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Regattas / Calendar



5 One-Day Judges Seminar - Wayzata

12 One-Day Judges Seminar - Pewaukee

24-26 O'Pen Bic NA's - RHACD

26-28 Springfield Spring C 


 3 One-day Race Committee Seminar - Okoboji

3-4 Icebreaker C - Cedar, IN

10-11 C/MC Tuneup - Cedar, WI

10-11 Mother's Day C - Spring Lake, MI

17 - One-Day Race Committee Seminar - Delavan

17-18 C/X LaBelle Tuneup

17-18 Geneva Spring E


14-15 C Nationals - Nagawicka

20-22 NCASA A Scow Nationals - Minnetonka

23 Lake Beulah SS Opti

24-26 USODA Great Plains Team Trials Qualifier, Okoboji

27-29 420 ILYA Champs - White Bear, MN


11 TRAC (Opti) - Cedar, WI

10-13 ILYA E Invite - Geneva

11-13 ILYA MC Invite - Okoboji

18 No Tears West - Clear Lake, IA

17-20 ILYA C Invite - Cedar, IN

18-20 ILYA Melges 17 Champs - Geneva

18-20 WYA X - Okauchee

21 - No Tears East - Beulah

23-26 ILYA X Champs - Gull Lake, MN

27-29 ILYA Opti Champs - Cedar, WI

31 - 3 WMYA


1-3 WYA C - Delavan

7 Pram Power - North Lake

8-10 ILYA MC Champs - Pewaukee

13-17 ILYA Championships - A, E, C, I-20 - Oshkosh at the Waters



6-7 George Dorn MC Beulah

20-21 Beulah C Challenge

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Olympic Classes Compete in Spain  
ILYA Sailors Are Midway through Event
Annie Haeger and Briana Provancha lead the American team sitting in 6th place. They are the only 470 women's team competing.  
Erik Bowers has made the Gold Fleet for the first time in his Olympic quest career. He sits in 44th place and second American in the Laser fleet. Charlie Buckingham is currently in 29th while Brazilian Robert Scheidt leads the pack.
  Gordy Lamphere, in the Finn class, sits as third American but ahead of a US Sperry Team member. Lamphere sits in 63rd with Americans Caleb Paine and Luke Lawrence in 9th and 34th.  
Show your enthusiasm . . .   
ilyaburgee . . . for your fleet and the ILYA

The ILYA has signed on with US Sailing's Regatta Network, a regatta management program that includes registration, communication, participant posting, and scoring.

A number of ILYA sanctioned events are already up and running, including the MC Invitational and Championship, the X Championship, and the Annual Championship for classes A, C, E, and I-20. Your registration shows up on line as soon as you register, encouraging others to register as well.

Additional ILYA events will be open for business as NORs get completed. Watch for them.

Check out the ILYA postings on Regatta Network system  here.

It's been a long winter. Let's make it a great summer! Register soon!

Opti Sailors  
Chicago Clinic - Here before you know it
Scott Norman and Steph Roble will teach this early season clinic. 

Since the spring racing schedule for Opti's in the Midwest is sparse, Chicago Yacht Club has decided to bring in a high caliber coach to run an advanced racing clinic. This year we will be bringing in Scott Norman, a coach for the FAST team who has been coaching Optis at a high level for a number of years. In addition to Scott, Dustin Domer, the head Opti coach at Chicago Yacht Club will be helping out.

The clinic will run Saturday from 9am-4pm and Sunday from 9am-2pm. The price for the clinic will be $300 per sailor. If traveling sailors do not wish to bring their own boat, they can charter one of Chicago Yacht Club's for a fee of $75 for the weekend. (If you charter a boat, it is still recommended that a sail is brought)

This clinic is a great opportunity for the intermediate to advanced Opti sailor to advance their sailing skills and prepare for the 2014 summer season. Some topics that will be covered will include:

            -Proper rigging

            -Boat handling

            -Rules knowledge

            -Starting techniques

            -Upwind and downwind techniques


            -and much more!!!

For more information contact Dustin Domer at (312) 351-5947 or  

ILYA NO TEARS Eligibility

Now is the time to consider where to place your young sailor. The No Tears event is for those sailors who DO NOT sail Red, White and Blue in prior events. Choose carefully as you plan to attend the Lake Beulah Opti, GLSS Dinghyfest or Kaszube Cup. The No Tears is meant to be an entry-level event for sailors and parents. If you have placed in the top five in the No Tears, you are most likely not eligible for participation the following year. We have made exceptions to this rule based on a single-race event the prior year. If your child knows the rules thoroughly but, more importantly, becomes frustrated that those around him do not know the rules, the No Tears is NOT the regatta for your child. There is no ability to protest.

Green fleet is run with full rules - in theory. Race Committee and coaches are still coaching on the course and attempt to mediate rules infringements on water. There may be protests but they are HIGHLY DISCOURAGED. If your child is rolltacking, understanding and clearly executing rules at the marks, using body mechanics with each wave, clearly seeing shifts on the water, Red, White and Blue sounds like you. A sailor may stay Green for more than one year. 

The most difficult determination is when a sailor belongs to a club with low Opti participation and is winning all the races at home and appears to be RWB due to race finishes. The determination of Green or RWB is based on skill completion. Consult your sailing instructor who has the best knowledge of where your child belongs. And remember that first year in RWB often seems interminably long as the sailor moves from the top of the Green fleet to the back of the championship fleet but competition beside top level sailors usually produces the best and fastest learning curve. There is simply no substitute for "stick time".  

Wisconsin MC Championship - June 28-29  
First Annual Event at Cedar, WI

Cedar Lake is happy to host the first Wisconsin MC Championship regatta. This regatta is open to all MC sailors whose home lakes are located in Wisconsin. We hope that this will be an annual regatta that is hosted by a different Wisconsin lake each year.

The regatta will be a five race event and we will allow dry-sailing. Trophies to the top five and age appropriate classifications. One lunch each day is included in registration.

The link to the NOR is: http://clyc.com/content.aspx?page_id=22&club_id=179054&module_id=153491

Pistakee Sailing School Boasts Six new 420s  
In one year Pistakee has built a program of community sail design large enough to support the purchase of six "new-to-them" 420s. Adam El-Khazindar will return as Director of the summer program. Adam spent summers sailing at Minnetonka YC where his mother grew up but he and his sister Mimi were raised in Great Britain sailing. Adam is a graduate of Tulane where he also sailed.

Pistakee has enjoyed a most successful meteoric rise in its sailing school in one year. Several from their board attended the Winter Inland to tell of Pistakee's success but to also learn about 420 sailing. Congratulations to Pistakee and we hope to see them at 420 ILYA Championships in White Bear June 28-29. 
Charleston E Scow Results  

1 SC-55 Robert Wilkins 4 7 4 1 1 3 20 13
2 BH-8 Molly Lucas 3 3 1 8 2 7 24 16
3 FG-111 Bora Gulari 8 1 3 2 4 6 24 16
4 SS-1 John Brown 1 10 6 7 3 2 29 19
5 SC-22 Will Hanckel 6 11 2 17 6 5 47 30
6 II-1 Petey Crawford 7 9 12 3 14 1 46 32
7 GA-21 Robert Hagler 2 6 5 9 13 11 46 33
8 SL-4 Brent Hatton 9 4 7 12 5 9 46 34
9 H-88 Phil Zalog 5 2 9 11 9 16 52 36
10 SC-3 Walter Prause 11 12 8 6 7 10 54 42
11 GA-8 Ed Durant 10 8 10 4 12 13 57 44
12 I-88 Steve Lyon 13 5 13 18 15 4 68 50
13 KU-12 William Hudson 17 17 11 10 8 12 75 58
14 SC-8 Guy Mossman 18 DNS 15 5 16 8 83 62
15 T-53 Brian Gabriel 12 15 14 13 11 14 79 64
16 IH-22 Marc Feaster RET 18 17 15 10 15 96 75
17 CH-1 Chris Creighton 16 14 16 14 DNF DNS 102 81
18 SC-27 Bruce O'Donnell 14 13 18 16 DNF DNS 103 82
19 SC-13 Charles Jackson 15 16 DNF 19 DNF DNS 113 92
20 HB-1 Chris Hamilton DNC DNC DNC DNC DNC DNC 126 105


Melges USA and North Sails Zenda headed south  to the Charleston Spring E Championship.  Lots of racing, lots of fun, lots of warm air.  Time to go sailing!

Melges will build nearly 20 new E scows for the 2014 season.  The new boats are something special to see.  Under-deck boards, a kite launch system that makes the boat a lot easier to race and a custom fit foam non-skid for the interior allowing you to sail in bare feet!  

Melges will also build at least 15 new C boats this  year.  This number keeps rising as people have seen new found speed with the new boats.  The resurgence of new boat production has allowed new sailors to scoop up good used boats growing the fleet.  Expect big regatta numbers for this season.  Expect another busy production year in 2014/2015.

Melges MC's are being built virtually all year long. We expect up to 40 or more new MC's to be built. This scow fleet continues to grow as we see new fleets forming on the East and West coast.  The newest fleet to the class is in San Diego, California!  74 boats at the Midwinter Championship proves that the class has the largest numbers of all one-design fleets.  Impressive. The new boats are nice - better try one!

The Melges X, Melges 17 and our complete sport boat line are being produced right now too.  All Melges Boats are built right here in Zenda, Wisconsin USA.  

Think Sailing!

Need to Fine Tune Your Safety and Emergency Action Plans?  
from US Sailing Symposium

Here are 10 essential crisis steps, provided by Annapolis Yacht Club Sailing Director Joel Labuzetta, that all sailing centers and yacht clubs should consider implementing.

10 Crisis Steps:

  • Act as quickly, responsible, humanely and open as you can
  • Form a small management committee but speak with one voice
  • Immediately contact all people with a connection by telephone
  • Call for independent review
  • Send no emails unless absolute security is guaranteed
  • Listen to your insurance agent and lawyer but don't sound like one
  • Respect the public's need to know, while also respecting victims' privacy
  • Be accurate
  • Say nothing unless you know it to be true
  • Take ritual seriously: Honor rescuers, consult clergy, psychologists and other specialist
  • Respect PTSD: Grief counseling is extremely valuable
Editor's note: Lake Beulah has unfortunately had two incidents requiring 911 assistance to sailors. The most difficult task was determining where to meet the paramedic crew since the location on the water during racing was not necessarily closest to the yacht club. In addition, describing the location on the water and the 911 location site was confusing due to an out of town cell phone making the call. ---- Be prepared; talk to your local rescue squad this spring to determine how best to connect sailor with rescue team.If you are like us, you have no plan to handle the aftermath when all your sailors come off the water and express concern. The care of those who provided rescue assistance was uncharted territory but the emotional scars left on those who were first responders from the fleet was longterm. Be prepared.
Man Overboard in Cold Water
by Capt. Jack McClurkin
With the ice cover on Lake Michigan this winter, sailors this year will experience cold water sailing well into summer. It is likely that surface water temperatures will be in the 40's and 50's in May and June. Although the air might be warm, the cold water is dangerous to the human body. For a study of the effect of cold water, a professor had some subjects jump into 45 degree water and attempt to swim just 30 feet. None made it. Fortunately, they were accompanied by a trained Coast Guard swimmer in a dry suit. All
subjects survived.

Here is what happens when the body is immersed in cold water. Within two minutes of immersion, an involuntary gasp reflex occurs. If the head is not above water when the gasp reflex occurs, there is the possibility that the person will not resurface. You may have read reports where a person went into the water and never resurfaced. Now you know one reason why this can occur.

From 2 to 10 minutes after cold water immersion, the involuntary part of the brain begins to realize that it is a bit too chilly. The body's core temperature begins to drop. Then the brain acts to protect the organs by diverting blood away from the muscles. As a result, the muscles quit working. The arms and legs stop moving and won't keep the person in the water afloat. You may have read reports of someone in the water who suddenly went underwater and never resurfaced. Now you know why. It doesn't matter that
you consider yourself to be an Olympic-class swimmer, the muscles stop working.

From 30 minutes to four hours after immersion, hypothermia sets in. The first 10 minutes after immersion are critical for a person in cold water without floatation. 
Here are some simple safety steps that sailors can take during cold water sailing to improve the survival chances of a person immersed in cold water:

1. Insist that all crew wear lifejackets at all times. No exceptions. 
2. Before you leave the dock for the first time, make sure that all safety gear is on board.  
3. On the first sail of the season practice a man overboard drill
4. Know how to use the radio to call emergency services. In some areas 911 operators want to enter a street address to direct land-based emergency crews.
5. Have all crew wear lifejackets at all times. Oh, am I repeating myself?

For further reading, search the internet for "cold water immersion." Read about the signs of hypothermia and the on-board care for a person recovered from cold water. Even though the water will be cold, sail safely this summer!
ILYA Women's/Girls Clinic - June 19-20  
New event to keep your classes strong
 . . . Empower girls and young women with confidence through the sport of sailing & support breast cancer research
This event is a part of the ILYA Promotion Committee and Youth Development Committee mission who jointly work to encourage participation in our scow classes. This event is for women of all ages - 8-80. The areas of instruction include youth and scow sailing, race committee work, parenting a soon-to-be college sailor, how to watch a race and trailer backing. In addition, a service component has been included to allow our young women sailors to begin or add to a service record for college and high school students. The committee has chosen breast cancer research for this year's charitable cause.
The clinic is fortunate to have Annie Haeger, Steph Roble and Mary Ann Ward as primary instructors. Sally Barkow will appear in video to give the women a broader vision of where sailing can take us.
What makes this clinic so special? 

1 - Lake Beulah has committed to providing 6 C scows and 6 MC's WITH either the owners or experienced crew for the entire time to give our girls or women an opportunity to learn the boats. THIS IS YOUR CHANCE to invite your youth sailors to try a scow to gain confidence and return home to YOUR SCOW FLEETS. Please reach out to assure your lake has someone interested in these boats. 

2 - Thursday night features a formal banquet with keynote speaker Mary Ann Ward speaking on "Fearlessness". In addition, each table will feature a mentor who is a woman of business or sailing who will speak of leadership to the participants. Those invited as the Honorary Board of Directors (mentors) are Janet Baxter (former US Sailing President), Cindy Rusher (Olympic silver medalist), Marilyn Krause, Ann Kaiser, Sharon Garber, Lesa Gutenkunst, Beth Wyman, Sarah Lamphere, Mary Kay Davenport and Liz Quadracci Harned. (listed in no particular order) 

3 - Intergenerational instruction - this is the only known clinic in the area to feature interest areas of women of all ages. Nancy Eckert will lead the instruction on beginning race committee; Suzi Reese will teach trailer backing with actual practice "until you get it"; Lesa Gutenkunst will run a conditioning session early Friday morning; Leslie Barkow will take women on pontoons to allow them to ask any questions about how to watch a race, rescue from a boat, the operations of a race; Sarah Lamphere, Nancy Roble and Julie Haeger will talk to parents about life after the X, college entrance, traveling in the US and abroad, the assistance your sailor needs; the traditional Opti and X instruction---- and the agenda goes on. 

How do we support this clinic?

Thanks to the Windhover Foundation for its support as the naming sponsor of the event. In addition, the ILYA Promotion Committee has committed to financial support. We are still in need of $3000 to make this the quality event we would imagine. The airfare of our three instructors plus a hopeful duo from Texas as we look to bring Danielle Soriano and Lindsay Allen Valasek back requires substantial sponsorship money. Please read the linked brochure and consider a donation to support this clinic. 

Breast Cancer Research

Our youth committee member, Mary Berg, made a proposal to the group to include a fundraising component. Our youth today have community service requirements for entrance into schools, organizations and programs in college that most of us did not face. This aspect brings an opportunity for us to teach volunteerism and celebrate our many strong sailing women who have valiantly faced breast cancer. 

How can you participate?

1 - Join us for the actual clinic or join us for Thursday night's banquet.

2 - Support only the breast cancer research portion, if you like. This will allow our sailing youth to record an amount of fundraising which keeps them cognizant of the generous nature of sailors in general as we support each other's clubs and programs but gives them an opportunity to document participation in a charitable cause.

3 - Please look at your club's membership. Is there a youth you would like to encourage, recommend, support? Familiarity in scows only builds the confidence of these sailors which will ultimately build your homelake sailing.

4 - Simply provide sponsorship support or PINK softgoods for our first clinic. The intention is to rotate this event as club's submit bids. This year the scows chosen were Cs and MCs due to their availability on Lake Beulah. That may change with another hosting lake. Breast cancer research was the charitable cause selected this year by this committee. PLEASE CONSIDER FINANCIAL OR CORPORATE SUPPORT OF THE EVENT. SEE THE BROCHURE FOR INFORMATION ON THE DEMOGRAPHICS OF THE SAILING COMMUNITY TO DETERMINE OUR SUITABILITY AND OUR REACH FOR YOUR INTERESTS. Or give because you believe in women in sailing in the ILYA.

5 - Alter your sailing school/weekday racing schedule now to allow your girls to attend this event. Two of our southern WI schools have formed a dual instructional event to allow their girls to come to Beulah. Look to your neighboring lake and join forces to make this a great Thursday-Friday for all your sailors. Please do not place impediments, like punitive lost points for races, during this two-day event.

Click here for full details.   

Click here to register

US Sailing One Day Judge Seminar April 12
 To clarify the language, "race committee" are those who lay the marks, prepare the course on the water. "Judges" are those who assure rules are followed in protest meetings. 

Harken, Inc, opens its doors for a US Sailing Judges seminar. This is a US Sailing One Day Judges Seminar required for initial certification as a US Sailing Club Judge. Some protest committee experience is helpful, but not required. The objectives of the club judge program are to improve the quality, consistency and fairness of protest hearings and results, at the club level.

Registration will begin at 0800 and the seminar will begin at 0830 and last until approximately 1730. Topics in the club judge program will include: deriving a set of facts from testimony, managing a hearing with proper procedures, applying applicable rules, and arriving at conclusions and a decision. The seminar will concentrate on three areas of development: Mock Hearings, Part 2 rules, Part 5 and Appendix M rules. A test and debrief will be conducted at the end of the day.

The lead instructor for the seminar is Bruce Martinson 
When: Saturday April 12, 2014
Where: Harken,N15W24983 Bluemound Rd., Pewaukee, WI  53072
Time: Registration 0800 Saturday morning April 12, Seminar from 0830 - 1730
Cost: Cost of the seminar and exam is $32 payable to US Sailing via online registration at the website below. The fee also covers the cost of handout materials, test processing. The cost includes lunch.

US Sailing requires you to be a current member to attend this seminar. A US Sailing Special Introductory Membership (1 year SIM) is available when registering. Membership may be activated before the seminar, by calling the US Sailing Membership Department, 401.683.0800 and mentioning the SIM or registering online, for this seminar.  A requirement of certification is to possess copies of the US Sailing Judges Manual, Appeals Book, and ISAF Cases (see JP 12.3.2(d). We do not require these publications at the seminar.

What to Bring: You need to have the current (2013-2016) The Racing Rules of Sailing for the seminar.

Study Materials: An online presentation of the Rules of Part 2 needs to be viewed prior to attending the seminar. A link to this review and other information about the Club Judge Program can found here:  http://raceadmin.ussailing.org/Judges/Judges_Program/Club_Judge.htm OR

Look for  attachment  Part 2  Presentation

Look for attachment:  Judges Practice Test for more studying

(It would be best if you look up the rules as you go through)

Advanced registration is required. The deadline for registration is April 7, 2014. Registration and payment can be found here:


For further information, contact Bruce Martinson at         bruce_martinson@yahoo.com

Questions regarding registration please call US Sailing at 401-683-0800.    
US Sailing Level 1 and 2 Instructor Classes  
Classes are Filling Fast
Instructors in the ILYA sailing schools are usually US Sailing certified. This means they have demonstrated proficiency in safety, CPR/First Aid, basic motorboat operation, discipline, sports psychology and TEACHING! These courses do not teach sailing but assist the participant to learn how to teach. They will practice in front of peers teaching on land, on water and in some cases use video to critique their performance.
Registration for these courses fills up quickly. It can only be accomplished on the US Sailing site. Pewaukee or Wayzata cannot handle registration. Spots cannot be reserved for "our sailors". If you want to improve your teaching style, this class is a must.
Use this link to get to the US Sailing registration process. You will find a calendar with multiple offerings. All classes have identical content. If you need another date or want a new approach, sign up for a more distant class offering.
Miami, FL  April 11-14 --- two slots available. Enjoy spring break
Ft. Lauderdale April 21-24 - 11 slots available
New Orleans April 22-25 - 4 slots available
Chicago May 27-30 - 28 slots available
Small Boat Instructor Level 1 at Wayzata Sailing School 
6/02/2014   -   6/05/2014     
(early registration discount until 5/5/2014)
There are 9 available slot(s) left
PO Box 768
Wayzata, MN 55391-0768
Instructors:   , 
Sailboats: Z420s and C420s Powerboats: 14'RIB Avon with tiller drive 15hp outboard

Small Boat Instructor Level 1 at Sandusky Sailing Club 
6/05/2014   -   6/08/2014     

(early registration discount until 5/8/2014)
There are 6 available slot(s) left
PO Box 814
Sandusky, OH 44870

Small Boat Instructor Level 2 at Wayzata Community Sailing Center 
6/07/2014   -   6/08/2014     
(early registration discount until 5/10/2014)
There are 9 available slot(s) left
PO Box 768
Wayzata, MN 55391-0768
Must take Heads up Concussion training prior to the course, the free online course can be found here: http://www.cdc.gov/concussion/headsup/online_training.html
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