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Volume 5, Issue 13

April 11, 2010

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Coral Reef Sailing Apparel Offers Fundraising Opportunity for Collegiate Nationals
Need a new drysuit for HS sailing? New spray top, rashguard, lifejacket or just plain need to spruce up the way your team looks on the water? Purchase your "spring get ready" wear and help the 2010 Collegiate Nationals fundraise for the event. It is a win-win play for everyone. MENTION UW NATIONALS AND YOU GET A DISCOUNT AND THE TEAM GETS MONEY FOR THE EVENT.
Coral Reef Sailing Apparel has outfitted many of the nation's favorite events, serves as the outfitter for many classes and the ILYA's own Minnetonka uses them for their clubwear. Each week Coral Reef will offer a deal which will be attractive to your team. This week's special is on outerwear: Gill, Patagonia and Marmot jackets are just the thing for the spring season. Click here for the special. Need it personalized? Coral Reef will use the proper method of individualizing with words or logo. Let Coral Reef design your teamlogo and be your outfitter. The UW Team will use the proceeds for Nationals. All sales before the event will benefit the college sailors.
For those of you unfamiliar with Coral Reef, you will see them at the large national events with a trailer of goodies. It's like a candy store for sailors. Inventory may include:
Gill North America
Columbia Sportswear
Denali Performance microfiber UV50 tee shirts
Extrasport's complete PFD line
From the Coral Reef staff. "We include sizes based on our experiences for individual events. We have access to apparel ranging from youth small, medium, large and adults from extra small to XXXL.  If a garment is not available in a size or color that a participant is looking for, our personnel will assist the customer in special ordering a garment."
Watch Scowlines for the weekly specials but plan to travel to Madison to see the goods for sale during the event. The event softgoods will go on sale prior to the event for those of you who want the feel of being there from afar.
Editor's Note - my husband has a Denali Performance UV protected shirt from Collegiate Nationals at Cornell. He has worn it for nearly every race last summer and it has maintained its appearance after approximately 20 washings. It is a great buy for your team.
US Sailing Level 1 and 2 Instructor Courses
NOW is the time to register for the certification classes. Level 1 and 2 classes run from Ohio to Iowa from mid May to mid June. Why take the class? Your instructor will learn how to run a program, understand the respoNsibilites of safe, organized teaching, discuss discipline, motivation and other sports related psychology issues. To complete the certification process, First Aid and CPR training is required plus demonstration of handling and maintenance of a motorboat. The benefit to your club is a more mature instructor but also the ability to purchase insurance through US Sailing. Wayzata is the site for the northern clubs, Lake Geneva, Kenosha and Lake Forest for the southern clubs and Okoboji for the western clubs. While each course has a local organizer, the registration process can only occur at the US Sailing site on the education calendar. Be sure to scroll down to see the courses with dates listed.
Register for Level 1 here with the info for course listed on this webpage.
Register for Level 2 here with the requirements for inclusion listed on this webpage.
US Sailing Offers Four-Year Special Membership
If you are in college, you can join US Sailing for four years for $95 which allows you to receive the rulebook, iPhone app for rules, four year subscription to Sailing World and access to Bow Down Fitness Training program. If youssailinglogou are level 1 or 2 certified, you must be a member of US Sailing to maintain certification. What better way than here and now.This membership applies to those in a graduating year so register now for this reduced rate.
For those of you who are college sailing followers, the Sailgroove Chalk Talk this week has a snippet of Annie Haeger and the UW logo posted as the teams begin the qualifying process for Nationals. To begin to understand how the teams arrive at Madison, go to the college sailing US sailing site.The full video is 15 minutes so you have to love college sailing, but what better way to introduce your young sailor to the possibiliites.
For other college results, check out college and go to the Tech Score section to watch our sailors. The format is always the same: follow the results down until you see the A and B skippers named to determine who sailed the event for their college teams. This week you will see Pewaukee sailor Kelly Roy winning an A division regatta as crew for Boston College.
Next edition is Spring Regatta edition
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Collegiate Nationals nears - May 25th start
Burgee clubs - LaBelle, Geneva, Beulah, White Bear, Calhoun, Pine, Oshkosh, Cedar. Delavan
College teams are nearing the qualification point in the season. Over 400 sailors will flood Madison for the Women's, Co-ed and Team Racing Nationals. Thanks mostly to Terry Kohler and Inland members, the team is nearing its fundraising goal of $40,000. The new boats have arrived and Calhoun and Geneva will soon be the recipients of boats to enlarge their fleets which enriches High School sailing in our region.
Now what can you do? Come and watch! Generate enthusisam for your youth sailor or just come to watch the action from the Union Terrace (first Union to serve beer in the US - know your Badger history). Support Chip Mann and his crew as they serve as RC for two of the sections. Watch the exciting team racing with umpires and fast moving racing and race course changes.
Can you help?  Absolutely - you can help them reach their fundraising goal with a donation of any amount. Many of our clubs gave more than $700 to be named a Burgee Club. If you make a product that is appropriate as a giveaway to display Midwest hospitality - please donate for the sailors. You may donate for all the sailors or support one of the three portions. This is our time to shine. Contact UW and Inland sailors, Christine Porter (Beulah) and Leif Evensen (LaBelle) for more details.
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