Volume 8, Issue 13

 April 1, 2013

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Regattas / Calendar


1 Registration accepted for Ida Lewis Girls 420 - closes 5/1 

20-21 Lotawana C, Missouri YC

27-28Spring(field) C Regatta--Island Bay Yacht Club, IL



1-5 USODA Team Trials - Pewaukee

4-5 Cedar, IN Icebreaker C

11-12Cedar, WI C Spring Regatta

    Mother's Day C--Spring Lake,MI

    May Madness  - PYC Youth classes-

18-19 LaBelle C/X Tune Up

18-19 Geneva Spring E - Geneva


1-2 I-20 Lighthouse, Fond du Lac

8-9 MIR C--Lake Beulah, WI

      C Easterns--Chautauqua, NY

8-12 Club 420 Neill Clinic, Chicago

14-16  C Nationals--Pewaukee, WI

19-22 MC Youth Champs-Lake Murray, SC

20-23 420 ILYA Champs/Clinic - Delavan

20-23 A Scow Nationals - Geneva 

21-23 ILYA I-20 Invite - Cedar Lake IN

22-27 US Junior Women's Doublehanded Champs, Club 420 Ida Lewis (girls only) clinic and regatta, Bahia Corinthian YC, Corona del Mar, CA

25-27 TRAP X - Pine

26-29 MC Nat'ls - Clear Lake, IA

29-30 USODA Midwest Champs - Gull Lake, MN

30 - July 2 Area K JOs, Wayzata 


1-2 Quad Lakes X - Nagawicka

8-10 GLSS Dinghyfest

11-13 420 Youth Nat'ls-Geneva

11-14 ILYA E Invite - Pewaukee

11-14 ILYA MC Invite - Delavan

15-16 Xtreme-Oshkosh

14-16 SBS Area K Qual-Lk Forest

17-20 MC Masters Nat's-Hoover, OH

18-21 ILYA C Inv.--Okauchee, WI

19-21 ILYA Melges 17 Champs - Pewaukee

19-22 420 NAs, St. Margaret YC, Glenhaven, NS, Canada

22 ILYA No Tears East-Nagawicka

22 ILYA No Tears West - Clear, IA

24-27 ILYA X Champs - Oshkosh

26-28 Hyannisport 420 regatta, Cape Cod

28-30 ILYA Opti Champs-Beulah

29-31 CJ Buckley 420 team regatta - Cape Cod


1-4WMYA Champs-White Lake, MI

2-4 WYA C--LaBelle, WI

2-4 Buzzards Bay 420-Providence,RI

2-4 I-20 ILYA Champs,-Green Lake

7-11 Chicago Tall Ships and Chicago Match Cup

8-10 ILYA C champs; Regis 8/7

11-13 ILYA A champs; Regis. 8/10
15-17 ILYA E/MC champs; Regis. 8/14  Housing options 
13-17 US Sailing Youth Champs - Corpus Christi



7-8 Max C Fall=-Maxinkuckee, IN 
7-8 MC Team Nat's-Clear Lake, IA
13-15 I-20 Nat'ls -Fond du Lac
14-15 Blue Chip--Okauchee, WI

      Fenton C Fall Lake Fenton, MI

21-22 C Challenge-Lake Beulah,WI
21-22 MC Blue Chip-Spring Lake, MI
28-29 Lotawana C-Missouri YC, MO
     Polar Bear--Lake Davenport, IA
5-6 C Worlds--Delavan, WI

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 Concussion Legislation Applies to Sailing

 As you travel to the X Inland this year, you will see new forms required for all athletic events in WI. USODA Team Trials will be our inaugural event utilizing the new forms. Most of you are familiar with these from our schools in the WI system. The rule is simple to read and sample waivers and forms are available there. All sailing schools and regattas of any size need to comply with the law.

The Dept of Public Instruction and WIAA guidelines are here -

Information for officials/refs is here -

The law can be read here -
May Madness at PYC - May 11-12
 X, Opti, and Laser May Madness!

This year on May 11th and 12th Pewaukee will invite X, Opti and Laser youth sailors to its annual May Madness regatta.  The high school 420 teams will race on a separate course, but it will give ILYA youth sailors a chance to check out high school sailing as well.  X boaters, Opti sailors and any Laser (radial or full  - sailor still in high school or younger) is invited to attend.  If you're coming from up north - contact regatta chair to have your boat stay in Wisconsin and come down again the following weekend for the LaBelle Tune-up!  The NOR will be published shortly and the registration can be found here:  Come and see what May Madness is all about!

Yes, we have ice but High School Sailing begins in Chicago
   New Trier, Mahtomedi and Minnetonka 1-2-3         
With windchills in the 20s, ice on the surface requiring breaking and just frigid weather, our high school sailors are on the water. The season began March 23-24 and it's a race to the championships which are nearer than you can imagine. Check out the MiSSA site for your favorite sailor's  participation. .
Interview with Paul Henderson, ISAF Past President, flatters ILYA
 What does the future hold for sailing?
With discussion lately on the cost of sailing, the ability to provide more exposure for our sport, the health of our local clubs, the challenges to fleet building, the LMSRF editorial staff asked Paul Henderson to comment. Read the article with interest BUT LOOK AT HIS CONCLUSIONS!


by Glenn McCarthy

Paul Henderson and I are Star boating friends from the days before he ascended to the Presidency of ISAF. Always solid in thought, always raising the dander when proselytizing, we engaged again recently through email and here

is his take on what grew the sport 30-40 years ago that isn't happening today. He encourages that we recapture the success of 30-40 years ago:

1) The Game has got too expensive. When a 20 ft. Melges or J/boat costs $60,000 that is ridiculous. The adage used to be is that your racing boat should be no more than your wife's car or $15,000 (in our day $3000). [Author's note - he's Canadian!]

2) The Promoters have taken over and come out with a new boat constantly and get the Pros to sail them. Elvstrom said that it is easier to design a new boat than build a class organization. Years ago the classes were like a fraternity: Star, Snipe, Lightning, Soling, Etchells, Finn. The guys at the middle and back of the fleet had a great time and we would all go to the bar after and hear Buddy (Melges) pontificate.

3) These classes were one or two person crews, not the faceless 8-10 boat crews who sit like Mugwumps on the rail of some 40 footer paid for by some wealthy investment dealer. (A Mugwump is a bird who sits on the fence with his mug in one hand and hisother hand on a wump).

4) The Yacht Clubs have forgotten what they are about and are run by the Food and Beverage Manager who has convinced the Board that regattas should be a profit center, rather than the hosting the sailors cheaply as the raison d'etre of a Yacht Club.

5) When the Wednesday morning Ladies Bridge Club is more important than the Saturday race, we are in trouble.

6) Make the local racing fun and forget about travelling and being gypsies sailing out of your garage.

7) Have very tight class rules and enforce them. I always thought that if a sailmaker wanted to race in your fleet you had the right to go up to him before the race and make him use your old jib and you use his new one.

8) The Optimist class is the best tyke trainer but is doing more to kill sailing then any class. You Americans call them Little League Parents and we call them Hockey Parents but Opti Parents are a disaster, plus their coaches. You can now compete in an Opti at 15 yrs 9 months, if you can starve your kid to keep at 110 pounds. We have 12 year olds in our Junior Club who are bigger than that so they are kicked out of the Opti and go play golf. Also kids' hormones start getting excited at that age and they do not want to be with little kids anymore, so get them into other classes. Opti age limit should be "not having reached 13." I tried to put that in at ISAF and was thrown out by the Opti Parents.

9) We should stop focusing on singlehanders, trapeze boats and college sailing. There are people who like to crew and do not want to be the "prick at the stick," so 2 or 3 people boats are also the way to go. Trapezes breed freaks. The skipper is very small and the crew is lanky with a heavy head. Intercollegiate sailing is also for very small people.

10) The Olympics has become a Junior Regatta dictated by the IOC with the deletion of the keelboats. It was not ISAF who caused it except they buckled under to the IOC when we should not have allowed it. IOC tried that when I was President and told them, "NO Way Jose!!" (Really, "No Way Jacques!")


* I think the Inland Lake Yachting Association is the model. Forget about the Olympics or USSA, and focus on how to run the USofA.

* Focus on local regional sailing and get all the clubs to zero in on all sailing the same small boats. (We have a fleet of club owned, but bought by members, and given to the club Ideal 18's, which are now 10 years old. Good solid boats only 2 people.) If all the clubs in a region bought the same boats and kept them racing for 30 years then

you have used boats that new people can get into the game reasonably.

* With regards to the Olympics, if you have a very good broad base then the Melges spin out the top and do not need a myriad of coaches and trainers and support teams.

* It shocks me when a parent has a kid who wins an Opti race and then immediately starts dreaming about training for the Olympics.

* When the kid can beat 80 year old Buddy Melges on Lake Geneva then think your kid has talent. Until then let them have fun in the local regattas.

* The only thing my Dad ever said to me on Toronto Island when I started at age 8 and he bought me a $50 Sabot was: "I will inspect it every Thursday and if you do not keep it clean you do not sail."

Two White Bear Sailors attend Snipe Regattas

   Crary and Dallman-Weis Win Racing Spots

submitted by Mike Crary         

Two White Bear sailors were invited to compete in two Snipe world class regattas held in Florida March 8-17.  Lara Dallman-Weis has been training as a 470 crew for the Olympics since she graduated from Eckert College four years ago.  Lara asked the US Snipe Association to sponsor Will Crary and Lara as this year's guest sailors.  They agreed and provided the White Bear pair with a boat, housing, and no entry fees.  Racers from nine countries competed, including several world champions. Brazil won the first regatta in Tampa, besting 27 sailors.   The USA won regatta two in Miami with 38 boats attending.

With only one day of practice on a Snipe, Will rounded the first buoy of the first race in 2nd.  Then they found out how tough it is to sail a Snipe downwind.  Constant tuning of the mast rake and sail is required during each downwind leg.  After three days of racing, the pair finished a respectable 15th overall.  Regatta two in Miami had lighter winds with only one race completed day two.  The White Bear team sailed very well against the experienced Snipe sailors and finished 23rd out of 38.  What a great experience spending nine days with sailors from all over the world.  Thanks go to Lara for arranging the trip and providing outstanding crew work.  Lara taught for several years at the White Bear Sailing School.  Lara is part of a 470 Women's Team who is included on the US Developmental Team. Willy is currently a race instructor at WBSS and will be sailing for the Vermont sailing team next fall.  Vermont is coached by another White Bear sailor...David Thompson.

ISAF Palma Begins Today

From US Sailing 

  Following the 2016 Olympic Quadrennium racing season debut at ISAF Sailing World Cup Miami, in January, the international fleet is in Palma de Mallorca, Spain for the next event of the series. From April 1-6, a group of American sailors, including members of the US Sailing Team Sperry Top-Sider and US Sailing Development Team, will compete in ISAF Sailing World Cup Palma against over 850 sailors from 53 countries. Photos, video interviews and reports from the racecourse will be posted on US Sailing Team Sperry Top-Sider website, and posted on Facebook and Twitter channels.

Here are the sailors competing for the US:

470 Men - Stuart McNay (Providence, R.I.) and David Hughes (Miami, Fla.)*
470 Women - Anne Haeger (East Troy, WI.) and Briana Provancha (San Diego, Calif.)*
470 Women - Sydney Bolger (Long Beach, Calif.) and Sarah Lihan (New York, N.Y.) * **
49er - Fred Strammer (Nokomis, Fla.) and Zach Brown (San Diego, Calif.)*
49er - Ryan Pesch (Vineyard Haven, Mass.) and Trevor Burd (Marblehead, Mass.)*
49er - Brad Funk (Miami, Fla.) and Erik Aakhus (Corona del Mar, Calif.)**
49er FX - Kristen Lane (Tiburon, Calif.) and Christine Neville (Oakland, Calif.) **
Finn - Caleb Paine (San Diego, Calif.)*
Finn - Gordon Lamphere (Lake Forest, Ill.)*
Laser - Charlie Buckingham (Newport Beach, Calif.)*
Laser - Erik Bowers (Excelsior, Minn.)
Nacra 17 - Sarah Newberry (Miami, Fla.) and John Casey (Longwood, Fla.)
RS:X Women - Farrah Hall (Annapolis, Md.)

* Denotes member of US Sailing Team Sperry Top-Sider
** Denotes member of US Sailing Development Team

 Racing begins at 11:00 AM (Mallorca time) today. Check the website for


420 Clinics Abound - Some Deadlines are Today

If your child is a 420 sailor, you are aware of the many clinic opportunities starting in June: Neill, Van Duyne and Brooke Gonzales, US Sailing Ida Lewis and Youth Champs. If you are planning to attend, check their websites TODAY.
In addition, for those of you who want to stay closer to home, there will be a 420 clinic immediately preceding the ILYA 420 Champs on Delavan the third weekend of June ---- before the busy X season begins for those sailors who are still in Xs or serve as our instructors.
ILYA Online Registration is Ready for 2013 Events
  Okoboji logo
Jim Smith announces registration open. Get ready for a fun-filled event at Okoboji. It's SOOOOO worth the drive. Better hospitality or relaxation won't be found. It's a tourist town with loads of attractions for the family. Arnold's Park will keep your family busy for hours - an old-fashioned amusement park. Most of us sure hope the go-kart track is still open. Where would we got those tales to repeat year after year. There are great shoppes for the tourists and a plethora of restaurants. Most often, you don't need to leave the club. Enjoy a relaxing postrace wind down on the chairs in front of the club with the outdoor bar only feet away. It's the place to be in August.
Register now for the Invites or Champs and make your registration day easy.
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