral Reef Sailing Apparel will be onsite. They offer the latest in gear at a reasonable price. They are coming prepared with HS gear - drysuits, spray tops, pants of all styles. Plus they will carry Collegiate Nationals softgoods.
Can you help?  Absolutely - you can help them reach their fundraising goal with a donation of any amount. Many of our clubs gave more than $700 to be named a Burgee Club. If you make a product that is appropriate as a giveaway to display Midwest hospitality - please donate for the sailors. You may donate for all the sailors or support one of the three portions. This is our time to shine. Contact UW and Inland sailors, Christine Porter (Beulah) and Leif Evensen (LaBelle) for more details.
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